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App News: Stop me if you heard this one before: Dominion is Coming and Camel Up Released

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App News

Board Game: Dominion

Long (long, long) Awaited Dominion App Has Been Submitted to Apple
Before you run to double-check your calendar, let me assure you that it is not April 1st. I'm not blaming you for thinking it might be with that click-baity title up there. After all, we've been hearing different announcements and release dates for Dominion since way back in 2012 with the latest coming back in May when we were told of a June release.


Yesterday John Welch of Making Fun posted an update that the iPad version of Dominion has been submitted to Apple. Now, that might sound like it's coming in 1-2 weeks, but you need to remember that this is Dominion we're talking about and nothing is that simple. There are still some tablet specific tweaks they need to make and some other platform-specific things. That said, an October release is not out of the question.

The tablet version will use the same login as the web version of, so when you log in you'll have access to all your purchased expansions, stats, etc.

I'm going to cut/paste John's update here, because cutting and pasting makes me feel like a real writer.

John Welch wrote:
We had a big milestone today with our first submission of Dominion on iPad for Apple's approval. The long-awaited tablet version will offer essentially the same functionality as the download version on, and if you sign in with your credentials from you will have access to everything in your account: stats, purchases, saved kingdoms, etc. The experience is optimized for touch input and for devices that frequently go to sleep and then come back to life. We have been playing on tablets in the production environment for several weeks now, including matches with members of the community. We can't wait to get it in your hands!

Before we can officially launch we have a few tablet-specific optimizations to complete, including trying to work around some pesky Unity bugs. We love Unity, but it is not yet perfect. We also need to finish integrating each platform's APIs for purchasing and game services. We are balancing this work with cross-platform feature development, polishing, and bug fixes that improves play across all versions of the game. We are still several weeks from launch, but close enough to wish to see if there will be any surprises from Apple. An October launch is looking pretty realistic, depending on the approval cycle. We plan to launch at the same time on Apple App Store, Android tablets with Google Play, and Amazon Kindle Fire tablets.

Mobile phone versions will take a bit longer. Apple does not allow developers to exclude distribution on devices based on screen size. We very much wish to support the iPhone 6/6S generation of devices immediately. However, in order to release for the newer, larger iPhones we would also be forced to support the small screens on the iPhone 5. The current user interface just doesn't work on those small screens. So, we must wait to redesign the UI, or until Apple changes their policy.

I am super proud of and thankful to the team for building the game we launched on June 11, and for continuing to improve it relentlessly since, all while maintaining a difficult older version of the game mostly created by other people. We kept saying "wait for the new version, where we will really be able to make improvements!". That day is here. Thank you for sticking with us. I am confident things will only continue to get better.
Hat tip for this one goes to the estimable day counter, Morgansilver.

From gallery of Neumannium

Camel Up Lopes Onto the App Store
Nothing makes me feel better about myself and the blog than having a reader, rather than the publisher, inform us of the release of an SdJ winner on the App Store. The reader in question is David Leach who really saved our bacon on this one. The publisher, on the other hand, doesn't appear to be aware of our existence. It's like high school all over again.

The game we're talking about is, of course, Camel Up, the family game about gambling. A big draw of the physical game are the chunky, stacking wooden camels and the spring-loaded, dice-rolling pyramid which, obviously, aren't included with the app. The game is fine, though, and one that my kids do enjoy playing so I'll probably download this one and give it a shot.

Camel Up is available for iOS Universal and costs $5. I don't see it anywhere on Google Play, so I'm guessing it's not available for Android. Then again, I've not received a proper press release from anyone about this game so who knows.
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