Sleuth of a Seuthe: An Investigative Review on Games

As a long time avid game player, and lover, I come before you to tell you my complete honest and forward opinion on games. I will bring out the things I like in the game. Point out the things I dislike. And consider who this game would be best targeted at. All of this while also assigning a completely random biased number on a scale of 1-8. Why 8? Because I can!
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Strategicon Wrap Up: Ars Victor

Eric Bryan Seuthe II
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Ars Victor is a great game, you get to have a different board, or a different load out each time, but.... you can only have a total of 80 points of glory to spend and what ever you don't spend is how much points the opponent has to lower you by to win the game.

When you place your initial four troops on the board, you pick the boards that go under them. You have two different colors, and two logos per color. if you don't choose wisely you could drastically reduce the effectiveness of your cards.

Your cards effect how much actions you do per turn, in the form of order points, only one order per troop per turn. You can use only matching colors to order a troop, but if it is not the matching icon, it will cost one more additional point.

To put an additional troop on the board it costs one point, but the troop will be assigned to that icon's board if you place it with that card.

Troops on the board, have range attacks, melee attack, move icons, run icons, and abilities.

The range and melee attacks show you what dice you roll when you are attacking. These have varying faces, and abilities. The move icons are what you can move when just simply moving, or moving and attacking. Run icons are moves you can make, only when you are moving. If you attack, you can not run. Abilities effect how the troop is attacked or attacks.

When you move/run it costs one order point, and when you move/attack it costs two order points.

When a troop is reduced to or below it's health, the troop is destroyed and the player controlling it is reduced by the number of glory required to purchase it in the beginning.

Also at the beginning of your turn, you can make the opponent lower it's glory, by having a HQ on the board when the opponent does not, or by holding control points.

All in all the game is fast paced, and to help it be specifically an hour, it is over when there are no more cards available to the players.


The game has a lot in the box. Every piece or part that you might need is in there. The double sided troops to allow multiple options is awesome, and you really feel like you got what you paid for.
Past the value, the game has a ton of versatility. You can really feel it out. Play the game with many different strategies, and try out different troop selections every time.

For people who might be daunted with that, or less likely to want to do such a thing, you have the rule book with many different selections of of scenarios so they don't have to think to much.


I want to start by saying I appreciate the quick reference sheet. I would have liked a better quick start guide. the game suggest, and appropriately so, that players start with scenario one, which would have been a great place to maybe put a quick set up reference, or maybe a better one in the beginning of the book.

I felt like I had to jump around to see what pieces were for, and it added to a huge hold up to get up and go playing.

Many people these days point to youtube and outside guides, but when you are at a convention in a basement trying to play a game with no wifi, no reception, you need the box to be clear with what you need to know ASAP.

(However, for people who want a youtube video to help you see how it works, I got it for you right here from the company themselves.)

That being said I was able to limp forward, and it only bothered my initial set up, once I got the hang of it, nothing held me back from liking the game.


This game is great for people who love a game like Ogre, but might want a simpler design. People who love risk, but want more luck and strategy. People who want a two player game that allows strategy, but at the same time less likely to cause skull crushing depression from game play.

7.1 out of 8. I'm really wondering why I even have a rating system here anymore, since I usually give the games a range of 6.5 to 7.5.

Missed picking up the game on Kickstarter? Don't fret, pick it up here!

Now for something entirely different, for anyone who loves party games, keep in mind our reviewer, and amazing game designer has created an awesome game called Rough: The Card Game that is currently available for free print and play within this site! Check it out.

If you are interested in what is going to happen with this game feel free to email us at Info(at)MonkeyFingerGames(dot)com and we will let you know as anything happens!

Keep gaming!
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