Lord of the Rings:LCG - reviews and general thoughts

It all started with accepting 100 plays challenge and pledging to comment each play. Soon my thoughts outgrew the BGG comment format and also FFG's forum. I decided to post them in a form of a blog here. In time I got rid of session reports and replaced them with expansions reviews. Enjoy.
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Blog update & 2 years and 400 logged plays of LOTR:LCG

Wojtek Wojcik
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I very much like designing games but I think I prefer to play them.
Metallum ... game I most proud of.
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Blog update:
Since my look at the game and my approach towards it evolve overtime I made some little redesign of the blog. It should be mostly invisible to people that occasionally look at the blog but maybe it is worthed to mention for those that subscribe to it.

1. I've changed the categories to reflect the articles that I am writing. Now the blog posts can be effectively divided into:
- General Thoughts - my thoughts on the game's evolution, development and direction it is heading
- Review - reviews of expanions (either bigger boxes or whole cycles)
- New player - this is by far the most popular catgeory. It groups articles, guides and reviews directed toward people that are beginning their adventures with LOTR:LCG
- Updates & Stuff - Mostly stuff directed toward people that follow my blog on more regular basis and some occasional post that do not fit everywhere else.

There is also a now mostly dead category of Session Reports.*

2. I've changed the titles of some of the articles, the name of the blog itself and its description to better reflect the contents. I've also updated the first introductory post for the same reason: Introduction to this blog. Who am I and what is my LOTR:LCG experience so far?

3. * I no longer keep detailed session reports from my playthroughs. Mostly due to the fact that even I rarely looked at those (and they seemed to be least popular posts of mine). I really enjoyed writing them when I first started Item for GeekList "The 100 Play Challenge: In Support of Deeper Exploration of Games (Update: Now with GeekGold!)" . Recently I feel myself mostly drawn towards more general look at the game.

As for plans for the future:
0. Second hobbit saga from new player perspective (article is half written so I hope to finish it soon)
1. By the end of May I should have the review of Against the Shadow Cycle
2. After that I hope to delve into Balck Riders (both from dedicated and new (core only) players)
3. As for more general thoughts I need to put down my thoughts on Nightmare scenarios (for this I will need to play some of them first which is low on my priority list)
4. I am quite eager to organize some event for LOTR:LCG players in my home town. On the other hand I am very limited in my time so this may be only wishful thinking on my part.

May 2014 will mark second anniversary of playing LOTR:LCG for me. It is also fortunate that nearly at the same time (few days ago) I logged my 400th play of the game.

So based on this I came up with few random statistics that I consider fun:
A. Stats:
- 400 plays, at an average .5h a play, means that I've spent 200 hours that is 8.3 days spent playing the game.
- This also averages to 16 and 2/3 game a month. Hence I am very slowly catching up with FFG (assuming that they would release 18 scenarios i.e. 2 big boxes and 12 APs per year and I am playing each scenario 10 times)

B. I am currently ranked #4 in the number of logged plays on BGG - please check the current standings

C. Here is a graph of my # of plays during particular months:
From gallery of Wojo

See this huge gap between Apr 13 and Jan 14 - this is when we were working almost full time on my game Metallum. If you want to be a game designer be prepared that it will hugely cut down your time playing time (I consider it worthed but be ready for this).

D. As part of my "celebration" I am planing to write the review of the game - both base and as a collectible product. This is huge undertaking for me (as I have to put all my chunks of thoughts together) so do not expect it anytime soon.
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