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Donkey: It’s a Kick by Cleveland Kids

Charles P. Scott
United States
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Donkey: It’s a Kick
by Cleveland Kids

Last weekend, I went to Strategicon in Los Angeles. I was there to do a 4-hour demo of OGRE, and another 4-hour demo of Munchkin Quest, both by SJ Games. Since I was there for two days from 9am to midnight, I had a lot of spare time on my hands and found myself wandering around the game floor, searching for an interesting new game to bring home. Much to my surprise, I come across a charming young lady who invited me to play a game called “Donkey: It's a Kick”. I have never heard of it before, but I thought “what the heck, this is why I am here”. Sitting at the table with her were a mixture of children and adults, so I figured this was a family-friendly game; I was right.

The game was fairly simple to learn and not hard to master. Pucks are placed in the middle of the table (one less puck than there are players). The dealer reads a card from the “Kicker” deck that gives a challenge to all players. Each player must perform that challenge correctly or “take a penalty letter”; the letters will eventually spell out D-O-N-K-E-Y. Before this happens though, the dealer deals four cards from the “Play” deck to each player (unless the kicker card says otherwise) and then continues to draw one card from the top of the deck, decide if he/she wants it, and discard an undesired card to the left. The dealer repeats this process (keeping no more than four cards in his/her hand) until the deck is gone. While this is going on, the player to the left is drawing from the new discard pile and creating another discard pile to his/her left. This continues until somebody gets a four-of-a-kind (again, unless the kicker card requires a different goal). When this happens, that player grabs a puck from the middle of the table. The moment a puck is grabbed though, it is a free-for-all as everybody else tries to get a puck of their own. The player who does not get a puck takes a letter instead. It is entirely possible to take multiple letters in one round.

Once a player has spelled out the word “DONKEY,” that player is a pariah and nobody is allowed to talk to him/her at all. The donkey continues to play the game as normal, but no longer tries to get a puck (in fact, a puck is removed from the table). Instead, he/she tries to get the other players to talk to him/her while continuing to play, and if successful, that “talking player” also becomes a donkey. When there is only one non-donkey left, that player wins the game.

I liked several things about this game: The free-for-all puck grab was fantastic and added a lot of fun to the evening. The family friendly nature of the cards allows young children to play as well. The social aspect of this game makes this a wonderful party game and would probably be welcome in any family-friendly environment. Lastly, I liked the quick and easy setup of the game and how easy it is for new players to learn how to play.

I am not fond of the kicker cards that challenged me to get up and do “the wave” like I was at Dodger Stadium, or do a “hop, skip and jump”, as I am somewhat disabled with a bad back situation, but that is compensated for by the “majority vote” rule that allows us to modify or discard a kicker card. I was also not comfortable with many of the challenges that inevitably embarrassed me, but that is just me.

This game is designed for children of all ages, but can be seems ideal for tweens, teens, young adults, and middle-aged adults as well. The game box says that it is for 3-8 players, ages 8 to adult. I played this game with my gaming group (4 players) and it was a lot of fun.


This is a fantastic game for anybody that has 3 or more friends to play with. The more players there are, the more social, loud, and fun this game becomes. The only people that I do not recommend this game to are those whose arms are too short to reach the pucks, and those with physical disabilities that stop them from reaching across the table.

Donkey: It's a Kick is only $24.99 for the basic game and $9.99 for the “Second Edition” add-on, which gives you 54 more Kicker cards.


Munchkin Rule #1: If nobody saw you do it, it’s not cheating.
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