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The Spiel des Jahres and me

P.D. Magnus
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Zombie Planet got copies of Camel Up in time for Tabletop Day, so I bought a copy. I ended up playing four times, both before and after some meatier games. It is wild fun which invites the careful gamer to hilariously overthink their strategy while still giving some reward to that thinking.

I definitely think it deserved the game of the year win over Splendor, which I have always found to be enjoyable but unexceptional.

This got me thinking about the Spiel des Jahres over the long run. I looked them up, checked which I'd played, and tallied the results.

I've played 16 of 36 winners of the main prize. If we add in the Kennerspiel winners and winners of the other relevant special prizes, it goes to 22 out of 45.

thumbsup means I've played it, and X means I haven't. I really should have played Hare & Tortoise. I traded for a copy a while ago but didn't get around to playing it. Now it's packed in a box until we move. I should play it in June, after the move, which will pull me up to just more than half.

thumbsupthumbsup 2014: Camel Up, Istanbul
thumbsupX 2013: Hanabi, Legends of Andor
thumbsupthumbsup 2012: Kingdom Builder, Village
Xthumbsup 2011: Qwirkle, 7 Wonders
thumbsup 2010: Dixit
thumbsupthumbsup 2009: Dominion, Space Alert
Xthumbsup 2008: Keltis, Agricola
thumbsup 2007: Zooloretto
XXX 2006: Thurn and Taxis, Caylus, Shadows Over Camelot
X 2005: Niagara
thumbsup 2004: Ticket to Ride
thumbsup 2003: Alhambra
X 2002: Villa Paletti
thumbsupXthumbsup 2001: Carcassonne, Troia, Lord of the Rings
X 2000: Torres
thumbsup 1999: Tikal
X 1998: Elfenland
X 1997: Mississippi Queen
thumbsup 1996: El Grande
thumbsup 1995: The Settlers of Catan
X 1994: Manhattan
thumbsup 1993: Liar's Dice
X 1992: Um Reifenbreite
X 1991: Drunter und Druber
X 1990: Hoity Toity
X 1989: Cafe International
X 1988: Barbarossa
X 1987: Auf Achse
X 1986: Heimlich & Co.
thumbsup 1985: Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective
X 1984: Railway Rivals
thumbsup 1983: Scotland Yard
X 1982: Enchanted Forest
X 1981: Focus
thumbsup 1980: Rummikub
X 1979: Hare and Tortoise
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