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October 2014 roundup

Garry Lloyd
United Kingdom
Holmes Chapel
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With it being Essen month, in October, I managed to play 35 games of 30 different titles, 17 of which were new to me. The new games were:

Tapple - a simple word game made awesome by the device. Great family gaming fun.
Ciub - a dice game of developing your dice pool and rolling to achieve objective cards. It works but it was pretty run-of-the-mill stuff.
Versailles - Interesting worker movement game that I quite enjoyed my half game of, but not enough to pick up at Essen.
Typo 2d - Updated version of earlier game, essentially getting rid of letter cards into a crossword-like grid. Ok but not my kind of game really.
The Battle at Kemble's Cascade - Fun game of blasting the aliens in a video arcade side-scroller. Challenging in trying to stay alive - something that Nige failed to do multiple times in our game. Worst space pilot ever?
Tragedy Looper - Novel one vs many deduction game with multiple scenarios. The idea of looping back to the start and trying to work out why is a very clever mechanism. Not sure it is as much fun for the mastermind as it is for everyone else.
Spike - Super smooth rail building and pick up and deliver game that is a step-up from Ticket to Ride but still very approachable. Didn't pick up at the fair due to luggage space limitations but did grab a copy once back in the UK.
Whacky Wit - Pacman the board game, pure and simple. A roll and move game that is actually tons of fun. Even 'no-fun' Nige enjoyed it but maybe that's because I let him win
Flip 9 - A solo puzzle game about re-ordering tiles into the correct sequence. Base game too simple but the advanced version looks more of a challenge.
Nations: The Dice Game - A very streamlined distillation of the original game and plays in about an hour with four players. However, it does lose some of the thematic elements of the different nations in the earlier game and the decisions are not as hard. Pretty good though.
Pandemic: The Cure - Dice version that keeps quite a bit of the original but loses the map element. Nice that each specialist has their own custom dice and I enjoyed it a lot despite losing really badly on the first play.
Mangrovia - Interesting action selection mechanism tied with an area control objective to score the most points. Easy enough for family play but enough decisions to keep gamers engaged. Very good.
La Isla - A lighter offering from Stefan Feld but still giving players plenty to think about. Plays quickly and I really enjoyed it two-player.
Rolling Japan - Interesting puzzle game in the Take it Easy / Wurfel Bingo mould. One where the wrong numbers always seem to keep being rolled.
Doodle City - Another dice puzzle game where you try to build roads to link buildings at the right time to score points. Ok solo but I guess will be more interesting with competition for choosing dice.
Villannex - Odd card game where you try to utilise the right resources to score well. Translation not very good so may have got a rule wrong.
Colt Express - Really fun western-themed game about programming your cowboy's movement to grab the most loot, shoot others and avoid being shot yourself. Everyone was laughing at this and having a good time.

I added 36 new games to the collection with the new additions being: The Builders: Middle Ages, Tapple, Lost Legacy: Flying Garden, Cypher, Flash Point: Fire Rescue - Honor & Duty, Pandemic: The Cure, Nations: The Dice Game, Roll Through the Ages: The Iron Age, Samurai Spirit, La Isla, Grand Slam, Doodle City, Rolling Japan, Colors of Kasane, Secret Moon, Villannex, OWACON, The Edict of King Budeaunia, Flip 9, Cherry Picking, Airborne Commander, Orongo, Grog Island, Mangrovia, Planes, Dragonscroll, Masters of Venice, Spellcaster, Spike, Lords of Xidit, Imperial Settlers, Castles of Mad King Ludwig, Red 7, Marvel Dice Masters: Uncanny X-Men, Machi Koro and Colt Express.

My unplayed list is unsurprisingly up considerably from 24 to 48 and my Game of the Month was one I tried at Essen and really want to obtain, although it retails at over £150, and that is the fantastic Whacky Wit (or Whacky Mini).

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