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As a long time avid game player, and lover, I come before you to tell you my complete honest and forward opinion on games. I will bring out the things I like in the game. Point out the things I dislike. And consider who this game would be best targeted at. All of this while also assigning a completely random biased number on a scale of 1-8. Why 8? Because I can!
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Strategicon Wrap Up: Review of "Worlds War One"

Eric Bryan Seuthe II
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During Strategicon, as I will say for everyone to hear, I didn't get to do many things. Trying to push a many of my games, it makes it a little difficult to be able to play a lot of other people's games. Then add in trying to record some things, and pushing my tournament, running my tournament... Lets just say I was lucky to be able to eat.

That aside, my absolute favorite thing about this convention was my interactions with Jubilee Games, and their gem Worlds War One. Not only did I get a hands on demonstration with the game designer himself (a thing I think I love more then anything else in the world when it comes to gaming), but I got to participate in a huge multi-player version of the game with team play.

I think this review might be a little hard to sum up because I feel like a giddy school girl about this game, but I am going to do the best that I can.

Worlds War One is an amazing story about an alternative universe then ours, where prior to World War I, an alien event destroys the planet of Earth. From the shards of our planet, the survivors of a desolated world are forced to scrounge up as much alien technology as possible and re-purpose it for survival. In the process they take science fiction based technology and merge it with the only technology of the era. Steam.

The most powerful sects break apart from one another and rebuild their societies within our galaxy. United States of America, Germany, Asia, Russia, and Brittany. Though the strife they faced, and near death experiences have not stifled the feuds and turmoil that besieged these nations prior to the destruction of Earth. With tempers flared we, the players, enter into this galaxy, in charge of our factions. We sit on the precipice of a great war that will test our very resolve. But who will start the war, who was be destroyed, and who will win.

You like that flavor text above? I sure as hell love this world, and the game that exists in it. If I were Nicholas Timinskas I would be talking to a developer to make this universe into an immerse RPG world as well as his game. I don't like RPGs, but I would play it.

In the game players start the game with a faction (complete with their unique ability), a new home world (that produces a specific resource type), and a hand of cards. On a players turn, they discard down to ten cards, draw two, and collect their resources. After they have their resources and cards, they can attempt to trade for certain cards or resources with as many opponents as possible. If they don't want to trade, they can attack anyone, or do nothing for this phase. If they attack, then they will not be allowed to trade with that faction ever again.

After this phase players may build in their development phase. They can build ships, capture planets, recruit troops, or build developments. Ships and troops help protect planets, planets give resources, and developments allow you to effect what you can do on your turn, how you do things on your turn, and what other players can do. They are the bread and butter of messing with other players.

Players goal is to get to ten victory points, after it's accomplished all other nations will be in awe of your accomplishments, that they will fall in line.

You gain victory points, by producing ten resources in on turn, having three planets of different resource bases (per turn), trading with another player (both get a point), destroying a planet, or defending another players planet (Sometimes it pays to be a nice guy). I may have missed one thing, but I think you get the point. You can only gain the last victory point by attacking, or defending a planet from destruction.


I do not know where to start. I was unlucky in the group play. I did not get the planets I could place, or the resources to place what I had. I was completely at a weakness compared to my other players. However I did get some cards that readily corrected my problems by taking away the costs for placing troops, and developments. This amazingly balanced this game for me, and helped me decide my strategy. I love a game where a person can adjust strategy based on the luck of the draw, have the worst draw and still succeed where others have failed.

I'd like to point out that I not only won that game but it became a very close conclusion with two other countries vying for the last point and me narrowly winning. SUCCESS!


I don't feel like there anything for me to complain about this game. I tried to go through my memory for a part that I did not like, but after running through my mind, I can honestly not think about one.


People who want a well designed war game that has more skill, and luck then Risk or a Hex Based game. People who want to play in a well designed and produced setting. The game is really good for everyone. Hell the designer's own young daughter loves the game, and if I could get my son to be able to read the cards properly before throwing them down I know he would to!

7.4 out of 8. It's an amazing game. I frankly don't know if this is the highest ranking I have given a game, but it deserves it. This game allowed me plenty of venues to be a jerk when ever I wanted it, but I was still able to piss off all the players and win. This game was my favorite game of Strategicon, and I am not kidding it is amazing.

If you haven't backed it yet on Kickstarter, and I have, you NEED TO DO IT NOW! (Only $40 for the game plus shipping, and you wont be disappointed!)
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