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Another GenCon, another bag of games brought home

Lowell Kempf
United States
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Well, I am keeping this blog to let me do a bit of record keeping, as well as make comments for other people to read. So, this is really just going to be a list for me to refer back to, as opposed to something really exciting to read

Every year, when I go to Gen Con, I buy games. The shopping trip isn’t the only reason that I go to Gen Con but it’s definitely a part of it. While I order games all year round, GenCon is my single biggest time to buy games. It’s also my most impulsive time to buy games

So, what did I get this year?

Over at the Mayfair Booth, I used my 50% coupon to buy Pack & Stack. Pack & Stack is, really, a family party game with a bit of dexterity element. It’s certainly not a heavy game or a gamer game. However, everyone who we played a demo with ended up buying it to. It’s a game that we know will be a hit with both our families and with our casual gaming friends. In other words, a game that will see enough table-time to be worth buying.

I also grabbed a cheap copy of Kramer’s Who’s the Ass at Mayfair. It’s another party-like game, a simple climbing game like the Great Dalmuti with enough of a smidgeon of strategy to be interesting.

At the Z-Man booth, I didn’t actually end up buying anything. However, they were good enough to give me the Rattus expansion from last year’s Essen for free. I have always found the Z-Man booth to be full of friendly, helpful people and this just gave me one more reason to feel that way.

Over the last couple years, I’ve found the Cool Stuff booth is a good place to find bargains. I already like to buy stuff from them online.

From them, I got a copy of Glen More, which I haven’t had a chance to play yet. It looks like a bog-standard euro with cardboard tiles and wooden cubes. However, those kind of games delight me. I am hoping that it will put a smile on my face.

I also got Parade, which I’ve wanted to pick up. Z-Man’s little card games can be hit-or-miss but Parade sounds like it has enough tactics and control to be good. Sounds like a good game to play with my fiancé on a lap desk while we watch TV.

On the last day, Cool Stuff slashed the prices of what they had left so I grabbed a copy of a game called Belgique which is apparently a Belgium retheming of Alhambra of the Card Game. I haven’t actually found it listed on the geek.

To be honest, the walls in Alhambra justify the variable price of tiles, as well as give an additional (and sometimes powerful) source of points. The card game doesn’t have that and I am curious to see how the game holds up without that element.

I also bought a copy of What’s Missing for basically next-to-nothing. It is a cross between Highlights for Kids Find the Differences and Spot It. Spot It is definitely the superior game but What’s Missing is still a decent little time killer. I like its formula of how every card has one difference from the original drawing (not included)so every card has two differences with ever other card. Simple but effective.

Finally, I picked up some games at the auction hall. I do enjoy going to game auctions. There’s always a chance you’ll pick up some treasure for cheap or find something interesting that you never thought of getting. Of course, I have learned to be careful. It’s too easy to get caught up in the bidding and spend too much money. It’s also easy to get lured in to get something no one else wants because it’s cheap and get stuck with some junk.

This time, I felt like I did a decent job. I didn’t get anything truly rare and amazing but I don’t think I got any junk either and I kept under my budget.

I collect 3M games, particularly the bookshelf ones. I got a copy of Ploy, which I have been wanting for a while, and Win, Place, & Show. I’m not actually sure when or even if they’ll get played but I am glad to have them.

I also got an Avalon Hill edition of Venture so that my 3M edition can stay in the collection and this one can go out and get beat up. It’s a great game so I’m glad to have no excuse to not carry it around anymore.

Finally, I won a copy of Canal Mania, a game that has long been kind of, sort of on my radar. It might actually be the heaviest game I picked up at the auction but it looks like it will suit my Euro-loving tastes quite nicely.

Looking over what I’ve picked up, I note that it’s definitely on the lighter end of the spectrum. However, they are also mostly games that will hit the table and see play. I’ve already gotten four of them on the table already. So, on a whole, a good haul.
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