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App News: Star Realms Expanding, Boss Monster Imminent, Hell Comes to Tablets, Knights of Pen & Paper Sequel Coming and more...

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App News

From gallery of Neumannium

Star Realms Getting Gambit Expansion This Week
Star Realms just won pretty much all the Golden Geek awards, so you'd think they could just rest on their laurels.

Not so! This week the first expansion for Star Realms, Star Realms: Gambit Set, will go live. It will be available at 12:01am EST for the PC/Mac version, and sometime on Thursday for the iOS and Android versions.

What's all included?

[company=26542 wrote:
-Nine new Gambit cards that give players special abilities
-Sixteen new ship and base cards added to the trade deck
-Two new campaign chapters with a total of 13 new campaign missions
-Top 1,000 Rankings, lifetime, monthly and weekly leaderboards
What's not included in the press release is whether the expansion will be a free update or available via IAP. My guess is the latter, but I don't have any pricing information at this point.

From gallery of Neumannium

Boss Monster Releasing...This Week?
Brad and I have been excited for a digital version of Boss Monster: The Dungeon Building Card Game since we learned about it at last year's Gen Con. While the card game itself is a bit on the simple side, it seems like a perfect fit for quick digital games, not to mention that the NES/GameBoy aesthetic seems made for a digital version.

We don't have exact confirmation of a release date for Boss Monster, but Brotherwise Games has posted on their Facebook page that it should be available for iOS/Android during the last week of February or first week of March. That would be this week, so we're holding our breath. For those of you hoping to play it on PC, Kindle or a Windows tablet, you'll have to wait until the last week of March or early April.

We'll let you know if/when it hits the App Store.

From gallery of Neumannium

Hell Comes to iPad
Hell: Fight for Gilrand is a fantasy re-skinning of Slitherine Ltd.'s Battle Academy. It was released on Steam awhile back, but has now made the move to iPad.

I haven't played it yet, but Brad tells me that it is pretty much exactly Battle Academy 2 with a fantasy theme, which isn't a bad thing, in my opinion. The forces of Hell are roaming the world, and you need to protect your civilization and put them down. All we're missing is a tower with a huge flaming eyeball on top.

It's also the game with, quite possibly, the most overacted trailer of all time. Seriously, get a load of the narrator. Closest you'll get to this kind of scenery-chewing is this guy:

You can pick up Hell: Fight for Gilrand on the App Store for $10.

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Knights of Pen & Paper 2 Announced and Dated
Knights of Pen and Paper was a fun game whose main conceit was that it was a tabletop RPG in CRPG format. It was also pretty funny in a Munchkin kind of way, which means it got old. Luckily, it was a decent enough RPG that it remained on my iPad for quite a while.

The sequel is coming on May 14th, this time with a new developer, KYY Games.

The graphics have been bumped up from the 8-bit graphics of the original. Now they're 16-bit! The combat system has been overhauled into a d20 system, and there are even more jokes. They also released a pretty decent trailer that reminds me of some movie, but I can't figure out which one. Nothing rings a bell, but the trailer has a certain ring to it. Ring me if you figure it out. (I can't do any more "ring" puns, sorry.)

Knights of Pen & Paper 2 will be available for both iOS and Android as well as PC/Mac.

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SolForge Going on the Campaign Trail
I'll admit that, on this blog, we tend to give short shrift to SolForge over that other card game, which is totally unfair. SolForge is a pretty great card game, it's just not one that really does anything for me, personally, hence I tend to put it on the back burner. I know a lot of you guys, however, love it, so I'm going to try to keep the SolForge news coming as best I can.

Over the weekend, SolForge was updated to include a new campaign mode which allows you to play 6 different missions vs. AI opponents. More missions will be added in future updates. It also includes 48 new cards of the latest set, Reign of Varna, which adds Echoes that permanently grant players abilities as well as ambushing monsters that you can play on your opponent's turn.

You can pick up SolForge for all platforms here.

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Joe Dever's Lone Wolf Complete Arrives
Joe Dever's Lone Wolf was a very innovative gamebook for tablets that did what no other gamebooks have yet attempted: add 3D combat. The book portions of Lone Wolf were pretty great, as were the RPG parts, but the 3D combat that was the huge selling point was actually kind of drab. It was fun at first, until you realized that every combat is pretty much identical and consists of surviving several quick-time-events.

That was chapter 1 of Lone Wolf, though. I never got around to playing the other chapters, looking at all that combat with a bit of dread. Not really fair, I know, because the combat in chapters 2-4 might be completely different and better. You never know.

Well, if you've been interested and want to see what Lone Wolf's endgame looks like, you can buy all 4 chapters together in one download with Lone Wolf Complete for iOS and Android.

It's the same game, but instead of having to purchase chapters via IAP, you just get the entire book up front for $13.

Pick it up for iOS Universal here and Android here.

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Legions of Steel Coming to PC and iPad
Because Slitherine Ltd. has no self-control, they have two games in today's roundup. Legions of Steel is a top-down tactical game that looks a lot like Game: Space Hulk, except you're battling robots instead of Genestealers.

The game should be released for both iPad, Android, and PC in May of this year. There will be 2 single player campaigns as well as 15 different multiplayer scenarios. Multiplayer will be asynchronous and cross-platform.

No word on pricing, but it's Slitherine so I would expect $10+. The trailer is mostly fluff, but there is some gameplay shown in the 2nd half.

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