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This blog chronicles the game designing journey of husband and wife team Will and Sarah. Mostly written by Sarah, this blog is meant to be informative, interesting and fun. Oh, and a historical account so we can come back in the future and laugh at our naive selves. ;-D
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Designer Diary 3 for Project Dreamscape: Incorporating Play Styles

Sarah Reed
United States
Rancho Cordova
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Written by Will Reed

Previously I mentioned choosing play styles that reflected different personalities. Well, the personalities I was referring to dealt with how you play a game. This is not meant to be a commentary on how that player acts outside a gaming environment. So here are the play personalities I targeted.


This player likes to have the opportunity to engage with other gamers as directly as possible. For them, I have Night Terror, Interrupted Sleep and Lucid Dreaming. With Night Terror, they destroy the buying capabilities of other players. As for other attacks, they can leave voids in the Dreamscape with Interrupted Sleep or completely remove a card their opponent needs with Lucid Dreaming. Ultimately, they can lay waste to their opponent’s power and leave a mess behind.


A player with options is the player that wins, right? That’s what a hoarder believes. For them I have Lucid Dreaming, Perfect Respite and Shifting Dreams. With Lucid Dreaming and Perfect Respite, it is all about gaining more options faster than anyone else. They have their pick and the money to choose whatever they want. Combine this with Shifting Dreams and you can make your money stretch just a little further.


A well planned, orderly approach gives you the intellectual edge. An organized stack is a high-yield point generator. For them there is Floating Free, Recurring Dream and Collective Dream. Floating Free gives this player the ability to make the stack they want. Recurring Dream lets them use the stack they’ve built. And Collective Dream gives them the option to capitalize on anything they believe they missed.

Free Spirit

It’s all luck and randomness when you get right down to it. That’s the long and short of it for these players. For them there is Shifting Dreams, Collective Dream and Lucid Dreaming. Essentially, they believe if randomness rules, you find abilities to offset it. Shifting Dreams let them get what they need now. Collective Dream lets them tap into the things others got that they missed. And Lucid Dreaming lets them save something for a rainy day.


The ends justify the means. If a sacrifice needs to be made to make a better play, then that’s what they will do. For them there is Interrupted Sleep, Perfect Respite and Floating Free. With Interrupted Sleep, you will clutter the Dreamscape but that means your opponents don’t get a certain card. With Perfect Respite, you risk the negative points to give a boost to the income. And sometimes you just need an ability whether or not it wrecks your stack, that’s why Floating Free is so powerful.

Power House

Become the richest so you can make the best decisions. This player looks to create an imbalance of wealth in which they can exploit. For them there is Perfect Respite, Night Terror and Shifting Dreams. Perfect Respite gives them more currency faster. Night Terror takes that currency away from others. And Shifting Dreams make everything either cheaper for them or more expensive for what is left behind.

Next Time

I will find out some interesting facts when I put the game in front of play-testers. I was expecting some things, but surprised with others.
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