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When my current group started playing Star Fleet Battles, the idea I came up with was to pick an early date, and then slowly play our way through the timeline to get a solid sense of how the ships changed over time.

The original date of Y135 (the Hydran Reconquest) was probably a bit too early. There's not a lot of interest that far back. (Scenarios are also somewhat rare, and we tend to prefer them to points battles, even if they are often not that well thought out.) Annoyingly, the dynamics of the group changed, cutting down on the amount of SFB we were playing, just as we were hitting some more interesting parts of the timeline. We've been 'stuck' in Y157 for some time now.

Anyway, "The Sally" was the last scenario I wanted to see from Y157, and our group is now 'officially' playing in Y158. Here's my summary of the year:

The Original Series: The 5-year mission of the original Star Trek series is considered to be Y155-Y160.

The Four Powers War: The Hydrans attacked the Lyran Empire late in the previous year, and early in this one the Klingons attack the Kzinti in the "Fourth Klingo-Kzinti War". The Hydrans have a treaty with the Kzinti, and attack the Klingon Empire in support of the Kzinti. The Lyrans (never needing an excuse to fight the Kzinti) attack the Kzinti Hegemony, citing their treaty with the Klingons.

Treaty of Smarba: The Treaty of Smarba is signed in this year, where the Klingon Empire provides technical assistance (and ships) to the Romulan Empire as a way of giving the Federation other worries.

Scenarios: I know of three scenarios set in this year:

SH4 (BS) Cruise Drones Klingon
SL254 (CL34) Catching Hell Hydran Klingon
SL294 (CL42) Operation Stabilize Lyran Hydran

SH4 Cruise Drones: This is a solo training scenario in Basic Set. ...I'm not going to bother with this one.

SL254 Catching Hell: This is an interesting looking Hydran vs Klingon scenario from Captain's Log #34; it's kind of a sequel to "Where Wisdom Fails".

SL294 Operation Stabilize: I didn't get the Captain's Log for this until after we'd 'moved on', but it looks interesting.

Naval developments:

Federation MS
Romulan SNS+ HK+ WB+
Tholians PDD+

Minesweeping: The use of mines/trasporter bombs seems to be getting slowly more common, with the Kzinti fielding the first dedicated minesweeper variant in Y152. Responding to a growing number of minefields along the Klingon and Romulan borders, the Federation starts converting CLs into MS this year.

Romulans: The Romulans use Klingon technology to start immediately refitting their main ship classes with phaser-1s in place of the short-range lasers, upgraded tractor beams, and transporters.

Tholians: The PDD was originally just a test of the concept of welding two small ships together to produce a larger one, but has now entered more general service. This year, improvements in welding techniques have allowed the Tholians to remove the shock penalties from the class (the 'shock refit' has no official designator; I'm calling it the PDD+), and start construction of CAs.

Hydrans: The new Hellbore Torpedo sees widespread deployment in the Cuirassier frigate, Knight destroyer, and Dragoon heavy cruiser. Also, the Crusader mixed-weapon frigate leader is deployed, which will eventually replace the older Saracen class. Finally, some of the Hydran Outrider survey ships are outfitted for combat by carrying extra fighters, or extra boarding parties and ground attack shuttles.

The current plan is to play "Catching Hell" at some point (probably me and Patch reprising our usual Hydran and Klingon roles) and then advance the clock to Y159.

In the meantime, if you're playing an SFB scenario that does not require later ships, consider explicitly setting it in Y158, and reporting what happened here!

Edit: Just discovered a new Tholian ship in CL40, and added a new scenario from CL42.
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