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New Game Round-up: Prototype Edition - Pandemic Legacy, 7 Wonders Duel, To Recourt the King & More

W. Eric Martin
United States
North Carolina
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Board Game: Pandemic
• On Plaid Hat Podcast #134 in April 2014, the speakers discussed which games could be Legacy-ized — that is, which games could receive the Risk Legacy treatment, memorializing the results of prior games and carrying forward the effects of those playings to impact future games. One game discussed in the podcast was Pandemic, and lo and behold designers Matt Leacock and Rob Daviau showed up at a Protospiel event in Santa Clara, California in early May 2014 with — ta-dah! — a prototype of Pandemic Legacy. BGG user Chris Fraasch offers this take on his experience with the prototype:

Play starts off like normal Pandemic, with players trying to treat diseases across the world, but gameplay quickly evolves into a wholly new experience. Now, I won't spoil any of the contents of the packets that can be opened, but it does feature stickers and a persistent campaign world just like Risk Legacy. Player roles can be upgraded with new powers and possibly scars, and the role cards have spots for "Relationships", which I did not get to see. One thing that you do see from the get-go is that each city has circles around it that get filled in whenever an outbreak occurs; have too many filled in and the city riots, preventing you from traveling directly there. Even more and the city can be completely devastated.

If you like Pandemic even a little, this game is going to appeal to you. If you don't like Pandemic, the Legacy elements of this game may change your mind. Very excited for this one.
Since this design is a prototype, don't expect it to appear in this form in print or possibly ever appear in print. Still, I thought I'd share.

Board Game: To Court the King
• Fraasch also mentions that he played a reboot of Tom Lehmann's To Court the King, a design in progress with no final name with Bézier Games being the company behind this project. Gameplay sounds similar to the original — roll dice to get combinations to claim characters that provide either more dice or special powers — with players once again needing to roll a huge set of dice in the end to claim the big prize.

• Two other prototypes that Fraasch tried out are Temple of Feng Shui, a building game of "vertical area control" from Bézier and Overflow, a Bejewled-inspired set creation game with special actions and player elimination from new designer Phong Tram and his Thumbtack Games.

• On Opinionated Gamers, Larry Levy describes a number of forthcoming games, including Scott Almes' Loop Inc. (which I previewed on BGGN in mid-April 2014) and Martin Wallace's Mythotopia, coming in 2014 from his Treefrog Games.

Board Game: 7 Wonders
• I already linked to this on BGG's Twitter account — feel free to follow if you want to catch links about game design, prototypes, and other odds and ends — but here's a shot of Antoine Bauza's 7 Wonders Duel, a two-player version of his 7 Wonders game in which players apparently draft cards from a central pyramid in order to build their wonder and move toward victory on a Twilight Struggle-ish VP seesaw. (link)

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