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New Game Round-up: Roll in an Expanded Galaxy, Mogul in an Expanded Setting & Rule in the Same Old Egypt

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Rio Grande Games owner Jay Tummelson has stated that "Roll for the Galaxy: Ambition, the first expansion to Roll for the Galaxy, will be coming this fall [i.e., Q4 2015]. New factions, new dice, new tiles, and more! Further details to be revealed this summer [Q3 2015]." Speculation on its contents has already commenced!

• Rio Grande Games has also announced reprints of Caylus, TransAmerica, TransEuropa and Temporum listed as future releases on its website, with Temporum designer Donald X. Vaccarino noting that the second printing of that game will include larger arrows in a neutral color to make them more visible on the game board.

• Designer Michael Schacht has posted English and German rules for Mogul, a revised and (somewhat) expanded version of his self-published Mogul from 2002. Here's a rundown of the gameplay, which adds a network scoring system to the design, something you definitely expect to find in a Schacht design!

In the 1920s, the U.S. stock exchange experienced a period of growth previously unknown. Everyone speculated, and many become millionaires overnight.

In Mogul — a revised and expanded version of the 2002 game of the same name — players buy and sell railway stock, trying to outsmart both the opponents and the market. Each of the five railroad companies has five to eight shares, and in addition to being a share of the company, each share card has a box on it that indicates another company. Players start with particular stock holdings based on the number of players in the game and their position in turn order.

Each turn, one stock card is revealed from the deck. Players earn $1 for each share of this color that they own, then an auction ensues. Turn by turn, players must drop one of their bidding chips into a bowl in order to stay in the auction. When a player passes, whether by necessity or choice, they take all of the chips from the bowl, thereby earning bidding power for future auctions.

When all but one player has passed, this last player wins the auction and has the right to either keep the share or sell stock matching the color of the company depicted on the bottom of the share; the player who dropped out of the auction last takes the action that the winner didn't take. If a player sells stock, they either sell all shares of this color that they own, earning as much for each share as the number of those stock cards face up on the table or they sell none of them; in the latter case, the player places a station depot in their color on an empty space of the appropriate color on the game board. This game board has multiple networks in the five colors of the game, and at game's end each depot has a dollar value equal to the number of that player's depots in the same network.

When the crash card is revealed from the deck, the game ends. Players earn $1 for each share still in front of them and each five bidding chips they hold, in addition to the value of their depots. Whoever has the most money wins!

• I'd previously noted that French publisher Super Meeple will be reprinting Reiner Knizia's Amun-Re in Q3 2015. I've now confirmed with the publisher that its game license is only for publication in French, but it will be partnering with a "well-known American publisher" — but not its Mexica partner IELLO — on an English-language version of Amun-Re that will be released at the same time.

• For the end of 2015, Super Meeple will release a new version of Le Gang des Traction-Avant, a design from Serge Laget and Alain Munoz first released in 1984 and only ever publisher in French. The publisher describes the game as "made of alliance and treason" with no random elements.

Update, April 24, 2019: In the end, Super Meeple decided not to release a new edition of this game, so I've removed their publisher info from that BGG game listing.

• Following the 2015 GAMA Trade Show, U.S. retailer Uncle's Games tweeted the following:

I asked Steve Jackson Games for details on this, and SJG's Rhea Friesen said, "There is nothing we are ready to release at the moment." So expect to learn something about this in a future moment...
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