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As a long time avid game player, and lover, I come before you to tell you my complete honest and forward opinion on games. I will bring out the things I like in the game. Point out the things I dislike. And consider who this game would be best targeted at. All of this while also assigning a completely random biased number on a scale of 1-8. Why 8? Because I can!
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Review of "Splendor"

Eric Bryan Seuthe II
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My good friend Frank Zazanis, and co-reviewer of Rants & Reviews, picked up Splendor at Strategicon, and I got a chance to play it recently.

I have to say, maybe it was the upselling of the game, but it didn't really live up the the hype, all be it minimal, I heard.

In the game players start with no resources, three rows of permanent gems to buy, a row of nobles who love gems, and temporary gems to gain on a level.

On a player's turn, players can claim one of three different temporary gems or two of one gem color (only if there is 4 in the stack prior to claiming it). If a player does not take temporary gems, they can purchase a permanent gem card from the three rows, and add it in front of them.

If you can't buy a card, but want to make sure no one else can you can reserve it and take a wild chip.

Once per turn, if a player matches a requirement of a noble, the player can take the noble.

Some permanent gem cards have values on them, and nobles always net points. Your total point score accumulates your permanent gem score with your noble scores.

The game is over when a player reached 15, and then all other players have one more turn to try to beat it.


I like the fact that you can purchase permanent gems, and in turn are constantly building on what you can purchase by spending your temporary points.

I liked that this game allowed for you to try to plan out multiple purchases, and plan your moves. The math factor that allowed this was the mechanic in the game I liked. However in my opinion a game needs more then just a good mechanic to be fun.


Oh boy. A lot. Not in the fact that there is about to be a huge list enumerated to you all. The thing I hated counts a lot for what makes a game... well a game.

I didn't find this game fun. At all. I found it interesting. I planned things, but in the long run it felt like doing math homework, which is good. It didn't feel like doing the more enjoyable math homework though (like the answer to find what color to fill in), which is much better and awesome.

The game fell flat, and it didn't deliver a fun game experience, just an interesting one.


People who are tired but can't fall asleep. People looking for a game to play in a library. People who feel like quietly plotting out your moves are fun, and would rather not interact with other people that much.

2.3 out of 8. I liked some facets of the game. The game was just way to boring. This game did remind me of Livingstone though, and now I want to play that instead.

Now for something entirely different, for anyone who loves party games, keep in mind our reviewer, and amazing game designer has created an awesome game called Rough: The Card Game that is currently available for free print and play within this site! Check it out.

If you are interested in what is going to happen with this game feel free to email us at Info(at)MonkeyFingerGames(dot)com and we will let you know as anything happens!

Keep gaming!
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