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Force Friday from a Gaming Perspective

Sean Johnson
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This past Friday was dubbed by some marketing person to be Force Friday. This was the day that the big box stores (and some other retailers) revealed a lot of new Star Wars toys. This does not happen to regularly, but it is a bit of a tradition for me to go check out the new line of Star Wars everything when a new movie comes out. This of course includes games. Even before I was really into gaming, I went to the store in 1999, 2002, and 2005 to look at all of the new Star Wars items with a specific eye for games.

During the prequel releases new and interesting games were always part of the line. At Episode I I got Star Wars: Episode 1 – Clash of the Lightsabers. Episode II brought out Star Wars: Epic Duels, and Episode III launched Attacktix Battle Figure Game: Star Wars. Those are three games that I currently have. There were of course some duds, but by and large a new movie has meant some interesting new games.

When the prequel movies came out I was much more into collecting Star Wars toys. I really got away from that. That means this time I was going less to see what I could hang on my wall and more with an eye towards gaming. I did not do the midnight release (because work and kids are a thing), but on Saturday Target had a special event for kids (they could demo two toys and get a free lunch box). So we went specifically to see the new Star Wars line of products, here are the gaming related items I saw.

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Of course the most direct connection to our hobby is the one Fantasy Flight game that made an appearance. There is a new Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game. X-Wing is a hole that I do not want to jump down, but it looked coo. I think the models were new sculpts, but someone more knowledgeable me could probably say for sure.

From gallery of SeanXor
The other game that some BGG users will have some familiarity with is a new version of Loopin' Louie called Loopin' Chewie. I really thought this was going to be an insta-buy for us, and replace Louie (because Wookies>bi-planes). However, this version was changed to only be three player max instead of four. Since this is a game we will be looking to play with our youngest in a few months, that was not going to work.

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There were a couple of original games as well including Star Destroyer Strike. Based on the back of the box it was kind of hard to tell if this as competitive or cooperative. This game uses a laser reflecting gimmick to hit pieces. A small tidbit about this game is it gave a first glance of what new Star Destroyers are going to look like.

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There was also a whole line of these Box Busters. It has a dice and tokens, so it is a game of some type. However, there is zero explanation anywhere on the packaging about what it is. All it explains is that it is a box that deploys to a battle scene, and is some sort of game. I as mildly intrigued, but everything in the box seems stationary and the detail is not even very good. The whole thing is kind of cheap looking and very odd. If it looked better I would have been willing to give it a shot just to try it out, but it looked like the odds of it all being a dud were too high to take the risk on.

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While not strictly gaming related, Hot Wheels has a new line of Star ship toys (finally!). I really liked the size and price of these, and it was the toys we ended up getting for my son. At only $5 each they are a very good economy option for some giant sized Star Wars miniatures. I could see these working really well as miniatures for a big version of Star Wars: Star Warriors or Star Wars: Silent Death Starfighter Combat Game. I am personally hoping my son really takes to playing with them, so I so we can build up a big enough of a fleet that they can double as miniatures.

From gallery of SeanXor
Last week, I looked at a few spoilers and I had went looking to buy something specific. They released a new Risk branded game, but this is not traditional Risk. Rather it is Star Wars: The Queen's Gambit reworked to Return of the Jedi. Sadly, the two Targets I went to did not have it, and the game store I went into the same day was clueless. However, this is now one my must get games. I am just hoping stocks it before there two week Star Wars coupon ends. I suspect once I get it, this will end up being the Star Wars game from The Force Awakens that I end up holding onto just like the other ones.
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