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Keeping track of kickstarter projects can be an overwhelming job. Each Sunday this blog will update with a list of campaigns in the Tabletop Games category that are just launched and that are about to end. Thumb each post if you find it useful and drop a comment telling us what you're backing!
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Kickstarter Weekly Summary - Sunday 7th September, 2014

Mike Minutillo
Western Australia
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Keeping you up to date with Kickstarter Campaigns in the Tabletop Games category
Keeping you up to date with Kickstarter Campaigns in the Tabletop Games category
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Hey there, Kickers! And welcome to another swashbuckled edition of Kick the Table. Today there are 184 live Tabletop Games campaigns on kickstarter, of which only 58 have funded. That's pretty low. Does this means it's a poor crop of campaigns? Let's find out together.

We'll start with some of those ending:
* Designers and Dragons - is a 4 volume history tabletop role-playing games. Each volume covers a decade starting the story in 1970 and going through to 2009. There's a digital level which gives you access to the PDFs which I believe I will probably back.
* Secrets of the Lost Tomb - is a co-op pulp adventure game that funded successfully back in January. This kickstarter campaign is set up to fund the addition of miniatures to the base game (which you can also get by pledging). The game appears to be an Indiana Jones/Lara Croft style romp through The Tomb - "an ancient value filled with aeons-old powers struggling to be set free upon the world".
* Nightlight - is a card-based co-op. In Nightlight, players are stuffed toys seeking to defend the a childs dreams from nightmares. The game features some great artwork which is by turns cute and creepy. It's an intriguing theme.
* Mars vs. Earth - Plan B - When MVE did not look like it was going to succeed on kickstarter, the project creators relaunched with a purely print'n'play campaign. Aliens have secretly infiltrated our highest command structures and it's up to you to stop them. Because you're a human. Aren't you? It's a hidden role/team game with humans on one side and martians on the other. Accuse a human of being an alien clone and she'll be stripped of her rank and lose influence in the game. Fail to uncover a martian in your midst and they'll gain more power over for when they finally reveal themselves.

Hmm. Not too shabby. What's new then?
* The Orcfather - if hidden role, team-based, fantasy-mafia-themed card games aren't your thing then I pity you. This is a game where players form into Mafia families and secretly pick a leader (their Orcfather). Then they take actions to protect their own leader and take out the other teams leader. Each round is planned up front and then revealed and executed. The kick being that you can't discuss anything while planning. The game is beautifully illustrated and should lead to some terribleawesome roleplay opportunities: "I hear Luca half-elven sleeps with the Goblins". Classy
* Poseidon's Kingdom - had a limited Essen release in 2011. In the game, players are attempting to rescue their friends who have gone looking for Poseidon's trident and been captured by an evil Kraken. It features a wave which crashes dice down onto the board and fantastic creature models. This campaign introduces a 2nd printing which looks stunning with a great-big cardboard wave and 14 large cute sea creatures.
* Coconuts: Duo - is either a stand-alone 2 player game or a 5/6 player expansion to Coconuts. Players take control of a number of cups and a catapulting monkey figurine. You take turns trying to flip little coconuts into your opponents cups.
* Space Movers 2201 - is a co-op space adventure game. It starts with a comic book that introduces the characters and kicks off the story. On the last page, the first round of the game begins and it's up to players to keep their ship (The Liberty) flying and reach 5 objectives that drive the story to it's conclusion. The game offers an interesting dice-rolling mechanic in that dice are rolled one at a time but tallied up at the end and you are encouraged to use later rolls to affect the earlier ones! I love a game that tells a story and this one looks really cool. The only thing stopping me from jumping on board is the cost of the "to anywhere else" pledge level which unfortunately includes Australia. If you don't do anything else, go check out the game's soundtrack!
* Rise of the Kage - a team of shadow wind clan ninja slide through the night intent on killing the Takashi clan. But they are not entirely unexpected and brave guards stand vigil in the night. Rise of the Kage is a stealth miniature board game that pits 1-3 ninja players against a single guard player. My only disappointment is that you can see the ninja minis. I thought it would be thematically clever to have them be clear But still...NINJA MINIs!

And that's all I have for you this week. I made a change last week so that I could track how many people followed Kick the Table links to kickstarter projects. I was surprised at how high some of the numbers of have been. I'm flattered to know that there are a lot of you out there. Drop a comment and tell me what I've missed, what you're looking at this week or even just if you like puppies! And come next week for more Kick the Table. SMOKE BOMB! NINJA VANISH!

Your kickstarter weekly summary for Sunday Sep 7 2014.
17 projects ending in the next 3 days
External image

1,331.07 % ENDING
Alea Tools - RPG Initiative Board
Alea Tools' Initiative board tracks initiative in D&D and tabletop RPGs using Alea Tools Magnetic Status Markers.
External image

1,273.05 % ENDING
Designers & Dragons
Help fund the printing of Designers and Dragons, Shannon Appelcline's comprehensive, 4-volume history of the roleplaying game industry!
External image

1,154.95 % ENDING
Secrets of the Lost Tomb the Cooperative Adventure Game
Enjoy games like Betrayal at House on the Hill or Arkham Horror? Join the Order and the Pulp Action Adventure Board Game Experience!
External image

758.61 % ENDING
Summoner's Grimoire - An Esoteric and Occult Boardgame
Immortal Power! Two boardgames in one: fast, tactical, and entertaining Basic Mode, & strategic, detailed, and cunning Advanced Mode.
External image

269.67 % ENDING
Monster Deck 55
Monster Deck 55 is a colorful & exciting playing card system with a growing collection of unique and challenging games.
External image

232.00 % ENDING
Olleys Armies Dwarven Prussian Army Scrunt Miniatures
Finely detailed metal gaming miniatures by Bob Olley the creator of characterful SF Dwarfs aka Scrunts, produced in 28mm Heroic scale
External image

207.99 % ENDING
Stellar Vistas II
Looking to add some majesty to your game?
External image

171.52 % ENDING
3DoGG 2015 - Gamer Nation CON and Order 66 Podcast Season 8
Join us in Plano for Gamer Nation Con March 6-8, 2015. We also have cool swag for d20Radio supporters if you can't make it!
External image

128.12 % ENDING
KC Game Fair 2014
The 6th Annual KC Game Fair brings the best tabletop games back to Kansas City! RPG's, designer board games, miniatures and much more!
External image

118.80 % ENDING
28mm Miniature Sea Monsters, Dungeon Terrain and Big Beasts
28mm Miniatures of Historic Sea Monsters, Fantasy Dungeon Terrain and Big Beasts
External image

103.50 % ENDING
Sabacc Card Game
The game of Sabacc is now in a galaxy near you! This one of a kind card game is right for everyone, Star Wars fan or not
External image

48.38 % ENDING
JUX: A Story Building Game For Creative Thinkers
Fire up your creative engines! We've added a new dimension to storytelling--literally. An unpredictable card game for 2-8 players.
External image

44.52 % ENDING
Upcycled Precision Machined "Doublesix Dice" & Triplefour's
No more d6 cubes.Time to Roll Better. Precision machined metal d12 gaming dice numbered 1-6 twice offered in different anodized colors.
External image

25.50 % ENDING
D&D journey of the fifth edition podcast season one
The podcast will be following our gaming group and the adventures of their characters as we learn to play the new fifth edition DnD
External image

24.03 % ENDING
Burger Builder
A quick-to-learn strategic card game for 2-4 players about managing your inventory to serve the customers in queue.
External image

2.50 % ENDING
WMD's: World Record Mini Dominoes
Finally: a source of competition-legal mini dominoes for personal and competitive domino toppling!
External image

1.12 % ENDING
Confero is a turn-based, table top game, created around a collect and conquer system. Designed for 3-6 players.

49 projects ending in the next 10 days
External image

1,463.24 % ENDING
A fast rolling dice game for the whole family.
External image

731.24 % ENDING
Major Effect Die for Cypher System Games, like Numenera
Specialty die for Cypher System Games, like Numenera and The Strange!
External image

720.60 % ENDING
Scenes of Chance - Roleplaying Adventure Companion
Over a billion adventure combinations on giant 3.5" x 5.75" cards. Delivered to your doorstep in a month!
External image

662.00 % ENDING
Trilania: Steampunk Poker Dice
Steampunk Poker Dice are a great addition to any card enthusiast collection. We pride ourselves in one, I mean four of a kind dice..
External image

597.20 % ENDING
Steampunk & Cthulhu Soundtracks: Tabletop Gaming Soundscapes
Steampunk and Lovecraft inspired soundscapes for gaming with alternate history and Cthulhu mythos board games and RPGs!
External image

525.15 % ENDING
Goblin Quest - A tabletop RPG of fatal ineptitude
Goblin Quest is a tabletop roleplaying game about slapstick violence, fatal ineptitude, and the greatest adventure of your life.
External image

516.04 % ENDING
Tanto Cuore: Oktoberfest Edition Card Game
Tanto Cuore: Oktoberfest edition is a new twist on a favorite game.
We're taking you to Germany!
External image

483.00 % ENDING
Nightlight - A cooperative card game!
Nightlight is the cooperative card game that resurrects your childhood nightmares and forces you to face them as a stuffed animal!
External image

436.67 % ENDING
d20Pro Unlimited Virtual Tabletop
Reforging the d20Pro virtual tabletop; adding the Unlimited Rules Engine, Native multitouch support, Shadowcasting fog of war and more.
External image

328.48 % ENDING
Slap .45
A Wild West slap duel for three to seven players.
External image

328.08 % ENDING
Inspired by "Akira" and "Firestarter," Psionics is a DicePunk System Tabletop RPG about troubled youth with tremendous psychic powers!
External image

266.69 % ENDING
Joe Dever's Lone Wolf – The Lone Wolf Adventure Game
Adventure in a legendary fantasy world! Heroic tabletop RPG that expands with your experience level - perfect for new and old gamers!
External image

248.08 % ENDING
Dead Men Tell No Tales
A cooperative boardgame of looting a burning ship for 2-5 players.
External image

225.37 % ENDING
World Wide Wrestling RPG: Pro Wrestling Action, Drama & Fun!
Create iconic wrestlers, play out exciting matches in the ring and go behind the scenes, all in this RPG of narrative wrestling action.
External image

191.67 % ENDING
Mars vs. Earth - Plan B
The most outrageous card game on this side of the known universe! Fast & furious game for 3-10 players. Martians are evil and slimy!!
External image

185.27 % ENDING
Militia Miniatures - 28mm Modern Mercenaries!
Creating a range of 28mm modern mercenary character figures, ready and willing to take on any mission!
External image

143.94 % ENDING
Heist - A Quick Card Game for 2-4 Thieves
Sabotage your friends in a race to steal a piece of art in this quick and easy-to-learn card game. Play it between games or for hours!
External image

137.50 % ENDING
Asumi the Assassin Figurine
Offering a series of figurines to compliment the Swords of Edo Graphic Novel and Visual Novel Game Series.
External image

135.48 % ENDING
Super Turbo bit Crawl FX: Alpha Xtreme
Our love letter to JRPG's of the past, STbCFX:AX is a highly customizable dungeon crawler that doesn't require a DM for 1-8 players.
External image

119.36 % ENDING
Q's Race to the Top: The EQtainment Game & Storybook
Want to improve your child's social skills? Then practice EQ with Q's Race to the Top!
External image

115.83 % ENDING
28mm Fantasy Champions from Around the Ancient World
Unique fantasy miniatures inspired by historical civilizations of ancient times, forged in pewter for your tabletop gaming experience.
External image

103.00 % ENDING
Amazing Space Adventures
A tabletop role playing game, in the spirit of Buck Rogers and other such classic sci-fi.
External image

94.78 % ENDING
SHINKUKAN - The Kawaii Steampunk Android TCG
A head-to-head deck-building game where you calibrate your androids to dispatch the Competition.
External image

80.62 % ENDING
Hogger Logger
Hogger Logger is a fast-paced, cutthroat card game with lumberjacking pigs.
External image

78.93 % ENDING
Fortune's Fool Deluxe: The Ultimate PDF Collection
Updating and enhancing our Fortune's Fool line of electronic products for optimization on all manner of PDF-capable devices
External image

78.93 % ENDING
Flip Hue
Flip Hue is an easy to play yet complex two sided card game. Collect 5 of a kind to win - be careful not to Flip your strategy!
External image

74.91 % ENDING
Rogues to Riches - a Game for the Criminally Imaginative
Steal Riches beyond your wildest dreams. Defeat dangerous Traps in deadly Lairs. Plan your move using your Gear and your imagination.
External image

61.89 % ENDING
Grow: The Organic Building Game
An artistic, 3-D building game fused with territory control for up to 4 players, where strategy and foresight are key!
External image

56.17 % ENDING
WARBAND: Against the Darkness Strategy Board Game
Guide your Great Race to battlefield glory in a game of one-upmanship! Combines strategic Euro depth with an evocative fantasy theme.
External image

46.96 % ENDING
Plotbuilder - story building cards
Rapidly create story arcs and RPG campaigns with a deck of cards.
External image

41.77 % ENDING
DragonStone: Modular Dungeon System -- Abandoned Mines Theme
A hand-crafted, detailed, durable and affordable modular dungeon system that can be used with any role playing game setting.
External image

39.40 % ENDING
Cowards & Carrots
Kill the Dragonbunny! This coward-placement game requires the development of your village's cowards to save the day.
External image

38.45 % ENDING
99 chances
99 chances is the Indie roleplaying storytelling card game where you collectively weave a story while telling your own tales.
External image

37.64 % ENDING
Vendetta - The Mobster Card Game
Vendetta is a family card game for 2 to 6 players. Use your mobster muscle and cunning to take over the neighborhood and rule the city!
External image

34.46 % ENDING
Dungeon Architect Cards
A simple to use universal deck of dungeon building cards for all fantasy role-playing games.
External image

29.23 % ENDING
Chaos in Cochise County
Chaos in Cochise County is a skirmish level miniatures game pitting men against monsters in the Old West.
External image

25.90 % ENDING
Pantheon: Battle For Olympus
Recruit the gods and battle your opponents in this game of betting, balance and betrayal.
External image

20.71 % ENDING
TOTEZ : the fast-paced card game of strategy & cunning
Seek, steal and hoard the scattered idols before time runs out! Press your luck in this fast-paced card game for 2-6 players.
External image

16.33 % ENDING
Alien D.O.G. Soldiers
A project to make a batch of models for the Alien D.O.G. Soldiers table top skirmish game
External image

13.85 % ENDING
Zombie Death Force, Go!
Zombie Death Force, Go! is a fast-paced card game where 2 to 4 players build teams and equip them for the zombie apocalypse.
External image

10.53 % ENDING
Zanben's Greatest Crits
A supplement for tabletop RPGs that breaks up combat monotony by turning boring old critical hits into cinematic injections of awesome!
External image

10.48 % ENDING
HyGround - 3D Terrain Tiles
Need a true 3D terrain game board system for your miniature based games? HyGround Tiles are for you.
External image

9.32 % ENDING
Worlds War One
Worlds War One is a 2-5 player strategy card game set in an alternate steampunk history where the 1st World War takes place in Space!
External image

6.08 % ENDING
Gathering of Guardians: Board Game
A superhero themed strategy board game for 3-5 players ages 13 and up. It features elegant and entertaining Euro-style mechanics.
External image

3.00 % ENDING
First Person Mapping
Curious how dungeons are created? Watch it happen from the creator's perspective!
External image

0.42 % ENDING
LeRoy, a new board game
Leroy is a terrific new board game played in two ways with different strategies and frustrations.
External image

0.35 % ENDING
Custom Made Collectible Card Gaming Accessories
I make 3D tokens (with & without counters) and personalized tokens for MTG. I am expanding my creations to playmats & dice bags.
External image

0.34 % ENDING
The Orc's Head, London's premier gaming & hobby pub!
The Orc's Head will be London's premier tabletop gaming pub offering an amazing location with every thing you need under one roof!!!
External image

0.02 % ENDING
New Games from Existing Games
I am creating games from existing games. My first project is creating a new type of CHESS.

51 projects launched within the last 7 days
External image

494.20 % NEW
Hungarian Tanks - from Mad Bob Miniatures
WW2 Hungarian Tanks and Vehicles in 1:56 (28mm) scale - designed for wargaming, cast in resin.
External image

380.96 % NEW
Reaper Miniatures CAV : Strike Operations
CAV: Strike Operations is a project to bring to life the CAV Universe with an all-new game edition and high-quality plastic figures.
External image

325.04 % NEW
The Sprawl: Cyberpunk Roleplaying, Powered by the Apocalypse
A Powered-by-the-Apocalypse RPG of mission-based action in a gritty neon-and-chrome cyberpunk future.
External image

308.00 % NEW
Orc Hospital
Players write episodes of a TV Show — Orc Hospital. Think Grey's Anatomy with Orcs.
External image

226.77 % NEW
Spirit of 77 - a Funky 1970's Tabletop Role-Playing Game
Tabletop role-playing game set in an alternate 1970's that combines over-the-top action, kung-fu films, glam music and classic sci-fi.
External image

165.50 % NEW
The Fen of the Five-Fold Maw Pathfinder Adventure!
The Fen of the Five-Fold Maw is a thrilling swamp-themed action adventure for the Pathfinder RPG.
External image

150.53 % NEW
Coconuts Duo "Crazy Monkey" Dexterity Game for 2 Players
In Coconuts Duo players assume the role of monkeys tossing coconuts to be the top ape! 2 Players or a 5/6 Player Expansion too!
External image

149.23 % NEW
Stuff and Nonsense
Stuff and Nonsense is a tabletop game about would-be Victorian adventurers who never actually leave London.
External image

126.00 % NEW
HC SVNT DRACONES is an exciting new sci-fi tabletop role playing game featuring a fresh and unique system for combat and interaction
External image

105.00 % NEW
Microvores: A Chemical Romance
A short story w/illustrations, inspired by the game Microvores, that explores the daily lives of microbes from a human perspective.
External image

98.43 % NEW
Smoke & Glass: A Steampunk Setting For Fate Core
Smoke and Glass is a steampunk urban fantasy setting for Fate Core about gritty streets, corruption and the magic underneath it all.
External image

91.88 % NEW
Your Board: Create Your Own Dungeon Tiles
Funding the production of a new set of tools so you can create your own set of low cost, professional looking dungeon tiles.
External image

89.10 % NEW
Movie Plotz: A Blockbuster Storytelling Microgame
Suffering screenwriters pitch movies to hollywood bigwigs. Pocket-sized and only $6.00!
External image

75.86 % NEW
28mm Lizardmen miniatures
Heavy weapon team for my lizardmen range
External image

69.51 % NEW
Rise of the Kage, ninja board game with detailed miniatures.
A thrilling stealth board game for two to four players. Will you take on the role of ninja or guard in a game of Rise of the Kage?
External image

68.93 % NEW
Kronocalypse - Savage Worlds Time Travel
Cavemen, wizards, sky pirates, and cyborgs unite to stop an evil that threatens to destroy time itself.
External image

65.99 % NEW
Quests of Doom - Pathfinder and Swords & Wizardry Modules
An 18 module book featuring adventures written by heavy hitters including Ed Greenwood, Steve Winter, Bill Webb, Matt Finch and more!
External image

64.19 % NEW
Poseidon's Kingdom Limited 2nd Edition
Limited 2nd Edition of the popular and hard-to-find sea-life and crashing wave game by the Lamont Bros. -- with amazing all new art!
External image

54.80 % NEW
Bonerwood ~ The Game!
Welcome to Bonerwood! A pen and paper game about radioactive mutant adult stars with super powers!
External image

42.88 % NEW
The Orcfather
Use your intuition to defeat the enemy band in this fantasy-themed card game for 2-10 players. Only one family will stand at the end!
External image

40.80 % NEW
Fast Food Legend - strategy game wrapped in fast food parody
Laughing out loud, rolling in the dough, and enough non-potato twists that you can never quite be sure if you have victory in the bag.
External image

37.71 % NEW
Veranthea Codex - A Pathfinder Resource and Campaign Setting
Mike Myler & Rogue Genius Games are crafting a new Pathfinder setting bursting with player options, advanced NPC statblocks, and more!
External image

32.78 % NEW
ZN Games Fantasy Miniatures & Steampunk Airships
Releasing over 40 Fantasy RPG Dungeon Miniatures along with a small fleet of Steampunk Airships from Chris Bledsoe's ZN Games.
External image

23.12 % NEW
The Edge of Heaven RPG
The Edge of Heaven Tabletop Roleplaying Game is a turn-based sci-fi adventure, set around 2450 CE.
External image

18.79 % NEW
Shoot Your Friends
A lightning-fast game that pits opponents (13 & up) across from each other with nothing but a toy gun and a deck of cards between them.
External image

18.78 % NEW
Periodyx: An Elemental Card Game!
The Elements have been locked away inside the boring Periodic Table chart for far too long – FREE THE ELEMENTS! Let them out to play,
External image

17.39 % NEW
Pick A Vowel - The Board Game Designed for Your Family!
Unpredictable, cheeky and fun! - Interactive, strategic, and competitive - A game for everyone!
External image

16.64 % NEW
Monkeys Need Love Too
Save some monkeys! Hurl some banana peels! Watch out for flying poo! Play your cards right and escape with the most monkeys to win!
External image

15.56 % NEW
Moriarty's Machinations
A party game of deduction and manipulation, Moriarty's Machinations pits Sherlock and Moriarty into a final battle of wits.
External image

15.03 % NEW
Killer Croquet: A Most Unfriendly Board Game
In this board game, control one of the world's top Croquet Players, forced to play a violent bloodsport for their lives.
External image

12.98 % NEW
5Pax - Fast Dice Games
10 fast & lite dice microgames. 5 Pax includes press your luck, abstract strategy and dexterity games. All boards included.
External image

12.80 % NEW
End of the World Card Game
An apocalyptic themed party game of survival, crassness, and keeping it together as your friends laugh so hard they wet their pants.
External image

11.73 % NEW
TERRAN - a simple, portable, resource trading board game
A beautiful, new, easy-to-learn, portable resource trading board game inspired by The Settlers of Catan.
External image

9.69 % NEW
Space Movers Board Game and Comic
A cooperative sci-fi board game for 2-7 players. Features an innovative way of rolling dice and a comic book that begins the adventure.
External image

7.34 % NEW
Broken Contract - Deep Underground
Broken Contract - Deep Underground is a high adventure science fiction miniature board game for 2-8 players.
External image

7.33 % NEW
28mm Orcs miniatures
A new range of 20 different poses in the classic style of the Orcs.
External image

6.03 % NEW
Constellation Quest
A new dice rolling board game. Become the most renowned (or infamous) spaceship captain in the galaxy to win.
External image

5.20 % NEW
Rune Crafter
Rune Crafter is a new dice game where players roll the dice, and press their luck to control the powerful magics of the Aether Stream!
External image

5.05 % NEW
Napoleonic Artillery: Cannons and crew
Alban 1/56 scale (28mm) Artillery and crews: British 6lbers, French 4lbers and Austrian 3lbers in white metal.
External image

4.77 % NEW
High Speed Rail Board Game
Make deals, lay tracks, and connect your voters! Innovative political game mechanics. Simple 1 page rules, 2-6 players, 1-hour games.
External image

4.13 % NEW
Flip Flop Categories
A simple game for two or more players that asks the question: how fast can YOU think?
External image

3.85 % NEW
Paper Castle - Defend Your King and Destroy Your Friends!
Paper Castle is a fast paced card game where you build a fantastic kingdom to protect your king and destroy your enemies.
External image

1.58 % NEW
Attract the most zoo visitors by building the best habitat from a selection of over 100 animals. Worker placement game for 2-6 players.
External image

1.17 % NEW
Desolation Nation Board Game
Survive in a world where the government has collapsed, the economy no longer exists, and danger is everywhere!
External image

1.15 % NEW
ROAD TO HEAVEN™ Board Game is a fun multi-sensory game created to bring families together & bring the Bible alive in the hearts of all.
External image

1.14 % NEW
Bane of Empires - Phase I
An RPG App-Hybrid set in the BoE universe, bringing the experience of pen and paper gaming to the digital age with a user-friendly App!
External image

0.80 % NEW
Card game project: Nine Card
Nine Card is a fast paced strategy game where you play cards to a 3x3 grid to attack your opponent and reduce their life counter to 0.
External image

0.42 % NEW
Wallop! The Exciting T20 Cricket Strategy Game
Wallop! combines the excitement of T20 cricket with strategic decision-making to engineer a fun family experience for all ages.
External image

0.42 % NEW
More Than Conquerors™ Game
More Than Conquerors is a 2-4 player strategy game where players spread the good news about Jesus Christ around the ancient world.
External image

0.00 % NEW
Family Game Night
Family Game Night
External image

0.00 % NEW
Darkspire Falling
A dark satirical D&Desqe card game for up to 1-10 people.or more!

Anyone can love a thing because. That's as easy as putting a penny in your pocket. But to love a thing despite. To know the flaws and love them too. That is rare and pure and perfect.
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