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New scenario for Robinson! Have fun!

It began about year ago. Some of you may remember - I published article about Livingstone and his amazing adventures. I was working on scenario dedicated to this amazing character. Testing was moving smooth, testers as usual were complaining and calling me psycho designer and I was sending them one reply: You play like woossies. Try harder.

Weeks passed and the scenario was more or less ready. I was ready to publish it.

Except the fact that... I wasn't satisfied with the scenario. I felt it may be better. One of the testers, Robert, confirmed my doubts. 'Ignacy, you can do better. This part with game... You know, there is bigger potential there. Don't publish it. Give it more time.'

I listened. I felt the same. I felt I can do better. What was the element that kept me unsatisfied? 'The game.'

Let's go back few months ago... March or April 2012. That's the time when I put first ideas for this scenario on paper...


Story about missing professor is so damn cool. It's exploration and investigation blended together, you explore the jungle, look for tracks and clues and want to discover the story. Livingstone missing. This is so awesome material.

What's the story? What happened to him?

He might get lost.
He might get kidnapped by slave merchants.
He might get killed by tiger.
He might become tribe chieftain.

Cool stories.
I wanted to tell each of them.
I wanted players to play Robinson and discover story about Livingstone. I wanted them to eagerly wait for the final round of the game to learn what actually happened to Livingstone.

I needed to find a way to let story develop in different ways and head to different finals each time players play...

I needed to implement game book.


Henry Stanley and his mission to find Livingstone makes perfect sens here. Each paragraph of The game is an article written by Stanley and published in The New York Herald in 1871. Henry finds tracks of Livingstone, finds his camps and writes what he found.

Each paragraph is one article dedicated to discovery. Each article is a new quest for players (they are Henry Stanley crew). And each article heads to one of two new paragraphs... Story changes each time you play.

It all builds incredible narration.


I spent countless hours designing Livingstone scenario. I had to design nearly 50 different mini quests. I designed 16 different finals. It's crazy.

You may save Livingstone or you may find him dead. You may find him as a prisoner or you may find him as a chief of tribe...

You will sit to play this scenario and you will discover a story, new one each time you play.

It was hard. It was pain. It was mission impossible.

But in the end I look at this scenario and I think it was worth it. It is fun. It is all Robinson is about - surprises and great story.

I wish you guys great time with Livingstone. You will find it here as a free PDF file. Have fun!



P.S. There may be some mistakes in the scenario - there is so many different paths of this scenario. If you find any, please, send me email, I will correct this immediately.

P.S.2 Next Wednesday I begin short series of articles about my new game Imperial Settlers. I hope you will enjoy it.

P.S.3 For all of you who missed my Kickstarter and want to buy my book - here it is. I strongly recommend!
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