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STATE OF THE BACK ROOM - What's on the Table? (Dominion storage solution, Risk Express and some creative pics)

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What's on the table today? Or rather, what happened to the table? Well, I was cleaning out the garage a bit over the weekend and wanted to try to get all 6 of my chairs into the room. So, I got most everything picked up and stacked back up on the shelves. Then, I moved the table a bit - at an angle so that I could maybe get the other 2 chairs on the ends. And, that seemed to work. Now, it's all in there and it's sort of tight but I think it works.

From gallery of tasajara

Well, I did until I had Bob over and it wasn't really set up properly with the side tables for drinks. So, I had to move stuff around a bit to make it work.

So, it's a little crowded in the room and I'm still figuring it out. But I like the dynamic feel of it at an angle. It also opens up a little space around the shelves.

Anyhow, we'll see how the room works out this way.

You may have noticed that box on the side table. That's my box of Dominion. I just updated it with more dividers to fit Dominion: Cornucopia into the box. I also created labels to give it a cover and sides - it's been a plain brown box since I put it together back in December (I think) and I wanted it labeled so others would know what's inside.

Here's the box:
From gallery of tasajara

And here's how it looks inside:
From gallery of tasajara

I have uploaded all the files and they are STILL pending (they've been pending for at least 4 days now I think - hopefully they go through soon). Actually, most of the dividers were already uploaded but I did a few small fixes, re-adjusted the pages for more flexibility in printing, and added some new additional dividers - all based on requests from other users.

I'll post the links to the files here once they are approved.

Also, you can see there's a small red box on the side table as well. That's my newly created Risk Express. I built it from the cards, box and bits from the big round tin edition of Risk

Here's the tin edition that I started with:
Board Game: Risk
Board Game: Risk

Here's what the end product looks like:
Board Game: Risk Express

I 'pimped' it out a bit more by re-using the player pieces to indicate point values. The cool thing about this is that at the end of the game each player has a line of soldiers in in front of them indicating their it just adds to the theme a bit more.

Board Game: Risk Express

Board Game: Risk Express

The dice are made from RSVP: Vertical Crossword Game letter cubes with stickers applied. They fit very nicely into the little box.

Speaking of those letter cubes, here are some creative shots I had fun taking:
Board Game: RSVP: Vertical Crossword Game

Board Game: RSVP: Vertical Crossword Game

Board Game: RSVP: Vertical Crossword Game

While I was feeling creative, I also tried some 'action' shots rolling the Risk Express dice:
Board Game: Risk Express
^^ This is my favorite ^^ - I love the look of the shadows.

From gallery of tasajara

From gallery of tasajara

From gallery of tasajara

Well, that's just a quick update for this week. This weekend I hope to get Part 2 posted with more images and details about the Ticket to Ride: Northern Egypt map.

Finally, if you thumb this post and come back to thumb ANY BLOG post of mine this month (July) I will be giving away a copy of the final version of Ticket to Ride: Northern Egypt + cards that we submitted to the TtR design contest. Don't forget to check out all my posts for this month! Good luck!
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