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Kickstarter Weekly Summary - Sunday 26th July, 2015

Mike Minutillo
Western Australia
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Keeping you up to date with Kickstarter Campaigns in the Tabletop Games category
Keeping you up to date with Kickstarter Campaigns in the Tabletop Games category
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Edit: Fixed Stormweavers link.

Hey there Kickers, and welcome to the final Kick the Table for July. For those of you keeping track I did end up grabbing ShadowRift at the last moment (I actually awakened at 2am serendipitously and pledged) although I did not spring for Archfiends. I also participated in a Nuclear War tournament yesterday (which I totally won!) and they have a Kickstarter campaign on the go now as well. Speaking of...

Right now there's 177 live Kickstarter Campaigns in the Tabletop Games category (down 2 on last week). Of these, only 64 (~36%) have already funded and just 55 have related BGG pages (that I can find anyway). Let's take a look.

To start with, we'll steal in and sneak a look at some campaigns that are ending within the next week:
Paradox - is a beautiful puzzle game which sees the players trying to save the past, present and future of different worlds from an anomaly known as The Quake. In order to do so, each player has their own "matrix" of energy discs which they must manipulate. I've been sorely tempted by this one. It looks cool and unique both mechanically and graphically, and it covers multiverses and timelines (two themes that are really up my alley). I'll be watching for a general release of this one.
Quest: Awakening of Melior - is a solo adventure game consisting of card-based encounters which you must face using D6 dice. The game comes with 4 playable characters and 3 different adventures (Quests?) for you to explore.
14 Days - is a card-based storytelling style game that explores the challenges of living with chronic pain. At the start of the game, 2 players will each select a character who has a number of responsibilities and will live out each of the 14 days one at a time. At the start of a day you will plan the responsibilities you want to tackle, knowing that there's a chance of a migraine which could prevent you from doing so. Dropping the ball of responsibilities leads to consequences in the game (so called "depletion"). You can take medication to try and prevent the migraines but this is in limited supply. It's a really interesting idea and a theme I've not seen tackled before.
Battle for Sularia - is a sci-fi strategy card game with customizable elements in a single box. The game features two preconstructed decks (one for each faction) and enough cards to allow both players to customize their decks to their own personal play style. Another highlight is the round-based combat which means both players will get to resolve attacks before the dust settles. A savvy Battle Commander can still defeat an enemy even when they themselves are taken down.
Foragers - is a pick-up-and-deliver game about ancient foragers looking for the best spoils to share at the fire. As players pick clean the local landscape they will have to explore further out to find better fare. Players start the game with 10 cards, each of which 5 different actions on them. At the start of each round you will secretly select one of your cards to use and then take it turns taking one of the actions on your card until you have taken 4 of the 5 at which point the round ends. As the rounds go by any food you've collected will start to spoil so make sure you get it back to the fire to get your prestige. No-one likes that one forager that shows up late with the rancid berries. Don't be THAT ONE. It sounds like an interesting puzzle and it needs a shove to get it over the line. Check it out.
Rivals: Masters of the Deep - what if there was a mysterious landscape at the bottom of the sea that housed a rare mineral that was important for your society? You'd go down there and mine it right? You'd don your cute little steam-punkish (is there such a thing as clockwork-punk that has nothing to do with steam?) divers suit and dig that rock up. Now what if you lived down there and a dirty great mob of scary suit-wearing "landies" rocked up and started tearing up the place? You'd smack 'em upside the head and send them packing, that's what. Who cares if you looked like a chibi-Zoidberg? Ahem... this is a tactical miniatures game played on a hex-grid on the ocean floor. It contains Shark minis. If that doesn't get you to go check it out I really don't have much hope for you.
Marrying Mr. Darcy: the Emma Expansion - In the original Marrying Mr. Darcy, the players are each a female character in a Jane Austen novel working to attract the best possible suitors. The Emma expansions adds 78 new cards including 6 new heroines and 5 new suitors, all based on the novel Emma. Although the game is designed for you to play just one of the novels at a time the campaign has unlocked special mashup rules which will allow you to create different combinations of characters. Finally you can discover whether Jane Fairfax can attract the attention of Col. Fitzwilliam.
Dale of Merchants - is a deckbuilding game where traders (each a different animal) competes for entrance into the Guild of Extraordinary Traders. At the start of the game you will select 3 animals (of six) to play with, give each player a starting card from each and then fill your starting hand with (useful) junk. The rest of the animal cards get shuffled together and form a central deck and buy row (a la Ascension). You will use the cards in your hand to purchase cards from the central row, activate cards for various effects and eventually add cards to your stall. Your stall is made up of stacks of cards where each stack must add up to 1 through 8 progressively. This means you may need to get rid of that terribly useful card in order to progress towards the goal. The game looks gorgeous and I'm a sucker for deckbuilders (and games that have Racoons in them). I'm eyeballing this one heavily.
Police Precinct: UPLIFT - The original Police Precinct funded back in 2012. It's a co-operative game where the players are police officers attempting to keep the lid on a city boiling over with crime while also capturing a murderer who's trying to get out of dodge. This campaign is offering a second edition of the game with upgraded components. If you already own the first edition, you can grab an upgrade pack as a part of this campaign to bling out your copy (which is really nice because the original only had like 200 backers!).
Foodfighters - it's meat vs. veg in the ultimate 2-player card and dice based kitchen brawl. Each player controls a faction made up of three each of three different foods (all with adorable expressions). Each delicious little warrior is thinking of one of the food types your opponent is fielding and will try and hit them if they come close enough. The game also comes with adorable wooden components (spoons, pans, crackers and beans) which are used in different ways to beef up (giggle) your warriors. There's a S'Mores faction waiting to be unlocked people. Check this one out.
Spell Saga - is a solo card-based game that previously funded on Kickstarter and has been successful as a print'n'play game for a while. This campaign is a last-chance opportunity for those that missed it the first time around as the first print run is due to be delivered "soon".
High Frontier - is designed to be "the most realistic simulation of rocket travel ever". In the future, we've discovered "important space resource". Players will bid for technology cards and boost them into Low Earth Orbit, assemble them into rockets (and cargoes) and fly them to promising locations (planets and asteroids). Once there you can stake a claim, upgrade it to a factory, produce new tech and repeat. The map in this game deserves to be hung on someone's wall. The game was first developed in 1999 and this is the 3rd edition. The video contains the line "Players combine science with rules" which makes me giggle just a little bit.

And now we'll shrink down to insect size and examine the campaigns which launched in the last week:
Shadowfist: Year of the Goat - The original Shadowfist was a collectible card game of multi-player kung-fu and sci-fi combat. Imagine if all of your favorite action films from the 80s were in a single card game and you get the idea. A few years ago a new set of Shadowfist was released on Kickstarter (Combat in Kowloon) with new preconstructed decks and since then there's been 2 additional campaigns (Revelataions and Reiforcements & The Coming Darkness) which each have added more content. This is the latest installment which is another entry level box containing six new preconstructed decks. You can also grab the bits from the prior campaigns if you're into it.
Roadkill Rivals - Weird themes will get me every time. Be the best driver on the freeway by running over the most animals whilst sabotaging your opponents efforts in this quick card game for 2-6 players. Gross or tongue-in-cheek hilarious? That's up to you.
Random Encounters - is a co-operative card-based dungeon crawl. Each player takes a character card and some basic loot and then the party goes on a series of encounters that must be defeated. Each encounter one of the party members will be the Leader, who can then bring to bear their special Party Leader ability. Once each player has been the Leader during two successful encounters the party must defeat a Boss, then they level up and go the next level. Defeat 3 levels and you win!
Ninja Camp - You know what's better than ninjas? Animal Ninjas. In this game each player starts with two cards (representing a ninja-move) with the rest of the cards becoming becoming a face-up grid forming the board. On you turn, you will play a card from your hand and peform the listed move, picking up the card you moved from and adding it to your hand. It sounds a bit like Hey, That's My Fish! with a hand-management spin. Very interesting. Also, ninjeeples *smokebomb*
Fleet Wharfside - In Fleet, players would acquire fishing licenses, purchase boats, and make all the Victory Points. Wharfside is not an expansion to Fleet, but rather a thematic sequel. Instead of going out fishing, this time you'll stay on the docks and collect fish as the ships come in. Each turn you can purchase a contract or collect fish from one of the two docks. Each contract will provide a bonus while it's in play but aren't worth any points until you complete them. I've got to say, this game seems like great value for money (and it ships cheap to Aussies) and the designers have a good track record. I'll be putting this on the maybe list. Wharfside is game number 8 in Series: The E•G•G.
Cabaret - is a trick-taking game where players are contributing to a Cabaret show with their cards. Unlike most trick-tacking games, you cannot follow suit (of which there appears to be 7). Each player starts with a hand of cards and a goal suit (that they want to collect). Each round is started by a player playing a card from their hand. Other players must add a card to the show which does not match the suit of any previously played card. Once everyone has contributed an act the highest valued act will win the trick and the player that played it will take all of the cards played. If two players played the same valued card then they cancel out and the next highest valued card wins the trick! It sounds interesting and looks neat. Check it out.
Goblinade - What do young enterprising goblins do on a hot summer day? Why open a drink stand of course. This is a ight take-that style card game which has you collecting ingredients and using them to purchase customers all while messing with your opponents.
New Bedford - is a historic board game about the town of New Bedford in the era of Moby Dick. The game is a worker placement which starts with a very basic town that the players can expand over time. The town of New Bedford was well known for it's whale oil industry and in addition to building up the town you can also send out whaling boats. The further out you send boats the greater the opportunity for a good catch but you must pay a lading fee for each whale returned (failure to do so results in an auction among the other players for the valuable oil). This is the second go around for this one and I'm gratified to see that it has funded this time (and quite quickly too). I'm considering joining a local group pledge for it.
Wombat Combat - is a card game about ... Wombats engaged in Combat. Each player starts with a Wombatant (haha) and a Wombat Stone and a hand of 5 combat cards. On your turn you can play a combat card in front of an opponent or use one to block and incoming combat attack. Then you lose HP for unblocked attacks and if you're eliminated your opponent wins the stones that Wombatant was carrying. Anybody that doubts the combat prowess of a wombat should read this treatise on the subject by Douglas Adams, which is hilarious and also pretty much true.
Sky Relics: Battle of Iron Ring Skies - Sky Relics is a miniatures combat game where various factions have figured out how to awaken mysterious SkyShips. The game features some beautiful skyship miniatures (and the terrain is great too), a hex map, an adventure mode (where each player is a captain and plays out several linked scenarios), or a straight up skirmish. If I had this I'd want a den where I could leave it set up all the time.
The Assembly - Competing teams of unique superheroes will each race to complete objectives and win the hearts and minds of the public. Each character (which can be played for either team) has a set of unique abilities and stats and the city is made up of tiles that can be reconfigured for each game.
NecroVirus - BOARDCRAFT! Got your attention after you skimmed over a zombie theme? Good. So the idea here is a system/standard for making board games with a 3d printer. The team behind this campaign have developed such a system (called BoardCraft) and NecroVirus is their flagship game. But this isn't just a system that they will keep to themselves. They're aiming to create a portal upon which everyone can create games for BoardCraft and publish them. Interesting indeed.
The Station - describes itself as "psychological strategic chaos" so they started out pushing my buttons. Each player is a nation and they must work together to achieve a common goal of building a space station together while also trying to fulfill a secret mission at the start of the game. As you build up the space station it can suffer damage (and even lose modules).
[redacted]: Garden Party - [redacted] funded back in August last year and is a hidden partnership game of spycraft where you need to figure out who you can trust and then work together to recover files and get away. Garden Party adds a forth board with more rooms and a second exit, components for a 7th player, new scenarios, and rules for 2v2v2 games. You can even grab the base game (and the Mercenaries expansion) as a part of this campaign as well.
Stormweavers - A massive storm has come to the harsh world of Joro and 5 spell-wielders have come to try and contain it. But there can only be one Lord of the Storm. Each player will pick a character and draw a hand of spell cards. On your turn you will flip over a number of Event cards (depending on how fierce the storm rages) and must deal with them by playing spells. Defensive spells will merely protect you while offensive spells will send the storm raging after the other players (who must defend with defensive spells). Fail to deal with an event and it will hit you dealing damage. During the game you can also craft items and use special cards and character abilities. Be the last character standing to win.
Five (5) Minute Delivery Game - Goblin Couriers in a real-time game pick up and deliver game. There's a randomized board laid out with roads and locations on it. You'll also get a bunch of delivery cards that indicate what needs to be dropped off. Then you'll start a soundtrack where Nigel the Narrator will call out different speeds (i.e. he'll say "Go four. Watch out for the Geese crossing the road, "Go two"). When Nigel calls a speed you may move that many spaces. If you get somewhere where you can drop off a bundle do so and end your movement, claim the delivery and move on to the next one. Once the day (soundtrack) has ended, whoever has delivered the most goods wins. It looks kinda fun and great for giving those planning skills a workout.
Biergarten - is a tile placement game where the players are restaurant owners expanding their outdoor areas (or biergartens). Each tile has one or two colors and up to 3 walls. When laid you'll get points for each color match with adjacent tiles and if you manage to completely enclose your biergarten in a wall you'll get extra points.

And that's all I have for you this week. By the time next week's update rolls around GenCon 2015 will have been in full swing and it will be interesting to see if that brings with it a tide of new campaigns. I am unable to attend (being geographically challenged) but I will be participating in GenCant (more specifically I'm planning a Rise of the Runelords run during #GenCantSoloCon 2015. Which character(s) should I play?). Until then, be sure to check out for your daily dose of Kickstarter Campaigns in the Tabletop Games category and be back here next week for another exciting installment of Kick the Table.

Your kickstarter weekly summary for Sunday Jul 26 2015
8 projects ending in the next 3 days
External image

151.38 % ENDING
Paradox: A Sci-Fi Puzzle Boardgame
Paradox is equal parts space-time rescue mission and puzzle game, with fantastic new art from 15 comic artists. (KS link)
External image

122.06 % ENDING
Dark Legacy: The Dragon Epoch
The Dragon Epoch is the more engaging and addictive second full installment of the Role Playing Card Game Dark Legacy, (KS link)
External image

117.39 % ENDING
JurassAttack! from Ryan Cowler and Green Couch Games!
An epic dinosaur fighting card game for 2 players! (KS link)
External image

109.35 % ENDING
Quest: Awakening of Melior
A single-player expandable game of cards, dice, and adventure (KS link)
External image

107.61 % ENDING
Battle for Sularia: The Battle Begins™
Battle for Sularia® is a science-fiction themed strategic card game. Unique deck construction and two resource system! For 2+ players. (KS link)
External image

75.31 % ENDING
Molecular - The Strategic Chemistry Tile Game
Will you hijack your rivals' research or carefully construct your way to Chemical success in the volatile lab of Molecular? (KS link)
External image

75.21 % ENDING
Take on the role of an ancient forager in this fun strategy game from the designer of Biblios. (KS link)
External image

23.20 % ENDING
CARGO: Dead in the Water
Navigate the high seas, win battles and deliver precious cargo in this fun and easy to learn board game. (KS link)
13 projects ending in the next 10 days
External image

10,248.00 % ENDING
Spell Saga ~ New Language Launch ~
Spell Saga is a story-based game for one player, with a definite ending, & Infinite possibilities. (KS link)
External image

9,140.40 % ENDING
Breakneck Blitz
A game of arena combat, in which players take the role of Blitzers (cybernetically enhanced skaters), in a brutal skate to the death! (KS link)
External image

952.50 % ENDING
High Frontier
Phil Eklund's High Frontier 3rd Edition (KS link)
External image

287.03 % ENDING
Police Precinct: UPLIFT - Upgrade Kits & 2nd Edition too!
Upgrade your 1st Edition copy of the game, or go ALL-IN and get a copy of the new improved 2nd Edition of Police Precinct! (KS link)
External image

258.90 % NEW ENDING
Fleet Wharfside - The exciting new Fleet card game!
What happens when Fleet gets to port? Find out in this stand-alone, follow up to the award-winning games Fleet and Fleet: Arctic Bounty (KS link)
External image

222.07 % ENDING
Nuclear War Card Game 50th Anniversary Edition
It has been 50 years since the popular card game was first published by Doug Malewicki. It's time to celebrate with a new edition. (KS link)
External image

206.02 % ENDING
Marrying Mr. Darcy: the Emma Expansion
The Emma Expansion for Marrying Mr. Darcy - the Pride and Prejudice Card Game has new characters, new events, and a lot more meddling! (KS link)
External image

131.51 % ENDING
Rivals: Masters of the Deep
An Underwater Steampunk Battle set in the World of Rivals. Rivals: Masters of the Deep is a fun, tactical, Miniatures Boardgame. (KS link)
External image

89.63 % ENDING
Dale of Merchants: The Guild of Extraordinary Traders
A highly adaptive, competitive card game for 2–4 players. Only the smartest and most cunning merchant can join the respectable Guild. (KS link)
External image

82.43 % ENDING
Foodfighters — a battle game with all the right ingredients.
Foodfighters is a light 2-player family-style battle game for kids and adults. Command your team of Food Fighters to rule the tabletop! (KS link)
External image

66.92 % ENDING
Ember: Shroud of the Shadow Demon
Heroes clash and strategies crumble as players scramble to collect the ember stones. Only the devious and cunning will revel in victory (KS link)
External image

13.92 % NEW ENDING
Dungeon Crawler ECG Expansion: The Thorn
This is an expansion pack for our Expandable Card Game. Play Solo, or expand to Co-op, Competitive or Multi-player. (KS link)
External image

2.32 % ENDING
Third Age: Eternal
Take arms with sentient beasts, known as the Awakened, in the world of THIRD AGE: ETERNAL, an exciting, competitive strategy card game! (KS link)
20 projects launched within the last 7 days
External image

285.88 % NEW
[redacted]: Garden Party
All the paranoid 60s spy fun of [redacted], now in the open air, and for up to 7 players! (KS link)
External image

262.20 % NEW
The Red Dragon's Lair 7 Player & Solo Adventure Card Game
Limited 200 Copies! Now you can help us get the art we need for new games and to expand the world of The Red Dragon's Lair! (KS link)
External image

258.90 % NEW ENDING
Fleet Wharfside - The exciting new Fleet card game!
What happens when Fleet gets to port? Find out in this stand-alone, follow up to the award-winning games Fleet and Fleet: Arctic Bounty (KS link)
External image

221.88 % NEW
Payoff Pitch Baseball 1940 Baseball Season
1940 Season set for use with Payoff Pitch Baseball. Bring real life baseball action to your tabletop. (KS link)
External image

165.95 % NEW
New Bedford: The Game of Historic Whaling & Town Building
Manage fleet and town in this Euro-style board game for 2-4 players in the era of Moby Dick and historic New Bedford, Massachusetts. (KS link)
External image

125.03 % NEW
The Cards of Cthulhu - Beyond the Veil Expansion
An epic expansion to our Cards of Cthulhu card game! Featuring a new Cult Board! New Investigators! New Cards! (KS link)
External image

91.74 % NEW
Ninja Camp
A fast-paced, family-friendly tactical card game for 2-4 ninja campers that plays in 30 mins or less. (KS link)
External image

66.13 % NEW
Crime Lords of Knight City
A crime-fighting, case-solving cooperative card game. (KS link)
External image

37.52 % NEW
ROADKILL RIVALS: An Animal vs Vehicle Multiplayer Card Game
A fast-paced, multiplayer card game set in the US Southwest. Players collect cards, sabotage opponents, & compete to create road kill. (KS link)
External image

34.58 % NEW
Cabaret the card game
If you like Spades, Hearts, Tichu, and other trick taking games, you are going to LOVE Cabaret!
You are going to LOSE YOUR MIME! (KS link)
External image

33.85 % NEW
Fire Ants! The Family Fun Firefighting Card Game!
Collect resources, put out fires, and become the best firefighting ant your colony has ever seen! (KS link)
External image

32.92 % NEW
Random Encounters - The RPG Card Game!
"It's like playing an old Super Nintendo game or NES game."
~Edo's Game Previews (KS link)
External image

31.78 % NEW
Shadowfist: Year of the Goat
Inner Kingdom Games is proud to celebrate with you the 20th Anniversary of Shadowfist, the Dynamic Card Game of Hong Kong movie action! (KS link)
External image

24.22 % NEW
Goblinade: The Card Game
A take-that style card game for ages 9+ where players collect ingredients to attract customers and earn points to win. (KS link)
External image

21.06 % NEW
Furball Rampage
This card game will change the way you look at tabletop games. It's interactive, unique, and loads of fun for up to six players. (KS link)
External image

16.69 % NEW
Sky Relics: Battle of Iron Ring Skies
Build your fleet and rise up to defeat your enemies in this 2-5 player miniature board game based in the world of Targus. (KS link)
External image

13.92 % NEW ENDING
Dungeon Crawler ECG Expansion: The Thorn
This is an expansion pack for our Expandable Card Game. Play Solo, or expand to Co-op, Competitive or Multi-player. (KS link)
External image

11.50 % NEW
NecroVirus Customizable Zombie Game with BoardCraft® Portal
NecroVirus is a competitive board game built on the BoardCraft® portal that lets you Build, Print and Play your own 2D or 3D games! (KS link)
External image

9.51 % NEW
Biergarten - The Tile-Placement-Game of Alpine Traditions
Biergarten is a game of comfortable atmospheres, Alpine heritage, and cold bier. It's designed as a quick game for a relaxing afternoon (KS link)
External image

2.27 % NEW
Wombat Combat: Tabletop Game
Challenge your friends in battle! Featuring wombats, kangaroos, bears, crocodilles, koalas, and many more! (KS link)

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