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After gaming together regularly for several months we found we had almost as much fun discussing games after we played. Finding the conversations amusing, we decided to commit some to tape and create a podcast. We hope you enjoy them as well!
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The Game of Tournaments Match-ups

Jim Keenan
United States
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Madeira vs. Rampage

This first round tilt sees a heavy Euro surprise from the Essen crop go up against some heavy scaled monsters ready to send all the meeples running for cover. Having sold out its 1st printing off the buzz it garnered at Essen, Madeira looks to be a heavy favorite against this light family game that's heavy on dexterity play. Two very distinct experiences here.

Robinson Crusoe vs Freedom

This is the "life and death" match-up. Both games are cooperative affairs, and both can be played solo. Robinson Crusoe has flown up the BGG charts and is staking a claim to be one of the best games ever, but Freedom successfully tackles the topic of slavery in a board game, a major accomplishment to be sure.

Caverna vs. Yedo

Ah, Caverna, that over-hyped candy store of goodness. The pedigree is there, and you are loved, but do you have what it takes to be the Champion? And you, Yedo, with your lovely messy board and tons of fun mission completion: will your chances be struck down because of your somewhat maligned event deck?

Pathfinder vs. Euphoria

Despite some complaints about the automatic nature of some of Pathfinder's gameplay, this title likes it's chances to advance against an upstart Kickstarter game. In response, Euphoria's intelligent workers can band together and find a way to catapult their interests through the paths of this encounter.

Nations vs. Francis Drake

A mismatch on multiple fronts. Nations is the darling amongst gamers looking for games to beat up other games that other gamers have deemed the best games of that type (phew). But Through the Ages is still Alive and Well, so maybe Nations ain't all that. And Francis Drake gathered stunning components into a vault of a box for $20 less than Nations adequate offerings, yet has failed to gain traction amongst players. There is a lot of substance here. Who will suvive?

Russian Railroads vs. Trains

By pure chance these rail games find themselves at opposite ends of a first round battle. A meaty worker placement Euro that may have limited replay value but is unquestionably enjoyable vs. a Dominion clone with a board that should have infinite replay value and is unquestionably enjoyable. The winner of this may go a long way.

Bruxelles 1893 vs. 1775: The Rebellion

War and Peace. Can Art overcome War in this numbers match-up? Bruxelles takes you into the city as architects compete to create beauty in a revolutionary new style while 1775 brings us the American Revolution itself, along with some unique team gameplay. Make Art not War, or just blow it all to. . . .

Tash-Kalar vs. Bruges

Possibly the two games in this tournament that have the most detractors. Both games are fun. Both have unique play mechanics. Both are from revered designers known for throwing kitchen sinks around like the were Skittles. Which will emerge victorious?

ATTENTION: There, now that I have it, please feel free to post your own judgements in the comments section. While the first round will be determined by criteria we have in place, we are open to getting others invloved in this extremely important process.

We encourage your input!

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