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The Week - 19/10/2015 to 25/10/2015

Paulo Renato
Vila Nova Gaia
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I run through Rahdo's Runthroughs and make right what once went wrong (via annotations)
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Hey everyone,

it's the week report time

after a long break the Home Sessions have returned

WEDNESDAY 21/10/2015

And time for some more Essen games

First to the table was:

Perfect Alibi

After reading the rules I wasn't expecting much of this...

after explaining the rules to the other players they weren't expecting much of this...

at the end of the game we were all pleasantly surprised about how fun and engaging the game was

Very cool deduction game that anyone can play but that will also challenge your deduction skills!

An excellent surprise

Board Game: Perfect Alibi

(Duarte's Victory Sheet)

Duarte correctly deduced who the murder was and Tiago had failed on his attempt.

Durate Won
Tiago Failed to guess
Me and Nuno weren't there yet

Second game was:

The Pursuit of Happiness

The theme of the game is fantastic, like it was on CV, but this one is more "Game" than CV.
In this one you have choices to make that don't depend on the roll and re-roll of dice.

You can consider it to be an excellent gateway game because of the theme but the gameplay makes it a gateway +

You have many choices to make, specially at the start of the game and because of that the game can be a bit long but I enjoyed it.

A very, very good surprise.

I took a photo at the end of each Round, a round is supposed to be a decade of your life... so here's snapshots of my game life

Board Game: The Pursuit of Happiness

(The Teen Years)

I was a Creative Child and that meant that whenever I did the "Play" action I would get +1 Creativity.

In my Teens I got a Temp Job so I could get money to throw a spectacular Wild Party! It was one for the books let me tell you!!

After that Party I decided to Start a Group Project and I Started a Magazine where I was a Journalist and a Writer... no one else joined me on this project.

I also decided to be part of a Music Band... Yeah Baby... but don't get too excited, I was only the Keyboard Player

Board Game: The Pursuit of Happiness

(The 20's)

Then early Adulthood began in the 20's...

and a bit of a change on the wild days of the teen years... I decided to start my Spiritual Growth, so I started by Meditating.

I then decided to Write a Play, I got the Inspiration for it after meditating...

But this got me craving for a special meal, so I went to the fantastic "Greasy Spoon" restaurant.

More relaxed and happier I pursued my Writing of the Play and I made the First Draft and started Contacting Publisher... not an easy undertaking!!

And that was it for the Twenties.

Board Game: The Pursuit of Happiness

(The 30's)

In the thirties some changes were made...

I threw a Cocktail Party with cheap drinks to try to impress some Publishers to see if my Play would be Published but alas, it didn't work I still couldn't get my Play Published... but still, some contacts were made and Influence established and also met some cool people!

So I decided to focus on completing my Spiritual Growth and that I did... I "Found Myself" then I "Gained some Followers" and finally I reached the "Enlightenment"... I had completed my Journey and was a better and Healthier man because of that

After the journey was complete I decided to get in touch with Bobbie, a woman I met in the Cocktail Party I threw in the start of this 30's and we started to date

Board Game: The Pursuit of Happiness

(The 40's)

The Forties arrived and they were eventful!!

I finally got a Job and of course with all my Spiritual Growth it had to be a Social Jon and that job provided me with just enough money so that I could take my Dating Relationship with Bobbie all the way to Raising a Family

I also found the time to join Nuno's Group Project to do a Game Jam, because of my Creativity I joined in has a Game Designer! Nuno took 2 roles and Duarte got the other one.

Since my Play wasn't Published yet, I decided to transform one of the Rooms in my house in a Library, so I could read and study a lot and make some alterations on my Play to finally get it Published!

Board Game: The Pursuit of Happiness

(The 50's)

In my Fifties I had to spend a lot of time keeping my Work and My Relationship... the money I got from work was enough to maintain my Library and I FINALLY got my Play Published!!!! It was a long road but a successful one!

And with all those books in my Personal Library, and since I was in my 50's I decided to start a Book Club Project, after all I already had a lot of books!!
And just look at those classics... you just got to read them!!!

Board Game: The Pursuit of Happiness

(The 60's)

In my 60's I got a Scrapheap car so I could get around a little faster because I just didn't have enough time at this point to keep using the public transports!!

I completed the Book Club project, kept my family happy and maintained my Job and my Library!

Board Game: The Pursuit of Happiness

(The 70's)

The 70's were a sad decade... Nuno and Tiago died and there was just me and Duarte left... I kept my job, despite of the age because I wanted to keep my Library and I remained married to Bobbie.

I also decided to start a Football (Soccer for you Americans ) Team... yes, at age 70!! I'm a crazy guy! But since I didn't have the money I talked with Duarte that was loaded and he joined in, I got to be the Owner of the Team and since he was the money man, he also wanted to be the Coach and I said "OK, as long as I'm the Captain!"
And there the Geriatric FC was born!
The first 2 goals I scored were dedicated to the memory of Nuno and Tiago!!!

Board Game: The Pursuit of Happiness

(Life Goals Achieved)

And that was it... when we entered the 80's me and Duarte also died and it was time to see what Life Goals I completed and of course, with my Spiritual Growth I was the most Zen of everyone and I also was the Project Manager... I completed more Projects than anyone else!

I really really liked this one... I love these kind of games that you can build stories around them... not that I'm good at those things but I love when I get this experiences from a game like I did with CV previously, but I have to say I enjoy this game more than CV, it's more of a gamers game, you have much more control over your choices.

I also find brilliant the progression of the game, usually in games you start pretty slow with not a lot to do and build your engines and by the end you are doing many many things... in this one is the other way around...
You also start a bit slow because some of the actions are blocked but in the second round you can do everything and you have a lot of time/energy to do several things...
But with the progression of the years, the job and family responsibilities you start each round with some of the time already committed to those "projects" if you want to keep them so you'll have less time/energy to do as many things as you did before! This is Brilliant!!!

The game went a bit longer than what I was expecting but as you know, I don't mind long games provided that I'm having fun and enjoying myself, I prefer to play 1 long good game than 3 or 4 faster mediocre games

This one was a good surprise, wasn't expecting of liking it that much... a night of good surprises!

Me - 72
Nuno - 55
Tiago - 54
Duarte - 51

THURSDAY 22/10/2015

The night of the Boardgamers of Porto Weekly Gathering

And only one game was played:

My Village

A very cool game... I'm loving Dice Pool games and this one in an excellent example of a good Dice Pool game.

The component quality is also excellent and I think the price point makes it even more attractive.

This is no Village Light... it has a lot of meat to it and good decisions and strategies to be made!

Board Game: My Village

(My Village)

I've seen some people worried about the replay-ability of the game because all the cards are the same and available at the start of the game...

I don't think they should be worried because despite everything being the available the dice rolled and what will be available to you will vary from game to game and round to round... and also, this is supposed to be a fun activity and not trying to find a winning strategy and do it over and over again... at least that's not how I play

Board Game: My Village


SATURDAY 24/10/2015

Another home gaming session this Saturday, Eduardo and Duarte came over and games were played

While we were waiting for Eduardo to arrive we played a game of:

One Zero One

It's a very cool 2P filler game... I got the KS expansion the other day but since this was Duarte's first game we played the basic game

Board Game: One Zero One

(The Code)

As you can see we ended the game without a single card on row 50, that's very uncommon, there was one card played there but I moved it to the 1st line by playing an Enter card.

Very cool game

Duarte - 40
Me - 20

Eduardo arrived while we were playing and then we dived into:

Roll for the Galaxy with the Expansion Roll for the Galaxy: Ambition

The expansion is really worth it... a bit expensive but it adds so much to the game without changing it that much!

Board Game: Roll for the Galaxy

(My Empire Developments)

The new Objectives are pretty cool and the addition of the Talent Tokens is huge... used at the right time they can be extremely important!

Board Game: Roll for the Galaxy

(My Empire Worlds)

The new dice are awesome with the 2 symbols on each face and the cool powers they have.

To me the expansion improves what was already a great great game!

Me - 29
Eduardo - 25
Duarte - 23

And to end the afternoon we played:

First Train to Nuremberg

I got this at Essen after having played it a few months ago and man it's a FANTASTIC game!

I really really love the auction mechanic in this one, it's so cleaver the way just a single new type of action added in each box from round to round makes a huge difference!

The Setup is a bit daunting but it's also fantastic because it creates such different scenarios playing the same map... infinite replay-ability on this one, and this was our Setup for a 3P game in the Nuremberg map with the VIP passengers

Board Game: First Train to Nuremberg

(At the Start of the Game)

The other mechanic I LOVE is the way turn order is decided for each of the actions... brilliant!

and the third thing I LOVE is the way you have to "Sell" your tracks to the Government when they are no longer profitable and the way you manage this point can be crucial, as it turned out to be in this game

Board Game: First Train to Nuremberg

(At the End of the Game)

Amazing awesome game!!!

Me - 41
Eduardo - 39
Duarte - 38



- Scythe - KS Link

Tried this at Essen and it only confirmed that it was a project I would back... Jamey does it again



bag Trickerion: Legends of Illusion (ETA: 10/15)
bag Tiny Epic Galaxies (ETA: 09/15)
bag Vault Wars (ETA: 08/15)
bag Above and Below (ETA: 12/15)
bag Ancient Terrible Things: The Lost Chapter + 2nd Edition (ETA: ESSEN Pick-up)

bag Three New Treasure Chests of Realistic Resource Tokens (ETA: 01/16)
bag Samara (ETA: 09/15) - Arrived on Time
bag Thrash'n Roll (ETA: 09/15)
bag Masters of Football (ETA: 02/16)
bag The Gallerist (ETA: 10/15)
bag Mare Nostrum: Empires (ETA: 11/15)
bag 101.1 (ETA: 12/15)
bag IKI (ETA: 12/15)
bag Soccer City (ETA: 12/15)
bag Hostage Negotiator Abductor Packs (ETA 11/15)
bag Gloomhaven (ETA 03/16)
bag The Networks (ETA 06/16)
bag Scythe (ETA 08/16)


Entering the Collection:
- Vault Wars - KS Edition with all promos

Left the Collection


Have fun guys and has always, thank you for reading, commenting and thumbing
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