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Revisiting Isotropic: A return visit that proved worth making

Lowell Kempf
United States
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When the isotropic dominion website first appeared, I checked it out. I play board games online and I like Dominion a lot. While I was quite happy playing on BSW, the allure of having access to all the cards was hard to resist.

However, after a couple of attempts to play on the early isotropic, I found it to frustrating and went back to BSW.

Here were some of the problems as I remember them. It has been a while so my memory could be playing tricks on me. I found the interface to be slow and counter-intuitive. If I remember correctly, you had to click to another page to see what the cards did in case you didn’t have them memorized. I found it hard to find pick-up games in the lobby. And, the page frequently froze my computer and even crashed it twice the second time I tried to use isometric.

In short, I found difficult at best and literally impossible at worst. In comparison, I have had few problems with the BSW client program and I find its interface very easy and intuitive to use. Although, for those who don’t find it that way, I should add that I taught myself how to play Dominion on BSW.

However, while I was mulling over playing games online for another blog, I decided to revisit isotropic. Either my memories are playing very false or the powers-that-be have revamped the site very heavily and for the better.

Just walking through the door seemed like a vast improvement. First of all, I could log in via yahoo or google. I don’t remember that but it is a nice bit of security. Second, I had the option of having icons instead of just words, which was also nice. Third, the lobby seemed to be a lot more intuitive and have a feature that had it look for other players under the criteria that I set.

When it came to playing the actual game, it seemed like everything was a whole lot smoother. Pop-up windows reminded me what the cards did. The game seemed to run a lot faster and the interface just seemed a whole lot more intuitive. I didn’t have to randomly button mash to try and do something. I was able to understand what I needed to do at all times.

Most importantly, it didn’t crash my computer!!!

Maybe isotropic was like this before and my computer was having some bad days or I have somehow gained much greater computer skills since I was last there. Or maybe the powers-that-be really did a good job upgrading the site.

I’m not going to be forsaking BSW. It has been my go-to for online gaming for years and I play a lot more than just Dominion on it. However, my revisit to isotropic has impressed me enough to add it to my list of sites I regularly visit. After all, it has all the cards and a new pool of players who are perfectly willing to teach me new lessons through the school of hard knocks.
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