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Dark Darker Darkest Kickstarter Goodies For Trade

Doe Gibson
United States
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I have the following stretch goal/expansion items for trade.-

Everything has been claimed, and is no longer available. 7 Dec 2014

Bunny Van Camp, and her survivor card.

Chuck Lee, and his survivor card.

Helen Kronen, and her nemesis card.

Rachel Mortimer, and her nemesis card.

Giant Snake, and its creature card.

27 Radioactive markers.

4 Orange dice.

4 Blue dice.

4 Green dice.

4 Yellow dice.

4 Purple dice.

7 Glow-in-the-Dark dice.

7 Red survivor minis.

4 Red nemesis minis.

7 White wood blocks.

10 gray Chunk zombie minis.

10 gray Guts zombie minis.

10 gray Tough Guy zombie minis.

10 gray Disco Doll zombie minis.

1 Radioactive tile with sealed cards.

1 Helicopter tile with sealed cards.

3 Victim tokens.

2 Entrap tokens.

40 Spawn tokens.

8 Skill tokens.

10 Room tiles.

Please understand that I can only send to US addresses. Check out my want list, and PM me with your offers and what parts you are interested in. -If you live in west Michigan and want to do a local pick-up (Newaygo Co.), I will also consider offers for the complete base game/box.

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