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Gaming with Shane and Erin 02/12/2011 and collecting Acquire

Mike Amos
United States
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Today started off fantastic (I'm not about to complain about how it went downhill either). I went over to St. Paul with Laura and had breakfast at the Highland Grille. Awesome. Then Laura and I cruised around Barnes & Noble waiting for the appointed hour of 10am when I would call Dave, the BGG user who I was to get Acquire from, the original version. At 10ish I called, Dave swung by and dropped off and on my Merry Way I went.

The middle portion of my day remained awesome but wasn't about games so I'll skip ahead.

6PM we arrive at Shane and Erin's apartment for dinner. It's the usual chit chat, some overcooked food and then games. Shane's not really into games, he was in my D&D group so he ended up playing a couple fillers by default but not really into games. So, Shane has asked me to "bring some really cool games", a decision I agonized over. I settled on Bananagrams, Aquarius, Zombie Dice, Stone Age and Pandemic. Laura and Erin disappear to pick a game and come back with Loaded Questions. I know this is something Erin pulled out of the closet. I've never seen this game bu I'm told it will help us get to know each other better (they've been to our house once but this is only the second time I've ever met Erin).

We start to take it out of the box and there is surprise all around that there is a board involved, no one knew there was a board. Strike one and I didn't even see it go by. As I'm pulling things out and reading the rules I realize this is a roll and move where whatever space you land on determines the nature of your question, strike two. We start playing and I realize these questions were almost certainly play tested as some of them I have trouble answering for myself, not because they're difficult but nebulous or things that are prone to change, strike three. I tried to make it as social as I could and ignore the bad game aspects and we played through but it was fairly obvious that no one wanted to play again.

Next we got out Bananagrams. I confess, I know if this went in the bag to go over, it would get played and I don't like the game. Everyone else seems to so I take it as the price of getting people to play real games. The first game I smoke everyone. The second game I goof around in between tiles. The third game I just start watching other people play. Finally the forth game I can't figure out how to use some weird combos I have. Finally, someone other than me wins the fourth game. I'm not great at the game by any stretch, I've just played it enough that playing new people is largely uninteresting and I'll win about 75% of the time against newbies. That said, I'm sure if they played more I'd get smoked.

Finally, out come Zombie Dice. I like Zombie Dice, I don't love it but it beats Bananagrams. The funny thing with Zombie Dice is that whenever I explain it people either get really excited about the zombie theme or wrinkle their nose at the simplicity of it. I got the nose wrinkle. The gameplay, however, seems to be a great leveler. I've not played it with anyone who didn't get into the press-your-luck aspect of the game. The game is light, fun and a great intro. We got in two games, the first I had crazy luck and won in four rounds, the second went to Shane.

All in all a fun evening and I'm glad I did it. I look forward to playing with them more and I think Erin might start coming to games nights with Shane.
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