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Hymn From A Village

Stuart Burnham
United Kingdom
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Monday evening Karen suggested that we sit down and play one of her favourite games, Village (she's a star isn't she?) - I was only too happy to oblige.

We always tend to play with the Village: Inn expansion and I added the "life goals" cards from the Village: Port expansion also.
I do think that the Inn is pretty much mandatory for a good game, Port I can take or leave, but the life goals are fun.
Life goals come in two levels, silver (worth 5 points) and gold (worth 8 points) - you get one of each and as soon as you meet the requirements you flip the card and score the points.
That many points is significant in this game and can guide the play.

I've heard criticism of this module in that it is too random - God only knows you could get great synergy between the two and be laughing or you could have difficult to mesh objectives - I disagree; I think it makes players play differently to the way that they might want - as in a standard "get craftsmen in and build up the wagons to travel and the goods to hit the market" (as these are the two biggest point scoring areas, as well as dead bodies in the chronicle) - and that is a good thing in my opinion.

So, guided by the cards to some degree, our destiny calling, we set off with the game: I was hopeful of getting my gold bonus by making 6 market sales but I kind of messed up by being unfocused (and Karen loves to sell on market day, and always has a stash of goods ready to flog). I had one family in the council , two in the church, one craftsman making wagons, someone brewing beer like mad, and yet another reading to travel to distant lands...
Really I was just waltzing along aimlessly....

After a pleasant 90 minutes or so it was time to ring the bells for the final mass of the game. Somehow the final result of the game was an 11 point win for me, having been bolstered by my travelling family member and the barfly dodgy uncle in the pub (winning me the guild master who got me 6 points and 7 points more from other characters).I eventually got him to come home and die at the farm to fill a vital space in the village chronicle.

Interestingly neither of us ended up sending family members to unmarked graves, we were both focused on helping family members to efficiently pass away and fill vacant spots in the chronicle.

At the end of the game Karen asked "how was it for you" as I've been reluctant to play the game for a while, preferring the new hotness (or new to me at least) and she was worried that we'd not play her favourite euro again (if that's what it is - it's got cubes so it must be, right?) but I'm really pleased to have played it again. Instead of it just being laid gathering dust on the shelf it will hit the table more often, I'm sure.

Sometimes, it's good to reconnect with a favourite that doesn't get played as much.

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