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Warfighter Wave 2 Kickstarter Launches

Kevin L. Kitchens
United States
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Snowflakes Melt
As many of you don't know, I'm a big fan of the game Warfighter: The Tactical Special Forces Card Game. While I love the quality of Dan Verssen Games (DVG) most of them have been too abstracted for me. I bought Field Commander: Napoleon and was awed at the quality of the game and the mounted boards, but then the gameplay for me left a lot to be desired.

That said, I completely missed out on the first Kickstarter for Warfighter. But as word of it got around I put it on my wishlist and then jumped on it when it became available in October. Went all in with the base game and all the expansions.

Set it up, read the rules and LOVED IT (review forthcoming)

So as Dan posted in the forums (DVG - What extras would you like to have in the new Kickstarter for Wave #2 next week?) that a second wave KS campaign was coming, I couldn't have been more excited, even offering some suggestions as requested for stretch goals.

Then the KS went live yesterday ( and I was very underwhelmed.

First, in the spirit of saying something nice, there are a lot of good things about what's coming in Wave 2. Expansions #5-#8 look amazing. Adding the UK and Russian Federation forces is going to be a treat as will the new Eastern Europe adversaries. These are going to expand the game in new directions and it seems the possibilities are endless in this regard. Great job DVG!

Then there is Expansion #9. The Footlocker. (insert slow clap here). Let's look at what you get in this "expansion":

The Footlocker gives you a huge 14" x 9" crate of a box that is a staggering 6" deep, and filled with Warfighter Gear!

Even with all the cards, there is still plenty of room for future updates!

We've also built enough space into the box to hold the Mounted Display, as well as a DVG Deep Dish Counter Tray, Rule Book, Miniatures, and more!

Components: The Footlocker, 1 sheet of Ammo and Player Aid counters, Card Dividers, and a massive 33" x 24.5" MOUNTED version of the Tactical Display Sheet from the core Warfighter game!

The Box: OK... so the box the base game comes with already is barely large enough to hold all the cards in the game + current expansions as it is. They should have included the larger box to begin with, but so be it... getting the new box is fine.

Ammo/Player Aid Counters: Not sure if these are just repeats of the sheet that came with the core game, but unless the new expansions add new ammo types, not completely sure these add anything of value, but they see a need, so I guess they will be a benefit.

Card Dividers: OK, so with the bigger box, which apparently has "wells" for holding the cards, dividers will be a big help, so again, not much expense here and a lot of function.

Mounted "Tactical Display Sheet": Here's the main cost of this expansion. When I first opened the game and peeled open (literally) the mat, I thought the worst problem it had was not being mounted. FC:N includes 7 mounted boards. Then I played the game and the non-mounted condition was the least of the mat's problems. It was too cluttered to fit hostiles clearly on their locations, the location spots were rotated either vertical or horizontally to fit the board (even though the cards read vertical). It was very clear that the player mat was a nice try (it was a stretch goal in the original KS), but ultimately it was a strikeout. As such, myself and another user each created an option to replace the mat:

Warfighter Location Sleds
Location Placeholder Cards

While a lot of people in the request thread did ask for a mounted board, it seemed like there were a good number of people who did not. They mainly wanted content.

Which leads me to the main problems with this Kickstarter.

1. It's all in one. You can pay $90 (+ shipping, not free) and get all five wave 2 expansions. You can pay $210 (+ shipping, not free) and get everything from the core game and all wave 1 and 2 expansions. There is no option to just get the content based expansions (decks).

2. To get the Footlocker, you have to pay for the mounted board. Since the base game ships without a box large enough to hold all the cards in any organized fashion (with a GMT tray for counters, the DVG deep dish it too big), if you want an official solution, you have to buy the whole expansion #5. This includes the mounted board that as noted above is effectively useless for actual gameplay. And not everyone either wants the mat mounted or wants to use the mat at all. It would have been better to make the mounted mat a separate expansion.

3. The cost is a bit high. DVG says the value of the $90 package is $110. The retail of the current expansion is $20, so the four card decks eat up $80 of this, leaving $30 for the board/box. Given that the street price of the expansions is more like $13.50 presently, that makes them $52 of the $90, meaning you're realizing $32 for the board/box. At the same discount of 33%, the $30 board/box will street for $20.25. So you should be able to get everything included in the KS for just over $72 (vs. the $90 asked). Yes there are stretch goals, but those will just add items to the existing packages, they aren't exclusives. So those are a wash for these figures.

Yes, KS is not necessarily about getting a great deal, but it should be a somewhat decent deal for the people taking a chance. This one is going to succeed, it's not a very high risk Kickstarter. Warfighter is an EXCELLENT game and deserves continued expansion. But this is more of a pre-order without any real benefit other than you're assured of getting a copy. For some paying that little extra might be worth it. For me it would not always be a bad thing, given how hot the game is right now.

So can this be fixed?


DVG should add a supporter level for $1, to allow the purchase of items piecemeal.
DVG should offer a deal on the decks only.
DVG should offer each expansion as a paid upgrade as well.
DVG should offer a paid upgrade to get just the storage box and dividers.
DVG should offer the board separately for those who don't want the new content and are happy with the layout of the play mat.

Again, I love the game and am looking forward to getting this new content in some way. I'm just not sure that this KS is the best means of doing it.
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