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In this blog I'll talk about various miniature games. Custom miniatures and minor conversions are my favorite pastime. I'll cover scenery making and painting too. The WIP you'll see here is all about Necromunda, Epic 40,000, Warhammer Fantasy 5th Edition, Warmaster and Warhammer 40K 3rd Edition.
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The Other Dwarfs - Hashut's Dawi Zharr

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A little help from to introduce this lesser known Warhammer race:

During the time of the northward Dwarf migration along the Worlds Edge Mountains many thousands of years ago, some Dwarfs strayed too far in their quest for precious ores and gems, reaching the dismal Mountains of Mourn. When the Time of Chaos came, these Dwarfs were cut off from the rest of Dwarf civilisation. The rest of the Dwarfs assumed they had perished in the deluge of Chaos. The hardy Dwarfs were not killed but neither had they remained unchanged by Chaos. Eventually even these stubborn Dwarfs succumbed to the warping effects of the Chaos energies, gradually becoming the perverted and cynical mockery of traditional Dwarfs now known as Chaos Dwarfs. In many ways they are the antithesis of the Dwarfs that remained. Where Dwarfs shun most magic except for their Runic magic, Chaos Dwarfs have embraced it; where Dwarfs worship their Ancestor Gods and despise Chaos, Chaos Dwarfs have abandoned the Ancestor Gods and submitted to the Father of Darkness. To Dwarfs, the greenskins (Goblins, Orcs and the like) are implacable enemies, while in the Chaos Dwarf empire they are slaves outnumbering the Chaos Dwarfs themselves many times over. In other ways the good values of the Dwarfs were perverted into evil ones, the Dwarfs' traditional love of craft and industry becoming mere, base rapacity.

I always loathed those "high hat" Dwarfs. Back in the days of 4th edition, they seemed stupid. Now, they still seem stupid. But they aren't. There's a nostalgia factor in play now. And since I'm building all 5th edition Setting: Warhammer Fantasy Wargames armies, I'll need to have the followers of Hashut too.
That's why I'll post these piles of miniatures, like I always do at the start of a new army for me.

The Chaos Dwarfs have many slaves. And Games-Workshop veterans have many sets of HeroQuest. So these guys from my bits box come in very handy. They'll up the numbers of my new Chaos legion.
From gallery of tocoking

And then the Chaos Dwarfs themselves. Expensive little fellows they are! Second hand prices are high. Alternative miniatures are not the same. I like the Assyrian-Babylonian inspired bearded dwarves. To dampen the high cost in Euro's, I'll ad some regiment fillers with the same settng and theme: FIRE from the FORGES! (Notice the resin cannon in the background, it will become my Earthshaker Hellcannon. It costed me only 5,- Euro's!)
From gallery of tocoking

Another expensive core regiment in the Chaos Dwarf army: Black Orcs. The vintage plastic Black Orcs are not pretty enough, the latest edition Black Orcs are too expensive. So I'll mix and match them with miniatures from the same size with menacing expressions.
From gallery of tocoking

All very exiting! Nothing I like more than cutting plastics and glueing them. Creating minor conversions in order to receive new battle-ready fighters with as much variety in poses as possible. I allready finished the Black Orcs. Take a detailled look at the subtle changes to weapons and items.
To be continued for sure!
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