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PNP News - Feb 16, 2015 - Feb 22, 2015

Chris Hansen
United States
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Welcome back to the PNP News! This week, the 2014 Golden Geek Awards announced the results of the voting. In the PNP category, the winners were:

...and then we held hands...
Elevenses for One
1066, Tears To Many Mothers

Thank you to everyone who voted in the PNP category! Go check these games out and enjoy some of the best PNP offerings from last year.

PNP Highlights
This week, I am going to look back at the PNP game that started it all for me, Zombie in my Pocket by Jeremiah Lee. I don't recall where I first saw the game, but I do remember it was the first PNP game I ever made. I had seen other PNP games before and assumed they were low quality junk, else why would they be given away for free on the internet? The artwork by Kwanchai Moriya is probably the first thing that caught my notice as well as the tight rule book and active forum. I decided to give it a go and pulled out a few sheets of card stock and a pair of scissors and built a quick copy. It is safe to assume that if I had not done so, many of the things I've done since, such as the Solitaire Print and Play Contest and this blog, would not exist.

In Zombie in my Pocket, you must explore a spooky house filled with the undead and find the totem hidden in the evil temple room. If you can find and bury that totem in the graveyard before midnight, the zombie plague will end. If not, the zombies will endure forever. The game mechanics are simple, each turn you move to another room or outdoor area by adding a tile to the house. With that tile you draw a card which will have an event allowing you to search for an item, get attacked by zombies, or simply get some chilling text. These cards also act as the game's timer. Each card has three actions on it, with each being performed at a different time. When you've gone through the deck three times, the game is over.

A very easy game where the Evil Temple and Graveyard were found quickly. Image credit: Chris Hansen.

Over the years, Zombie in my Pocket has developed an amazing community around it. The game is released under a Creative Commons license so other designers have been free to tweak it or redesign it entirely. There are tons of variants and rethemes available in the file section giving this game a much greater replayability than it's simple rules might normally grant. If zombies aren't your thing, you can try out the game using a Star Wars, Predator, Aliens, Calvin and Hobbes, Christmas, Fairy Tale, or probably a dozen other themes! If you're bored of the basic game, you can spice it up with one of the 15 variants available in the five scenario books. The list keeps growing too with new variants released often.

Playing "The Cabin" variant by Gutter from Scenario Book 1. Image credit: Chris Hansen.

The game is very easy to print and build. In its simplest form, there are 16 single sided tiles, nine cards, and a pocketmod rule book to print. For those wanting a nicer copy, there are optional card and tile backs, item tiles, and time trackers to make the game nicer. The game plays very quickly and is very easy to set up so its easy to play multiple games in a row. The game was a Golden Geek winner back in 2010 and it still stands the test of time. It's hard to think of a PNP game that is this easy to make and still so much fun. If you haven't tried it yet, go see what you've been missing.

New Games

Dune: The Dice Game by Heiko Günther
Dune: The Dice Game is a 2 to 8 player game. The game is available for free and can be found in the Web Links Section on the BGG Game Page. In this game, players represent the various factions vying for control of Arrakis. They must recruit troops, ship them to the surface, and contend with the fate of the dice. The PNP file has four pages of cards, a four page board, and seven dice. The dice can be printed to sticker sheet or folded from regular paper. The game is a medium difficulty build.

Image credit: Heiko Günther

Countdown to Disaster by Joseph Propati
Countdown to Disaster is a solitaire game. The game is available for free and can be found in the Files Section on the BGG Game Page. The player in this game is a demolitions expert trying to defuse a bomb by correctly figuring out the wiring. The game is a fairly large build with about 140 tiles, 66 cards, and a game board. This is the first game from the 2015 Solitaire Print and Play Contest to have an entry in BGG.

Image credit: Joseph Propati

Swamped by Benjamin Gerber
Swamped is a 2 to 4 player game. The game is available for free and can be found in the Web Links Section on the BGG Game Page. In this game, players are moving through a swamp searching for a rare herb that can cure diseases. Each player takes a turn steering the boat to find the herb. But the swamp has many other treasures as well so players may try to steer the boat away from its intended goal to increase their own wealth. There are 12 pages of components but most pages only have 5 or 6 cards so this is a pretty easy build.

Image credit: Chris Hansen (composite image from game files)

WyrmRider by Todd Sanders
WyrmRider is a 2 player game. The game is available for free and can be found in the Files Section on the BGG Game Page. This is an asymmetrical wargame in which players are trying to take over their enemy's home space. Each counter can only attack in certain directions so maneuvering is a very important part of the game. There are seven counters and a small board making this a very easy wargame build.

Image credit: Todd Sanders

Letter Chess by Matt Ward
Letter Chess is a solitaire game. The game is available for free and can be found in the Files Section on the BGG Game Page. This is a word puzzle game in which you must move letters around a chess board to form words. The letters move like chess pieces (consonants move like a queen and vowels move like a knight). The game contains a board and requires a set of letters from Scrabble or a similar game.

Image credit: Chris Hansen (composite image from game files)

Far Space Foundry by Dan Manfredini
Far Space Foundry is a 1 to 4 player game. The game is available for free (coming soon to Kickstarter) and can be found in the Files Section on the BGG Game Page. This is a worker placement game in which you are supplying goods to a space station. You must first mine ores, then fly them to another location to be processed, and then deliver them to the space station. This is a large build with 27 pages of components, including several special shapes and small tokens.

Image credit: Justin Schaffer

Space Station Disaster by Chris Anderson
Space Station Disaster is a 2 to 6 player game. The game is available for free and can be found in the Web Links Section on the BGG Game Page. In this tile placement game, you and your opponents are building a space station, but with each new development comes a disaster. You must fix these disasters as they come up or you risk getting hurt or running away. The PNP file contains four sheets of cards and four sheets of hexagonal and circular tokens. The game is fairly well developed but players are encouraged to send back feedback to the designer.

Image credit: Chris Anderson

Updated PNP Games

26.2: The Marathon Dice Game
There is a new score track for the game made by Mithcu. It can be printed from the image gallery.

Image credit: Erik D

There is an updated rulebook that has several corrections and clarifications for this great racing game.

Image credit: Glenn Pruitt

Crowdfunded Games with Free PNP Options

Entropy by Allen Chang
Entropy is available on Kickstarter until March 16, 2015. The PNP Version is available for free for Black and White art or $5.00 for full art. In this game, players are stuck in a Nexus where time and space are collapsing. Each player must simultaneously reveal an action card to try and recover a fragment of their reality. The first player to earn four fragments is the winner. The PNP file contains 12 pages of cards (including card backs). This is a pretty easy build.
Entropy is a 2 to 4 player game.
Entropy on Kickstarter

Image credit: Allen Chang

New Pay-for-PNP Games

Viking Conquorors: An Epic Game of Viking Adventure
This game is available for $15.00 and can be found in the Web Links Section on the BGG Game Page.

That's all the news for this week.

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