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Kickstarter Weekly Summary - Sunday 8th November, 2015

Mike Minutillo
Western Australia
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Keeping you up to date with Kickstarter Campaigns in the Tabletop Games category
Keeping you up to date with Kickstarter Campaigns in the Tabletop Games category
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Hey there Kickers. How have you been? Well rested and ready for this week's Kickstarter update I hope.

Right now there are 221 live Kickstarter Campaigns in the Tabletop Games category (down 15 on last week). Of those 81 (36.65%) have already funded and 67 have a related BGG page that I can find. Let's take a look shall we?

We'll start as always with campaigns that are ending in the next week:
Super Dungeon Explore: Legends - is a tactical miniatures skirmish game where a group of heroes kick down the door of a dungeon and wipe out hordes of monsters being spawned within. As you take out spawn point, boss monsters are summoned that must be defeated until you can face the fearsome Dungeon Boss. This campaign brings a 2nd edition of the core game as well as Super Dungeon: Legends. Legends adds an overall narrative campaign that can link different games of Super Dungeon Explore. Characters can collect resources craft items and improve their skills. It also includes a world guide full of information about the world and races of the Crystalia. I've never played Super Dungeon Explore but it looks cool and I'd be keen to check it out. With everything available through this campaign this could be a great place to jump in.
Z War One - Damnation - if dungeons aren't your thing, maybe post-apocalyptic survival is. Z War One is an episodic comic-book driven miniatures board game. The game can be played as a long 26 mission campaign with 1-4 players working their way through the comic books (6 issues) chapter by chapter. Each chapter features a narrative comic section and is concluded with setup for a game. Alternative you can play Director mode where one player controls the zombie hordes and 1-4 players run the heroes against them. You can grab the first 2 issues as a part of this campaign. The second issue introduces a German Shepard! There's also a limited edition 2-player game called Agent Z that comes with some of the higher pledge levels.
Stormweavers - Do you know what happens when a bunch of magicians stand in the middle of a raging storm? They use their magic to defend themselves and redirect the fury of the storm at their opponents of course. In this card game, each player will take turns turning over event cards and either defending against them or using basic spells to redirect them at their enemies. Each time the storm hits you you lose some of your natural defenses and when you run out you start to lose health. The last mage standing wins.
Sword & Sorcery - is a co-operative tactical miniatures game from the creators of Galaxy Defenders, this time with a high fantasy setting. You and a party of your friends are legendary heroes, resurrected by powerful sorcery but left in a weakened state. As you go on story driven quests you will grow stronger, regenerate your soul and return to legendary status. Really cool.
Prospectus - is a game of speculative potion trading set in a fantasy realm. Each turn players will try to sell potions to mysterious council while also satisfying the needs of a local town. All the while you will use arcane powers to try and predict the movement of the market for fun and profit. This is worth checking out even if it's just for the awesome crystal ball cube tower.
CRIMSON CREEK - Do people actually go out for a quiet weekends to cabins in the middle of nowhere and not murder one another? In Crimson Creek the answer is no. 2-6 players have arrived at the Crimson Creek cabin and must survive until dawn. Unless you've been possessed by the murderous Hatchetman. In that case, let's go chopping! The players are going to run from location to location peeking at clues and sharing information with each other to try and find the location of the the killer's lair. If you find it 3 times you survive until dawn and win the game. Otherwise, the Hatchetman has claimed you all. This is a tiny card game that sounds like a ton of fun.
Boogie Dice - Are you tired of rolling dice yourself like a chump? Does the mere act of touching a d6 guarantee a poor roll. Well, Boogie Dice might be for you. These dice roll themselves in response to auditory stimulus. Effectively if you clap at them they shake, rattle and roll themselves around. Er...sure why not. You can pick a couple of these with a charging station as a part of the campaign. You can also get a copy of Bots Battleground which is a game that utilizes them.
Keep - is a card drafting game based in a castle. Each player is trying to collect the most coins in their cloister in order to win. Coins are found on items and characters. Each turn you can play an item face up or a character face down to your cloister. Or you can play a character face up for it's effect (helping you and hindering others). Once per game you can reveal a hidden character from your cloister to use their special power as a bonus action. The hidden characters are going to score coins based on the items you have in your cloister.
Kodama: The Tree Spirits - Kodama are these cute little spirits that inhabit trees. They are usually attracted to certain features such as flowers, clouds, mushrooms, etc. Over the course of 12 rounds you will be expanding your tree to try and make it attractive for the Kodamas (Kodami?) in your hand. You do this by playing branch cards that literally extend your tree making a beautiful and satisfying tableau. This is a gorgeous game and it sounds like fun. Check it out.
The Sugoi Series - is a set of 3 games for 2 players with a Japanese style and really nice bits. Sensei features players trying to get their character to the opposite side of a courtyard while hindering their opponent from doing the same. Yokai no mori has forest spirits challenging each other to games. In Siam, an army of rhinos face off against a wall of elephants in a competitiion to push 3 rocks across the board.
Kill Doctor Lucky - two to eight people have come to the home of Doctor Lucky and one thing's for sure, Doctor Lucky MUST die. But you can't be seen killing him and darn it if he's not the luckiest son-of-a-gun around. As you wander the mansion collecting weapons you try to orchestrate things so that you're alone with the good Doctor. As soon as you make an attempt the other players can play cards to stop you (basically acting as the luck of Doctor Lucky). Keep going until someone has managed to off the blighter and you can all go home.
Blackout: Journey into Darkness - More post-apocalyptic tactical mini co-op campaign games! In this case there's no zombies. Instead the cities have been abandoned after the arrival of The Brood, twisted creatures that feast on the unwary. The humans that are left have set up settlements in previously unpopulated areas but they desperately need the supplies that are still in the cities, under the watchful glare of The Brood. That's where you come in. You're an Outlander, a mercenary with experience entering the Black Zones and bringing things back. Welcome to Sector 44. We could use your expertise.
Rivals: Masters of the Deep - battle for control of the ocean floor with some awesome miniatures (seems to be a theme this week). Each player will pick one of the four factions and assemble a team from the heroes available. They will then move through a hex-grid of terrain known as The Lurk, releasing NPC creatures called Lurkers and exploring coral to gather loot. The last faction standing is the winner. The miniatures in this are some of the coolest I've seen in a while.
Cul-De-Sac Conquest - Do you avoid your neighbors with dread? Well now there's another way. Annoy the crud out of them until they move house! Cul-de-sac Conquest is a take-that style card game where you will be deliberately antagonizing each other in an attempt to get your opponents to pack up and leave. Each character has a rage meter that indicates just how far you can be pushed along with some quirks of personality that indicate what gets you especially mad and what you do that really gets on people's nerves
Tiny Swords - is a small card game with itty bitty swords in it. Each player starts with a hand of 6 cards made up of 3 duel cards and 3 sword cards. Players will simultaneously pick and reveal one of their cards which operate in a paper-rock-scissors style. If you win you draw a card from your opponents hand. If it's a sword card it is removed from the game. If it is a duel card then your opponent counter attacks and draws a card from your hand. Each sword comes with a hilt and a blade (which can be played as duel cards) and a charm which has a unique ability that alters the rules when played. The last player holding sword cards wins the game.

Now we'll move on to campaigns that have launched in the last week:
Centauri Saga - is a really unique idea. A sci-fi co-operative 4X (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate) adventure game. The game begins as your armada successfully jumps into a hostile alien system. What happens next will depend on the scenario that you're playing. In Fixing the Jumpgate you will need to work together to find the components needed to fix the jumpgate all while fending off raiders. In Open Confrontation you will defend the jumpgate from waves of raiders. And in Safe Passage you will be escorting a convoy to their destination while raiders try to stop you. Finally in Home Run, it turns out that half of you represent a different faction and you'll need to fight it out and see which faction gets control of this new sector of space.
Islebound - is the latest game from Red Raven Games and is set in the same world as Above and Below. In Islebound you control a ship and crew sailing from island town to island town. At each stop you might befriend the townsfolk by completing events or conquer them. You can hire new crew, commission building for your capital city and gather resources. As with all of Ryan Laukat's games this one looks amazing and seems like it would play quite a bit differently. Check it out.
"Chops" - the rock'n'roll board game. Play gigs to earn cash and generate buzz. You can spend cash on new instruments, new musicians, and even to pay off disasters like club brawls and broken instruments. At the end of the game the band with the most buzz is the winner.
Wolfstar Heroes - is a card game for 2-4 players with a sci-fi theme. During Earth's first expansion into the cosmos they have encountered a vicious alien threat. Each player will deploy enegy sources which allow them to warp ships in from deep space. These ships can range from quick attack fighters to mighty destroyers. Each ship can be piloted by a legendary hero which will enhance it's abilities as well. Defensive measures are played face down so your opponent won't know what they are until they launch an offensive. Each player has a space station and you win by destorying your opponents while protecting your own.
DEER LORD! - is a strategic party game. The game begins by dealing everyone 5 cards. These card are either a duel which you play and choose an opponent to duel against. The card will dictate the terms of the duel and the other players will determine who is the winner of the duel. The other cards will instruct you to "do something" during other players turns. If you manage to do so without getting caught then you get to claim that card when it comes around to your turn. If the other players suspect you they may shout "deer lord!" forcing you discard the card and draw another. If you are wrongly accused then your accuser has to draw a new card (or discard one of the cards on the table in front of them which may have a special reward). The first player to run out of cards is the winner.
Monster Truck Mayhem - Do you know what day it is? It's Sunday Sunday Sunday! Monster Truck Mayhem is a real-time dice-chucking race game where each player powerslides a monster truck through a crazy course full of obstacles. Rolling the dice will allow you to move 1, 2 , or 3 spaces at a time while tyres and boosts will allow you to push ahead, make it through obstacles or force your opponents to spin out. Each of the monster trucks have their own special abilities that can be used to help you get ahead (or crush your opponents). Along the track there are special spaces that cause the first player to reach them to read aloud (in their best announcer voice) a "Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!" card. C'mon, this game has Truckdor The Burninator. What else do you need?
Queen of the Hill - is a push-your-luck card game with some light take-that mechanisms. On your turn you will draw cards until you decide to stop. Each card has a "battle number" from 1 to 5 which combined will give you a battle score for the round. You want to have the highest battle score at the end of the round which means you need to guess what your opponents have drawn. To make matters worse, if you draw a "dark one" you bust and lose all of your points and end your turn. Finally you can play any drawn character face up which will no longer add to your battle score but will give you a battle ability when it comes back around to your turn.
Eternal Glory - The hour has come for the final battle. Now is the time to prove you are the mightiest warrior. To do so you must pull off 100 kills in the battle. Players will start with a hand of 5 cards and will take turns playing cards (or discarding two cards) always drawing back up to 5. Attack cards are used to defeat enemies as long as you have an axe. Hazard cards are played on your opponents and allow you try and hinder their progress.
Tavarua - is a surfing themed card game from the designer of Xia: Legends of a Drift System (I really wasn't expecting that even though I'm pretty sure I've heard Cody talk about it before). The idea here is that you will paddle out on your surfboard looking for the right wave to catch and then ride it in, maintaining balance and even pulling off tricks to prove you're the best surfer. This is done with simultaneous action selection from the cards in your hand. Each card played will affect your balance on the board and have a power rating. Depending on where you play cards you can either paddle out to sea, paddle in towards shore, recover (if you wipeout), wait, catch and ride a wave. This looks really cool and competetive surfing is a theme we don't see enough of. In case you're wondering, Tavarua is a 29 acre heart-shaped island in Fiji that features 7 surfing breaks!
Princess Bride: I Hate to Kill You - "You seem a decent fellow. I hate to kill you" said Inigo Montoya atop the Cliffs of Insanity. "You seem a decent fellow. I hate to die" responded the Man in Black. Thus begins one of the greatest sword fights in cinema history. This campaign introduces a card and dice game meant to simulate that classic scene. Each player begins with 6 dice and 10 cards. Each turn both players roll all of their dice and play a card to modify the outcome. The player with the most number of swords scores a hit, removing a dice from their opponents pool. Given the quippy nature of the scene I expect such cards as "I am not left handed!" and "You are using Bonetti's Defence against me, ah?" "I though it fitting considering the rocky terrain"...I need to go watch the Princess Bride for a bit. Entertain yourselves or follow along. Either way.
Security Council - after a nuclear war the players are each invited to join a "Security Council" to help bring the world to order. Of course, it should march to your order, no? This is a light wargame played on a map made up of hex-tiles. Players will produce and order units, gather resources, engage in diplomacy and yes, drop the occasional nuke on your opponents.
Wizard Survival - is a card based tower defense style game where each player is a wizard with unique magical ring defending their ancestral home from hordes of mana-infected beasts. Players can play in a free-for-all mode where the last wizard standing is the winner OR you can play in a co-operative mode against 4 devastating bosses designed to push players to their limits.
Pick the Lock - is a simple game of thievery. Each player begins the game with cards numbered 4 through 8. On your turn you will use one of these cards to try and steal a card from the vault or from another player. If you choose the vault then the player on your left will use a "combination deck" to create a lock consisting of 3 face down cards, each of which must be less than or equal to the card you played. If you guess just one of them then you successfully pick the lock and take a treasure. If you steal from a player they get to set the combination but this time there's just a single card in the lock. Each treasure you get brings you closer to winning but also has a special negative effect that makes your collection more vulnerable making it easier for others to steal from you.
Endure the Stars - is a sci-fi co-op fight for survival set in the ruins of the N.W.E. Hikari spaceship. It seems that a year ago the scientists on board were trying to genetically engineer lifeforms to explore the planet below but they somehow got free (I HATE when that happens) and killed everyone on board. Well not everyone. There's still some survivors living on board and now it's time to take the ship back. Or least scavenge for supplies without making too much noise. The Genetically Engineered Planetary Explorer Candidates (GEPEC or GEPs for short) are initially represented as radar blips on the board and are controlled by a random movement die each turn. If you make too much noise those blips will start to move in your direction and it's only once you've got line of sight on them that you'll know whether they're little Swarmers or a massive Titan. With your team of up to 5 crew, complete your mission without being overrun by GEPs over a series of missions linked into a full campaign.

And that's all I have for you this week. What are you backing? What are you playing? What games have you received in the mail but remain on your shelf taunting you because you haven't played them yet? Drop us a comment below and answer these questions! This week I received my copy of Train Heist which has been a lot of fun. You haven't truly experienced the old west until you've robbed a train car while in the same car as the sheriff who missed you because you were going through a tunnel, only to then scramble up to the roof, whistle for your horse and leap on to it's back to deliver your loot to the townsfolk before the train doubles back there. Good stuff. Be sure to check out for your daily dose of Kickstarter Campaigns in the Tabletop Games category. And be back here next week for another edition of Kick the Table. Hi-Yo, Silver! Away!

Your kickstarter weekly summary for Sunday Nov 8 2015
6 projects ending in the next 3 days
External image

1,051.24 % ENDING
Super Dungeon Explore: Legends
Super Dungeon Explore, the chibi board game, returns with LEGENDS — featuring a new starter box, campaign play, and RPG action! (KS link)
External image

534.26 % ENDING
Panzerfäuste: Mechanised Warfare in a Mythical Realm
In Panzerfäuste, armies of Gnomes, Dwarves, Orcs and many others fight a war of attrition across a mythical landscape. (KS link)
External image

115.29 % ENDING
Raid & Trade: War on the Streets
An enemy is rising... gangs, and outlanders exiled from the ruined city. Equip, Craft, Raid & Trade. This is War on the Streets! (KS link)
External image

41.40 % ENDING
Publish or Perish - Clash fun and Science!
A Family Board Game that turns your phone into a Particle Collider! Also teaches kids the scientific method (KS link)
External image

19.88 % ENDING
Devotion (Re-Launch)
Play as one of 12 Gods and Goddesses working to inspire followers and collect piety while spreading your influence throughout Greece. (KS link)
External image

10.59 % ENDING
Gilded Devils
Build a Political or Industrial empire in the Gilded Age in this asymmetrical game of economic warfare, bribery, and skulduggery. (KS link)
25 projects ending in the next 10 days
External image

4,885.30 % ENDING
A semi-cooperative pocket horror game of fear and deduction for 2-6 players. (KS link)
External image

948.37 % ENDING
Cthulhu Wars : Onslaught Two
Cthulhu Wars is the premiere horror strategy game with high quality miniatures and great competitive gameplay and tactics. (KS link)
External image

635.49 % ENDING
Kodama: The Tree Spirits
An inTREEguing game for 2-5 players in 45 minutes or less. (KS link)
External image

535.30 % ENDING
Sword & Sorcery - Epic Fantasy Co-op board & miniature game
The Legend begins! Play heroes of epic stature in this fantasy boardgame, with high-quality figures and amazing cooperative gameplay. (KS link)
External image

333.81 % ENDING
Kill Doctor Lucky
A new deluxe edition of Kill Doctor Lucky, a classic board game from Cheapass Games. (KS link)
External image

315.09 % ENDING
Boogie Dice - Self rolling, sound activated gaming dice!
Clap your hands and Boogie Dice will start to roll by themselves like magic! (KS link)
External image

270.85 % ENDING
Blackout: Journey into Darkness
Blackout is a post-apocalyptic miniatures game set in the Northern Wastes. Blackout offers solo and co-op play for 1-4 players. (KS link)
External image

257.20 % NEW ENDING
Battle Roll - Get It Before The Holidays!!!
An action packed dueling dice game that you can take with you anywhere! (KS link)
External image

239.59 % ENDING
Stormweavers - a card game of cataclysmic proportions
Stormweavers is a fast-paced version of king-of-the-hill that involves magic, betrayal, and survival. (KS link)
External image

215.41 % ENDING
Z War One - Damnation
Z War One - Damnation is the world's first episodic, comic book miniature board game. (KS link)
External image

171.71 % ENDING
ONUS! Rome vs Carthage and Expansions
ONUS! A war game set in the ancient Rome and Greece.
Revive historical battles... Or develop your own! (KS link)
External image

150.05 % ENDING
Cul-De-Sac Conquest - Card Game
In Cul-De-Sac Conquest, players are able to select a character whose sole purpose in life is to annoy their neighbors. Sound familiar? (KS link)
External image

137.08 % ENDING
The Society of Eccentric Inventors
Create remarkable inventions to outdo your fellow inventors. Manage your resources and eccentricities, but watch out for spies! (KS link)
External image

128.96 % NEW ENDING
Norsgard: Second Wave
Two new factions take the field for the Norsgard Skirmish game. The evil elves of Outregard and the fierce Egir Tribe of barbarians. (KS link)
External image

125.31 % ENDING
Trade ingredients, and cast spells in the underground potion market, on your way to becoming the next wizard of the High Council. (KS link)
External image

114.81 % ENDING
Rivals: Masters of the Deep
A tactical Miniatures board game for 2-4 players set in a mysterious underwater realm where 4 factions battle for supremacy. (KS link)
External image

112.93 % ENDING
Reiner Knizia's Circus Flohcati
It's the greatest flea circus on earth! Circus Flohcati is a fun, fast, push-your-luck card game by famed designer Dr Reiner Knizia. (KS link)
External image

95.80 % ENDING
Ghost Hunter: Witches
Compete with the paranormal elite. The Infernal Club must save the land from a coven cackling crones in this bewitching card game. (KS link)
External image

62.74 % ENDING
Cromlech: a dice and card game of magical battle
Build a stone circle and use elemental magic to wage battle in this tabletop dice and card game for 2-4 players. (KS link)
External image

47.54 % ENDING
Now Everyone Get The F%$# Out! A College Partying Card Game
Screw over your friends and manipulate a wild party in this fast-paced college themed card game! (KS link)
External image

47.01 % ENDING
ASSAULT: 19XX Expansion Set
Travel to Tibet in this expansion to the Assault: 19XX game. Fight on brand new battle boards with 45 new weapon and items! (KS link)
External image

39.33 % ENDING
DEADCERT - A Murder Mystery Card Drama (1-6 Players)
A new breed of card game for lovers of murder mysteries.
Set in London 2015, with 72 main characters.
Builds up to 512 murder episodes! (KS link)
External image

28.23 % ENDING
Gambling & Hookers - a NSFW card game
Compete to have the wildest night out of alcohol, gambling, drugs, and hookers. (KS link)
External image

23.06 % ENDING
Yokai Battle
Yokai battle, duel of the Japanese occult creatures, for 2 to 4 players. Playing time: 20-30 mn (KS link)
External image

19.32 % ENDING
Alkemia: Destiny's Recipe
Become the new 'Grand Alchemist' and save Alkemia in this resource management item crafting tabletop game. (KS link)
15 projects launched within the last 7 days
External image

1,569.00 % NEW
Princess Bride: I Hate to Kill You
A daring dice duel for left-handed players (and those not really left-handed). (KS link)
External image

292.50 % NEW
Sail through a mythical archipelago filled with pirates and sea serpents in this board game for 2-4 friends. (KS link)
External image

257.20 % NEW ENDING
Battle Roll - Get It Before The Holidays!!!
An action packed dueling dice game that you can take with you anywhere! (KS link)
External image

179.30 % NEW
Pick the Lock
Pick the Lock is a game of chance and strategy. Attempt to obtain priceless treasures and outwit the other players. (KS link)
External image

128.96 % NEW ENDING
Norsgard: Second Wave
Two new factions take the field for the Norsgard Skirmish game. The evil elves of Outregard and the fierce Egir Tribe of barbarians. (KS link)
External image

99.91 % NEW
DEER LORD! is a party card game with duels and bizarre things for you to do without being exposed by the other players (KS link)
External image

50.53 % NEW
Centauri Saga
Centauri Saga is a Sci-fi, 4X, Co-op adventure board game for 1 to 4 players based on the successful browser game "Universe Online" (KS link)
External image

49.31 % NEW
Treatment - a psychiatry card game
A fun, elegant and inclusive psychiatry themed card game. Become the best and most popular psychiatry professional among your friends! (KS link)
External image

42.64 % NEW
Wizard Survival
A tabletop card game designed for 2-4 players. Survive in Free For All or Co-op modes using magical spells against powerful monsters. (KS link)
External image

39.36 % NEW
Game Over Remix
It's dangerous to go alone, so grab some friends and get ready for Battle Mode in this card game inspired by decades of classic gaming! (KS link)
External image

38.14 % NEW
A 1-6 player tabletop surfing game. Choose a board, paddle out, and catch waves! Show your tricks and prove you’re the best surfer! (KS link)
External image

26.92 % NEW
Monster Truck Mayhem!
The Real-Time, Dice-Rolling, Monster Truck Racing Board Game for 2-4 players! (KS link)
External image

22.84 % NEW
Queen of the Hill
Beware the Dark One! Summon heroes from every corner of the universe and beyond to fight for you! Push your luck and conquer the Hill. (KS link)
External image

13.50 % NEW
Security Council: Build. Expand. Destroy. Secure.
Modular zone-control troop board game with nukes & resources. Incredibly versatile, engaging, and fun! You'll love nuking your friends! (KS link)
External image

0.00 % NEW
Angry Town
The Super Ultra Violent Children's Fighting Card Game for Adults (KS link)

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