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Grail Games: Pursuing Princesses and Making Matcha

Phoebe Wild
South Melbourne
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Board Game Publisher: Grail Games
Board Game: Too Many Cinderellas
Australian publisher Grail Games has announced two titles to be released in June and July 2015.

• The first is Too Many Cinderellas, a small card game from Nobutake Dogen and Nao Shimamura originally published in 2014 in Japan by Taikikennai Games. In this upcoming version, Grail Games has redone the art but kept gameplay the same.

In Too Many Cinderellas, the Prince has been charmed by Cinderella at the ball and is searching everywhere for signs of her whereabouts. Befuddled and with a glass slipper as his only clue, the poor Prince is easily influenced by rumors of his love's true identity.

Each player wants to "help" the Prince by persuading him that one of their friends, relatives or servants is in fact the real Cinderella.

Players use cards to spread rumors about Cinderella's appearance, likes and dislikes (and have a chance to veto rumors that might ruin the chances of their own candidates). Maybe Cinderella was a brunette with a fondness for cake, or in fact an old man who enjoys ice cream, or even an unusually blonde cat. The Prince will believe any and all of the rumors, providing no one challenges them!

Players will then present the Prince with a candidate for marriage if they have one who meets all the requirements of the rumors that have been played. The player who presents the highest ranking candidate wins the game and the Prince gets his "happily ever after", oblivious to the potentially false identity of his "Cinderella".

Board Game: Matcha
• The second title is Matcha, a two-player game themed around preparing and completing a traditional Japanese tea ceremony. Matcha is created by David Harding and TJ Lubrano, the (almost) same designer/artist team as the previous Grail Game release Elevenses, and maybe it's just my British half talking, but I'm a huge fan of the ongoing tea theme.

Each player needs to try to present a perfect matcha (tea) by secretly playing cards on the table to collect sets of the required utensils. Cards can be matched by number (1-4) or suit (tea, water, bowl, or scoop), but matching won't always be an advantage. With only 18 cards in the game, a key part of the gameplay is bluffing and out-thinking your opponent to make every card matter.

More specific rules and scoring aren't available yet, but I'll keep an eye out as the release date approaches.

Board Game: Matcha
Board Game: Matcha
Board Game: Matcha
Board Game: Matcha
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