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I have a motto. It goes like this: "you can always do it tomorrow". And that’s why I haven’t blogged in ages. I have always indented to... but the pure laziness has gotten a grip on me. Besides, I feel awkward them I try to force blogging. It just doesn’t happen unless I’m in the mood.

We haven’t gamed much lately, but we have really good reasons. First there was the Assembly weekend. Unless you’re a Finnish nerd, you probably don’t have a clue was Assembly is. It’s a four day computer festival where kids bring their own computers with them and play videogames all day and all night long (though some people do prefer to do something more productive) and don’t mind if the sky falls down. I’m not a big nerd, at least not anymore, and I hardly play videogames, but I still find Assembly uniquely cool and geeky. Plus I get a free ticket every time because my boyfriend is one of the organizers!

Plus there’s always free stuff available. This summer we scored promo dice sets from Microsoft. Any ideas what to do with them? We have three of them.

Then there was the weekend when we visited my parents. My mom is still crazy for Ticket to Ride and we managed to play it three times. I won twice! I think Europe works best with four players. Three is definitely not enough: there’s not enough crowd and it’s too easy to build the routes. Five, on the other hand, is too much. It gets too crowded. But four is just perfect.

And I’m still happy that my mom likes it so much and it’s also fun to play with my parents. My dad always tries to sabotage everyone; He usually builds only one or two routes and then spends the rest of his trains building routes he doesn’t need. It drives my mom crazy because she takes the game very seriously and doesn’t like when he builds her routes just for fun. I’ve been thinking about getting them Alvin & Dexter, but I’m not sure if it’s a good idea considering how much my dad already sabotages everyone...

So there was two weekends when we didn’t play our usual games at our home. But we did have on game night in the middle of the week! My boyfriend invited his friend and his friend’s girlfriend to play games with us. We decided to play Arkham Horror. They had heard of it but not played it, so we thought why not. Arkham Horror is a wonderful game to learn with more experienced gamers. There’s no fear of playing in a wrong way when there’s someone guiding you all the way. And it was a good game... for everyone else except me. I got a boring character with no weapons, no nothing. She even lost her clue token stash early in the game. I think I now on prefer Arkham Horror as a two player game. It just so much more fun to have two different characters (we always play with two characters when we play together), one to go through the gates with clue tokens and elder signs and one to kill all the hideous monsters. Or maybe it’s just me.

And we’ve got new games! Like haven’t we! I got Space Hulk which we’ve played only like two or three times. I just don’t feel like playing short games often and I don’t feel like playing games after work. I like ridiculously long games on weekends, oh yes I do. My boyfriend complains me about this. He’s like "why do we even get these short games if you don’t want to play them?!" Honestly, I don’t know. I think I wish I wanted to play them more often, I just rarely do. It’s not the games, it’s me.

But we’ve got one long game too: Runewars. One fellow geek contacted me after my last blog post and offered to sell it to us. I think it was very kind. And very convenient too! I only had to carry the box like 200 meters because his wife brought it to the mall near us. Which is another funny story because I had actually met his wife before; I just didn’t know it until I saw her. She was a friend of a friend and she had actually visited my home for one time or two. Finland is such as small, small country!

We’ve played Runewars twice now. It was quite different than I expected, though I’m not sure what I exactly expected. Something more complicated, probably. The rules were nice and simple and I understood them right away. This time it was me teaching the game to my boyfriend and not vice versa like usually! I just liked it all, really. Though it might have been a mistake that we started to play our first game at 11pm. We tried to find the estimated play-time from the box and we couldn’t find it and we thought it can’t last more than couple hours anyway. And then we played. And played. And then it was over 4am. We still don’t know what happened. Apparently it was a really good game because we never noticed the time passing. Our next game didn’t last that long, probably because my boyfriend had already found a way to beat me. Hmpphm.

I am definitely looking forward to play this again next weekend. I might even want to play with the human race or with the elves. I just don’t get what I’m supposed to do with the heroes. Though I haven’t even got a chance to do much with them because my boyfriend is obsessed with dueling them. Anyway. I think I’m still pretty confused by the game. I feel that I want to play it couple times more and then maybe write a review of it. I definitely feel like reviewing it. Says the girl who wasn’t supposed to review anything. Hmphm.

By the way, I’m still on Google+. They tried really hard to get rid of me: I got suspended three times. Not for using fake name but according to them I was a business even though there was nothing business-y in my profile. And to be clear, I don’t have a business, I have never had a business and I don’t intend to have one any time soon. Eventually they advised me to get rid of my last name (which is weird because they insist people to use their "real" names) and now I have not been suspended for two weeks. I post quite much about board games there, so if you want to be added to my board gamer circle, drop me a comment. I’m Amoena O there.
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