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Too many miniatures, and nowhere near enough spare time in which to paint them! Here I shall record the results of my efforts to bring my embarassingly large assortment of unpainted miniatures up to presentation quality.
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Space Imps

Andrew Bird
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Ugh, bit of a slow month, this one - at least in terms of miniature painting. Real Life conspires against me, constantly demanding my attention! Grr.

Ah well, a snail's pace is better than none at all. Having recently been pointed at the Miniature Painters' Guild, and in particular their ongoing monthly painting contest, the Golden Turtleback, I've decided to try and enter it every month. As such, my absolute worst possible pace will hopefully not fall below one "set" of minis a month.

Anyway, enough rambling. Ladies and gentlemen, I proudly present - the DooM imps!

Board Game: Doom: The Boardgame

(My apologies for the poor choice in background scenery)

I agonised over colour schemes for a little while, but in the end decided to go with the retro look of the classic DooM I and II imps. They look almost cute by today's standards, but those fellas had me soiling my pants back in the day. Ahem...

Colours used:
As per usual, all minis prepped with Chaos Black spray and sealed with 'Ard Coat + Dullcote.

Skin: Vermin Brown, washed with Devlan Mud. Highlighted with Vermin Brown again, then a final line highlight of 1:1 Elf Flesh:Vermin Brown.

Teeth: Bleached bone, washed with Devlan Mud (Hell is not reknowned for its Dental Plan), re-highlighted with Bleached Bone once more, and a final watered-down application of Skull White on the tips.

Toes/claws: Similar to teeth, however the washes were Baal Red / Asurmen Blue / Thakra Green.

Eyes: To the designer at ID software, responsible for giving the new-look DooM III Imps eight eyes each: KISS MY AR$E. You bastard. I started off trying to dot them out individually, then gave up in despair. In the end, I managed to work it by sloshing the whole eye-cluster area with white, then the desired red/blue/green. I then painstakingly painted around the eyes with Vermin brown once more. Yeesh.

Bases: As per the zombies - Chaos Black, dry brushed with Boltgun Metal.

I'm pretty happy with these guys as well. And although it's nowhere near as prominent as the zombies, I managed to keep my "three colours" theme going, so I'm pleased about that. I may possibly have been a bit heavy-handed with my line highlighting - looking at them, I now observe that I've highlighted areas that realistically ought not to be lit up. We live and learn, so I'll hopefully remember that for next time.

Next up - those pesky trites. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it!
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