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As a long time avid game player, and lover, I come before you to tell you my complete honest and forward opinion on games. I will bring out the things I like in the game. Point out the things I dislike. And consider who this game would be best targeted at. All of this while also assigning a completely random biased number on a scale of 1-8. Why 8? Because I can!
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Review of "The Red Dragon Inn 3"

Eric Bryan Seuthe II
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So I was very happy to pick up The Red Dragon Inn 3, after being sent several copies of the expansions, I couldn't help but check out the third expansion, especially since Uncle Phrenk was in it, after all I had gotten to know his niece so well.

What I played, was nothing like I had seen in the first version. This game was very different.

We had pixies, wolves, paladins, tinkerers and a brew master. Yikes.

Now must of the game play is exactly like the other sets but the characters are the difference. So if you want a game play break down, here it is from my prior review:

Players set up their play space, take their gold, and draw seven cards from their personal deck. All players start at 0 alcohol, and 20 fortitude. Place a drink on every body's board.

Players, on their turn, can choose to discard any cards from their hand, and then draw up to their hand limit. Then players play an action card, and then players buy another player a drink.

All the drinks in the deck are free, in so much that in theory you paid for them before the game started. If the drink deck runs out, you have to pay one gold from all players for another round (reshuffling the deck) before you get anymore drinks.

Players then at the end of their turn drink their next drink, which can effect both your fortitude, or your alcohol level.

Action cards is where the meat of the game lies, and each player has their own balance of cards in their deck. You can gamble, you can buy more drinks for more people, or you can effect players money and fortitude.

When you surpass your fortitude in alcohol, or run out of money, you are out of the game. Win by surviving the longest!

Now to the players. Each of these character's have special abiities.

The Paladin has a piaty chart, that is effected by the cards she plays, and sometimes effects the cards (a lot more then sometimes).

The Brewmaster has potions, and brews one each turn, he can hold one of those potions at a time, use them, or sell them to other players, if they want them. Also the Brewmaster has a lot of fun with the drinks.

The Pixie, besides being awesome and tricky, comes with a companion a wolf. Every turn the wolf's personality changes and the Pixie is either benefited, or hindered by it.

The Tinkerer has some super powerful cards, but because she tinkers, not all of them work. So she has a second deck that could increase, decrease or deactivate the cards that she plays.

Sounds cool you say, well there is more. In the game there are some awesome and even more interesting drinks to increase the fun of your game.

That being said this is worth your time and attention.


I love the new characters, but I love Phrenk. His potions, and tossing of drinks made this game a lot of fun for me. I've played a lot of Red Dragon Inn recently, but Phrenk make the game feel like it was fresh and new!


I felt that when the Tinkerer's cards were doubled by the gear deck, they became monsterous! But I guess it is very rare that it would occur, but it still hurt... a lot.


This is a fun game for almost any gamer, it's calm card management, and in game decisions entertain without polarizing. Unfortunately, due to the alcohol consumption though, I can not support this game for use with young children, but you can probably play it with your Tweens, if you have a serious talk before and after. You know, your job as a parent anyway...

7.6 out of 8. When I played this game, I played it with 6 players, and added in two of the set one characters. It played awesomely, and was well balanced and fun. In the end it came down to Wizard Zot, and Wizgille the Tinkerer. Tinkerer though got lucky with her gear cards haha.

Now for something entirely different, for anyone who loves party games, keep in mind our reviewer, and amazing game designer has created an awesome game called Rough: The Card Game that is currently available for free print and play within this site! Check it out.

If you are interested in what is going to happen with this game feel free to email us at Info(at)MonkeyFingerGames(dot)com and we will let you know as anything happens!

Keep gaming!
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