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STATE OF THE BACK ROOM - The Oregon Cup, Thrifting Nirvana, and TtR: Northern Egypt results!

-matt s.
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Gosh, it's been a couple of weeks since I last wrote a blog post. I guess I've been busy with 2 different trips, one to Washington last weekend for a wedding and family reunion and one the week before to Ashland, OR, and The 1st Annual Oregon Cup my friend Chris's house. Plus, we had an auction leading up to The Cup and had to work in some time to package and ship games.

Also, for The Oregon Cup, I was requested to do the geeklist writeup - which you can find here: The 1st Annual OREGON CUP - 'Down to the Wire'

THAT took me a while to write up and I guess is sort of a very long blogging entry.

To summarize, The Oregon Cup is a sort of Olympic Decathlon of gaming - we play 10 games and get 1000 points for first place and proportional points after that. After 10 games we determine who the winner is! You'll have to read it to find out if I won or not....

So, here's the STATE OF THE BACK ROOM as of last evening:

From gallery of tasajara

As you can see there's been some thrifting going on although Midgard, Merkator, Luna and Unbongo Extreme are all new games - recent purchases or gifts (which I still haven't opened). I seem to be doing a lot of thrifting lately. I think it has cascaded since mid-June and early-July when my wife OFFERED to go into thrift stores to see what they might have! She seems to have become quite the good-luck charm for me in thrifting. Our initial finds included an unpunched Power Barons, a complete copy of Space Dealer in German, Clue Master Detective, Powerpuff Girls: Saving the World Before Bedtime, Scrabble: R.S.V.P, Risk tin edition (has cool plastic boxes for the pieces that I'm using to make Risk Express), and 10 Days in the USA in mint condition.

Since then I've also found 2 more Clue Master Detective games, a Clue: The Great Museum Caper, another Scrabble: R.S.V.P. (which I've been using the dice to make custom Risk Express games with), an unpunched Heroquest: Return of the Witch Lord (got if for $2.99 and sold it for $40 in The Oregon Cup auction), and a complete Water Works. Ahhh, Thrifting Nirvana! But wait, there's more!

So on the table you see 2 Inner Circle games. If you read my profile this was a game I had as a kid and my parents got rid of when I moved out. For some reason something intrigues me about it's maze-like quality and how the number of pawns get whittled down on each passing level - I don't know, it's just a great mechanic. Yes, I know the game is mostly a solvable puzzle with a memory component, but so what? It's fun!

Anyhow, the first one I found in Washington for $0.38. But, it was missing some pawns. Someone on the parts list offered to send me some pawns but the colors don't all match. I accepted, but then yesterday I found ANOTHER copy at our local Goodwill! It had ALL the pawns, but the boards were all warped. I'm thinking I can use the remaining parts for my own game of some sort.....I'm just letting that roll around in the back of my head for now.

Also, while in Washington this past weekend, my wife found Sly which is a collection of 6 games by Sid Sackson which uses the same board and pieces for all 6 games. I'm really interested in trying all those games's a very interesting piece of history.

Speaking of game collections, I also found Stonehenge: An Anthology Board Game for $1.00 which contains 5 board games using the same components and includes games designed by Richard Garfield, Richard Borg, Mike Selinker, James Ernest and Bruno Faidutti. It is missing a couple of discs but I'm certainly interested in trying some of these games as well.

You can also see 2 Jumanji's here that I'm combining into one good game as well. When I got it I probably should have left it as it really doesn't have a lot of value game-wise or money-wise. BUT, it might be a fun game to put into the 'Scout' game box that I've been putting together. I'll have to do another post about that later as that's another story.

Well, let me put some MORE stuff on the table that I found just yesterday along with the Inner Circle:

From gallery of tasajara

I found a Heroscape Marvel: The Conflict Begins which is complete and like new. I found a Heroscape Master Set: Rise of the Valkyrie about 2 months ago but have yet to get it out and play although I WAS thinking about it the other day....hmmm, perhaps I need to think about games I want more often - the same thing happened with Clue: The Great Museum Caper.....weird. (what game should I think about now? ah, I know! Advanced Civilization.....come to me.....!)

Anyhow, I also found not 1 but *2* copies of Bandu - neither were complete, BUT the missing pieces were mutually exclusive so I have a full set now and one that is missing 6 pieces. All of these could be resold for decent amounts of money, but I don't have any intention of selling them - at least not yet. Funny, I just sold a bunch of stuff off and now I'm finding more interesting games...

Oh yeah, one last thing...I found a game called Vector Chess which doesn't appear to be in the BGG database so I'm going write it up to add it:

Board Game: Vector Chess

Board Game: Vector Chess

The instructions are deteriorating so I'm going to have to make an electronic copy of them that I can post those in the game entry.

Well, I finally got around to picking a winner for the Ticket to Ride: Northern Egypt map and cards - and the winner is:

Logan Mann
United States
Spanish Fork
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I'm very happy to see he's a big Ticket to Ride fan and has pretty much all the different versions of TtR.

As an added bonus, I noticed Logan doesn't have an Avatar yet so I'm sending him 30GG as well to help him get one.

Thanks to everyone who has been thumbing my posts. I'm not holding a contest this month...but perhaps next month!

Thanks for stopping by! Good luck if you go thrifting!
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