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Kickstarter Weekly Summary - Sunday 2nd August, 2015

Mike Minutillo
Western Australia
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Keeping you up to date with Kickstarter Campaigns in the Tabletop Games category
Keeping you up to date with Kickstarter Campaigns in the Tabletop Games category
Hey there Kickers, and welcome to this weeks edition of Kick the Table. I've got to tell yu, I am exhausted from attending GenCant. I got some solo plays of Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Rise of the Runelords – Base Set, Tiny Epic Defenders, Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game and even Win, Lose, or Banana in. I even started to prepare for an Star Wars: Imperial Assault campaign which I'm going to run. But enough of my exploits, that isn't why you're here.

Right now there are 178 live Kickstarter Campaigns in the Tabletop Games category (up 1 from last week), of which 55 (~31%) have already funded and 55 (not necessarily the same 31%) have a related BGG page.

Here are some of the campaigns which are ending in the next week:
Nuclear War - is a card game that is celebrating it's 50th anniversary. Each player represents a nation engaged in a time of uneasy peace. You start with a randomized number of population (known only to you) and a hand of cards, two of which you'll place face down in front of you. On your turn you will play a 3rd card face down and then reveal one of the face down cards and take it's action. Actions include using Propaganda to steal population from each other, and launching Nuclear Missiles which will (probably) wipe out some of your opponents population. When you're eliminated you get to fire your entire stockpile which can cause chain reactions around the board. Last weekend I had a chance to participate in the first Australian tournament for the game and it was a ton of fun (it helps that I won ). This is one of the few games in which a spinner is completely awesome.
Fleet Wharfside - is a strategic card game in the same universe as Fleet (and from the same designers as well). The game is split into a market and two docks and each turn you can visit one of these. Visiting the docks allows you take two cards from the 3 on display each of which shows a different kind of fish. You can also contribute fish towards contracts which are worth points at the end of the game. To get contracts you head to the market instead where you'll trade in cards to purchase them at an ever shifting rate. Each contract grants you a special ability while you are fulfilling it that goes away once you finish it. It sounds cool and I'm considering throwing a last minute pledge in, especially as I'll be able to pick up Fleet as an add-on.
CodeBots - is one of those games designed to teach kids programming. On your turn you roll a die and then play a card following it's instructions (which are in a code like language). The card will tell you place a token of your color on a certain type of space on the board and you need to get 5 tokens in a row to win. I like the way this one works because it requires the kids to run a little program in their head for each card in their hand. I'm not certain how much variety you'll get in the programming concepts (if-else if the only sample card presented on the page) but it's still cool.
Mow Money - is a card game about running a lawn mowing business. You start with a mower and a dream and must then bid for various mowing contracts around the neighborhood. The trick here is that you're trying to bid the lowest amount in order to win the contract and earn the most reputation points. Neat.
100 Swords - is a 2-player dungeon delving micro-deckbuilder. Each player starts with a basic set of items and the rest of the cards are shuffled together to form a dungeon made up of 5 facedown cards (and a draw deck). Players will take turns walking into the front of the dungeon and trying to defeat obstacles and acquire loot. The cards in your deck can be used for movement (going deeper into the dungeon), damage (to defeat monsters), and energy. It's pretty different for a deckbuilder (and I am a sucker for those), especially those which can be solo-played.
coding Farmers - another game to teach kids coding (I love this trend). This one has English cards (which describe an action) and Java cards (which also describe the action but in the Java language). At the beginner level, players use cards that both English and Java on them. The Intermediate game allows you to play an English card OR two Java cards (meaning that learning the Java code is the most efficient way to win). The Advanced game only has the Java cards. That is such a brilliant idea. This campaign just needs a little nudge to get it over the line. Please check it out.
Pigskin - is a drafting card game based around the theme of American Football. Each round (of 4) players will draft a hand of 5 cards and then play these into a line-up of 4 (in front of them). Each card will be revealed and will attempt to score a touchdown (or prevent your opponent from doing so). It looks really interesting and comes with cool football tokens!

And now let's look at some campaigns which have just launched:
Shuffle Heroes - is a 2 player card game with a fantasy/steampunk/lovecraftian feel to it. There are 6 heroes, each with a unique deck and every game you'll draft two of these and shuffle them together. Interestingly, when you play a card it stays in play for a round, during which your opponent can potentially destroy it and remove it from the game! The art is cool the gameplay sounds unique and interesting. Check it out!
The 8th Day - is a relaunch campaign from December 2013. Nasty aliens have invaded the Earth and a group of up to 6 marines are out to stop them through a series of missions. Each Marine can have a different archtype and can be equipped differently to suit your play-style and the Alien Commander (the 7th player) will have access to a similar array of Aliens to deploy against them. There's a print'n'play demo version if you want to give the system a spin and see if it'll work for your game group. These types of games are typically 1 overlord style player against 4 heroes so I'm intrigued to see one get to such a high player count.
Relative Paradox - is a deckbuilder based on a book with the same name. Each player is a time-traveller going through Time and Space collecting pieces of history and trying to put them back together. The game start with you trying to join cards from the same piece of history together until a Paradox is created. Once this happens a new combination of cards (i.e. cards from two different historical periods) can be created. The game continues until all 8 Paradoxes have been revealed. Intriguing.
Legends of Draxia - is a strategic fantasy card game where each player gets a unique character and some starting resources and then has to use those to generate as many victory points as possible. To do so you will build buildings (which generate resources each turn), fight monsters (for loot), and amass magical spells (which can be used for basically everything). It sounds interesting but does not ship outside of the US. Also, someone please take the pledge level that allows you to name the Assassin character and name her Freesi McLegs of the Clan NoPants. There are very few career choices for which a woman would wear such an outfit and I'm not sure that assassin would qualify.
Oni - are twisted creatures of Japanese folklore. In the game of Oni, 3-6 players are Oni who are trying to trip travellers without being seen (it's a kid of dare-based game they play). Each player starts with an objective and a parade of cards is dealt in a circle which will rotate around during the game. On your turn you can look at face down cards in the parade, or an opponents objective, or swap two cards in the parade. After this the parade will move clockwise around the table. Once the parade has moved twice players will be able to use the attack action as well. Attack your objective and you win 3 gold. Attack an opponents objective and they will win gold. Each player will also get a special action each round which they can use to mess with the game state. Hmmm. Sound chaotic, looks beautiful...basically my type of game!
Central City: Heroes - speaking of my types of game, Central City: Heroes is a co-operative superhero game. Each game you'll build up central city from modular tiles, grab a unique player board and persona card (there are 90 combinations) and defend the city from a Nemesis. There's lots to love here. Players start with a face-down secret identity that the game will try to reveal the players will need to defend. When it's revealed you get more vulnerable but also more powerful. You can recruit other heroes that you find in the city and form your own superhero squad. There's a solo variant. There's no set turns between players (something I really liked in Galactic Strike Force and the upcoming Spirit Island from Greater Than Games). 30 miniatures. I love this!
Outsider - is a semi-cooperative game with a sci-fi theme. You are the crew of the space vessel Chimera which is dire need of repairs and about ready to explode. You need to work together to repair it. Only you aren't all who you seem. Some among you may be terrifying "Outsiders" who look like one of the crew but want the ship for themselves. Each player is a unique character who is able to complete 2 different types of goal if they get the right equipment. As you draw cards you can share them through "the supply", which is like a central hand. You'll additionally gather Dark cards which take up room and trigger a calamitous event when played. Is that player playing a Dark Card because they had no choice or because they're an Outsider...? Very interested in this one.
Time Jockeys - "Time is actually money" is the company motto of TITOR Corp, inventors of the first Time Machine and your employers. You are a Time Jockey, a skilled individual who goes back in time to gather videos and objects from the past for profit in the present. You've been specially trained to ensure you do NOT spend more than 15 days in the past (or you'll die horribly) and you've also be clandestinely recruited by The League for an Uninterrupted Continuum (L.U.C.) to ensure that time stays the way it is. Each contract will specify how long it will take, what it will pay and who you can bring with you (in the form of specialists). It may also propose a number of options that you could take to achieve it (i.e. Grab it during the day for an easy approach or try snatch it at night for a more difficult but quicker job). Players are going to bid on specialists and try to go on contracts. The whole idea is that you spend less than 15 days (total) getting the most money you can. Whoever has collected the most cash (and is still alive) at the end of the game wins.
Henchmen - is a relaunch campaign from July last year. Players are evil-doers out to conquer the world but they can't do it alone. Oh no, they need Henchmen. And actually conquering the world is more of a long term goal. Right now they're working for Da Boss and earning ca$h. Each round Da Boss will post jobs he wants done and the players must try and use their team of henchmen to fulfill the jobs and earn the ca$h listed. Once a henchman has been used in a round it is turned sideways to indicate it has entered the Thug Life. If a Superjerk is revealed then he will kill off half of the henchmen in each players tableau that are in Thug Life. If anyone fails at a job in a round then you must reveal a "Tell Da Boss" card which will have some game altering effect.
You Dirty Rat - is a strategy game about being a crime boss, building a crew of talented criminal specialists and making as much money as you can. When a card is played it enters your hideout which allows the card to cooldown for 3 nights before it becomes available again. Each card allows you steal money from the town, from your opponents, grab new specialists (also from the town or from an opponent) and more. Instead of playing a single card you can put together a Heist Team of specialists to complete one of the available heists. The team will follow the same cooldown in the hideaway but heists can score big points (especially if you get a few from the same set). I'm interested in this one. It's got a cool noir look to it, it's got a unique deckbuilding feel (cooldowns is one of the mechanics I've played with while designing a deckbuilder) and it's got a good theme. This is a relaunch of a campaign from November last year and I hope it succeeds this time around.
Beardsmith - you know how I'm always on about unique themes. Well Beardsmith is a tile-laying game about dwarven bead stylists. You know how Dwarves always have those fancy and complicated braided patterns in their beards? You think they just get up and look like that? Of course not. They all visit a Beardsmith and pay top dollar to get that look. Mechanically the game starts from a dwarven face tile that players will be laying hexagonal tiles under. The tiles show braids of hair moving in various directions. Alternatively players can play scissors, wind hair or gum to the play area as well. Once all of the apprentices have had a go the Beardsmith will come and evaluate the finished beard. Players will be awarded points for tiles in their color and deducted points for open ends and being adjacent to gum. Beards are cool.
Shootout! - is a wild-west themed set-collection card game where you aim to create the best hand and be the last player standing. Each player starts with a hand of 5 cards and each turn can take a card from top of the deck or the discard pile and must then discard a card. Cards can have effects when discarded including the Shootout card which allows you to have a shootout with another player. In a shootout, players take turns playing cards to the table until they both pass and then whoever has the lower tally gets shot and is out of the round. The winner discards their hand and draws a new one.
Chaos of Cthulhu - is a relaunch campaign (there's a lot of those this week) from April. In Cthulhu Chaos the ancient texts have been repaired shoddily after an accident and now the creatures summoned are weird and misshapen (how would you know?). Mechanically players roll big chunky creature parts dice to build up their monstrous creature and then use d6 "summoning stones" to activate them and smack your opponents creatures. Damage causes the dice to rotate changing the form of your creature along with their abilities.
Res Publica: 2230AD - is a sci-fi re-implementation of Res Publica from 1991. At it's heart this is a set-collection and trading game. Each turn a player proposes a trade and each of the other players responds. Players can reveal sets of cards to build Space Stations (which increase the number of cards you draw each turn), build Cities (which provide victory points), or complete missions (which also provide victory points but also eventually end the game). I've never played the original but it sounds very interesting.
Scandalous - imagine that someone took your Pictionary set and then spent an afternoon o the Urban Dictionary website looking up naughty terms and writing on all of the cards. That's pretty much what Scandalous is. Can you draw "Donkey Punch" (I don't know what that means, please don't look it up).
Last Front - is a strategic card game of winning battles and capturing territories. Players can deploy Troops, Tanks Planes and Defenses to bid for control of a territory. Additionally they can send in iconic and special cards. Events will upset the balance of power and controlling territories will provide special abilities as well. The cards feature pictures of famous figures and events from World War II.
Sky Dynasty - is a sci-fi themed area control game with a healthy dose of deck building built in. At the beginning of each round, players draw 10 cards and must then decide where they want to dispatch those cards in secret at the same time. Do you deploy all of your force in location to guarantee victory or do you spread out and hope for a few quick wins? And what are your opponents doing? It sounds interesting.
The Contender - Have you ever wanted to play a card game that sounds like a satirical political debate while you play it? Well look no further. Players take turns debating issues from a deck of Topic cards by combining phrases on Arguments cards to create the most convincing or entertaining argument. Each card is either a Fact (which can be beaten by an Attack), an Attack (which can be beaten by a Distraction), or a Distraction. I first heard about this on The Morning Steam (an almost daily morning show podcast that I listen to) as one of the designers (Justin Robert Young) has a regular segment. Justin is hilarious and very switched on and if his humor has come through in the game then it'll be a winner.
Conan: Rise of Monsters - You know what you want to do if you're going to launch a Kickstarter Campaign while GenCon is on? You want it to be a Conan-themed war-game with a ton of gorgeous and pre-painted miniatures. And that's what they did. There are two boxes available here. Circle of Iron comes with a War Oliphant, archers, pikemen, knights on horseback, and of course, King Conan himself. Legion of Set comes with a giant snake, an evil necromancer and a bunch of undead warriors. I know which I'd prefer but it seems that most backers are going for both. Unsurprisingly this is making all the monies.
Winds of Fortune - command a fleet of ships on the high seas against your opponents fleet. Each player fleet is made up of ships and monsters, emplacements (defensive structures), locations, upgrades and effects. Each player will assemble a flagship made up of 3 cards and you're trying to take out your opponents ship. The flagships will face off across from one another across 3 firing lanes where your ships will be deployed. This is a unique take on this type of tactical card game and it looks cool. Check it out.
Lobotomy - is a co-operative horror adventure game where the players are inmates in an asylum under assault from terrible beings (or are they?). As you play you will unlock memory fragments and discover the true nature of your character all before the final showdown with the Hospital Administrator. This game has some terribly creepy miniatures and the theme is just terrific. Each player has a mental disease which gives them some in-game ability! Check it out.
STAR PATROL - is a small hex & counter starship game for 1-3 players that features an inertia and gravity system. Players build and customize their fleet in secret and the duel over a deep space arena. This sounds like a ton of fun and the fact that it plays to 3 (and has solo options) means I may actually be able to get it to the table. I think I'll be picking this up.
Devotion - is a game where you play as one of the gods of the Greek Pantheon trying to construct temples and collect piety. You can spend this collected piety to speed construction and inspire the faithful but those are your Victory Points so how many do you really want to spend?

And that's all I have for you this week. What are you backing this week? What are you playing? Did you get to GenCon and if so, what did you see there that excited you? Drop us a comment below and let us know. Remember to check in each day at to stay up to date with what's going on in the Tabletop Games category of Kickstarter Campaigns and come back next week for another exciting adventure in the saga of Kick the Table!

Your kickstarter weekly summary for Sunday Aug 2 2015
5 projects ending in the next 3 days

315.58 % ENDING
Fleet Wharfside - The exciting new Fleet card game!
What happens when Fleet gets to port? Find out in this stand-alone, follow up to the award-winning games Fleet and Fleet: Arctic Bounty (KS link)

270.93 % ENDING
Nuclear War Card Game 50th Anniversary Edition
It has been 50 years since the popular card game was first published by Doug Malewicki. It's time to celebrate with a new edition. (KS link)

75.36 % ENDING
Ember: Shroud of the Shadow Demon
Heroes clash and strategies crumble as players scramble to collect the ember stones. Only the devious and cunning will revel in victory (KS link)

21.23 % ENDING
Dungeon Crawler ECG Expansion: The Thorn
This is an expansion pack for our Expandable Card Game. Play Solo, or expand to Co-op, Competitive or Multi-player. (KS link)

2.44 % ENDING
Third Age: Eternal
Take arms with sentient beasts, known as the Awakened, in the world of THIRD AGE: ETERNAL, an exciting, competitive strategy card game! (KS link)
13 projects ending in the next 10 days

463.16 % ENDING
100 Swords
2-Player Sword-Based Dungeon Crawling Micro Deck-Builder (KS link)

438.24 % ENDING
[redacted]: Garden Party
All the paranoid 60s spy fun of [redacted], now in the open air, and for up to 7 players! (KS link)

173.42 % ENDING
Mow Money REVERSE AUCTION A Game of Undercutting 1-6 Players
Yep, we've turned the typical "highest bidder wins" mechanic on its ear! The lowest bid wins as you compete for small town supremacy! (KS link)

170.67 % ENDING
Hipster: The Card Game
Collect your gear and play against others in the card game, Hipster. Can you be faster, can you be cooler, can you be Hipster? (KS link)

153.96 % ENDING
IKI: A Game of EDO Artisans
Japanese style board game: Master the art of trade on the streets of ancient Japan. (KS link)

129.80 % ENDING
Darkrock Ventures - Asteroid Mining in Deep Space Board Game
A lightweight worker-placement Boardgame for 2-5 Players in 30-45 minutes! Assemble a crew & mine metal-rich asteroids in deep space!! (KS link)

99.38 % ENDING
Roll Saga Baseball: An Exciting Game of Action and Strategy!
Baseball boardgame of action and strategy with the realism of individual stadiums on the tabletop! Ages 10 & up. 1 or 2 players. (KS link)

97.50 % ENDING
Pigskin: A Card Drafting Game for any Football Fan
Draft a team of players and lay it all on the line over 4 rounds of competitive action. Better start practicing your victory dance now! (KS link)

82.78 % ENDING
Battle of Durak - Battle Card Game
A 2-4 player card game with unique gameplay and powerful, asymmetric character skills. (KS link)

65.67 % ENDING
Pride - A colorful poker-like card system.
A deck of rainbow playing cards with added elements that allows a variety of unique games and gameplay including all 50 states. (KS link)

45.00 % NEW ENDING
Relative Paradox: A Tabletop Time Travel Game
Collect lost pieces of the broken timeline and restore history before a Paradox closes the link causing the extinction of time itself. (KS link)

41.98 % ENDING
Greatest of All Mountains
A 2-5 player card game where you affect the Terrain, Facilities and Tourists of your Mountain to become the Greatest of All Mountains! (KS link)

5.58 % ENDING
Wombat Combat: Tabletop Game
Challenge your friends in battle! Featuring wombats, kangaroos, bears, crocodilles, koalas, and many more! (KS link)
16 projects launched within the last 7 days

134.48 % NEW
Res Publica: 2230AD
Res Publica: 2230AD heralds a time of expansion & development across the galaxy using set collection & intense trading among players. (KS link)

131.30 % NEW
Outsider – A Sci Fi Card Game of Sabotage and Survival
A semi-cooperative, science fiction themed card game of sabotage, trust, identity, and survival in the darkness of space. (KS link)

125.48 % NEW
Lobotomy Board Game
Escape mental asylum in Lobotomy Board Game. Got monsters on your back, mighty weapons, blazing skills -- or just delusions? (KS link)

105.78 % NEW
Shuffle Heroes
Fast paced deck de-construction card game set in dark fantasy world full of steampunk inventions and Lovecraftian horror. (KS link)

90.75 % NEW
Central City: Heroes
Central City: Heroes is a co-operative table top board game for 1-4 players. Each player takes on the role of a unique Superhero! (KS link)

58.76 % NEW
Chaos of Cthulhu
Clash in strategic dice battle to be the first to assemble a complete Lovecraftian nightmare formed from scrambled monster parts. (KS link)

45.16 % NEW
You Dirty Rat : The Heist Game
Assemble a team of criminals to rob the town, swindle your opponents, and commit daring heists in this fast and strategic card game! (KS link)

45.06 % NEW
Oni - A card game of memory, deception & chaos in Old Japan
A chaotic light party game with a Japanese feel, for 3-6 players. (KS link)

45.00 % NEW ENDING
Relative Paradox: A Tabletop Time Travel Game
Collect lost pieces of the broken timeline and restore history before a Paradox closes the link causing the extinction of time itself. (KS link)

41.20 % NEW
Eastwood 20 Old West Gunslingers
Limited 20 Copies! Now you can help us get the art we need for new games to come! (KS link)

27.60 % NEW
Henchmen is a hilariously evil semi-cooperative, resource management/pool building, take-that style card game for 3-6 players. (KS link)

25.74 % NEW
Time Jockeys
As a time jockey, your job is to go back in time to get cool items and videos. Make the most money doing it to win! Oh, and stay alive. (KS link)

6.41 % NEW
Shootout! The High Noon Card Game
Shootout! is a fast paced, exciting card game of high noon cowboy duels. Make the best hand possible before squaring off with the enemy (KS link)

3.37 % NEW
The 8th Day [Relaunched]
Human resistance wages war against an Alien Occupation in this mission based board game for 2-7 Players. (KS link)

1.38 % NEW
[gram-er puh-lease]
Grammatically combine the proper words with the right sentences to show you are the smartest person at the table! #NSFW (KS link)

0.00 % NEW
Play as one of 12 Gods and Goddesses working to inspire followers and collect piety while spreading your influence throughout Greece. (KS link)

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