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Home brewed beer and a couple games full of Intrigue by the Seaside

Matt Kantor
United States
Bay Village
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My brother-in-law, Josh, came over around Christmas to help me brew a batch of beer, an Irish Red. In between stiring the brew pot I introduced him to Dominion.

Fast forward to now when the beer has been fermented, kegged and ready to drink. Josh is back in town and wanted to try our beer and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to play some Dominion expansions letting him see more of the game.

I brought out Dominion Intrigue and Seaside. This was Josh's first game with Duration cards which stay in play into a players next turn and we also played with a Native Village which in addition to giving 2 more actions and the top card from your deck is placed on the Native Village "mat." These cards can be drawn into the players hand with the play of a Native Village. These were the most challenging cards to use in this session but Josh caught on quickly and easily.

We played 2 games with a random 50/50 mix of cards from these sets with me winning the first game and Josh winning the second. What I like about this game is the way non-gamers can play fairly easily and the moments where they discover an interesting combination of cards. After at least 50 plays I am still having these moments myself. Dominion works well with casual game players and has enough meat to it with the variety of cards to keep real gamers interested.

After 2 games the home brew had started to kick in so we opted to stop playing at this point. Beer can be a great compliment to a game but moderation is needed to keep the necessary focus that most games demand. If you opt for a frosty barley pop, what do you most frequently choose?

Until next time, game gloriously!
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