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New Game Round-up: Migraines, Thievery, Limbo, Killer Candy, and Drunk Uncles

W. Eric Martin
United States
North Carolina
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Time for another go at cleaning out the inbox, specifically checking out new game links that I had forwarded to myself for investigation but then forgot to check out. Let's sample what I thought was of interest in the past six months:

• Let's start with Hannah Shaffer's 14 Days, which bears the subtitle "A Game About Life With Migraines" and which originated from the designer's own experience: "I didn’t know how to talk to the people around me about how migraines were impacting my life. This game exists to help break through some of the silence and stigma around migraines, as well as other types of chronic pain." 14 Days was funded on Kickstarter in July 2015 and due out before the end of 2015.

• Somewhat along the same lines is Feelings from Vincent Bidault and Dixit designer (and child psychiatrist) Jean-Louis Roubira, with this game originating from a request by the city of Poitiers, France for ways to combat discrimination.

• Designer Dave Chalker already dealt with shady characters in Heat, and now he's doing it again in Thief's Market from Tasty Minstrel Games, in which players divvy up loot dice, then purchase henchmen, plans, and tools to gain notoriety.

• In a tweet chat the other day someone asked my view of the Brazilian game market, and I had to confess to knowing little about it. Now I run across the intriguing-sounding Limbo from designers Davi Lessa and Paulo Luvizoto and publisher Monst3r Factory, but I can't track down whether this game has actually been released. Here's an overview of the game:

Limbo is a board game for 2-4 players, based on the universe created by Neil Gaiman. Players face each other for eight rounds (the eight hours of the child's sleep), trying to influence the movement of the child in main board. To do that, they should put their cards on individual boards, forming combinations of runes, skills and summoning creatures to chase the little one. Players actions must be scheduled, and the cards and creatures can be positioned in future rounds, creating a system that must be planned and thinking beyond the present moment.
Dennis Bennett's Badger Deck, available through DriveThruCards, is an expanded deck of playing cards, with 22 cards in the traditional four suits (0-10, Ace, Jack, Queen, King, Fool(Joker), Wizard, Sorceress, Princess, Hero, Mythical Creature, and Castle). Six additional suits of cards are also available, as are cards numbered 11-20 in the ten available suits. In Bennett's words, The Badger Deck is "suitable for prototyping new games or for playing a whole range of already available (but possibly out of print) games".

Games by Play Date always uses unusual settings for its games, and in May 2015 it released Drunk Uncles, which bears this description:

As idiot uncles attending a family gathering in Drunk Uncles, a press-your-luck card game, you must get as many of your terrible opinions off of your chest as possible before you wear out the welcome of your fair-minded family. Players draft dice to determine their tolerance level and carefully play from their hand hoping to duck under the judgement of their family.
• Another 2015 release from Games by Play Date is The Show Must Go On!, a design for 4-10 players who perform an included play ("Covet Thy Neighbors' Asses!") in teams, with each actor's teammates trying to guess the occupation, motivation or affectation that an actor is attempting to exhibit during their performance.

Games by Play Date has a Patreon page for those who want to receive a short-run copy of each title it releases.

Sweet Nose, from Jason Lin, Frank Liu, and Taiwanese publisher MO ZI Game, is a title that I couldn't help but investigate as I had no idea what to expect. A description:

Welcome to ancient China city! You are a group of tourists interested in its delicious and huge variety of candies. You cannot wait to eat them all. However, legend has it that a guy named Sweet Nose, who also enjoyed the candies of this city, was killed by the thunder. The reason for his death was because he ate too many sweets. Although the legend makes no sense to you, you do not really want to be the one who eats too many sweets. Because the sky of the city is always cloudy, none of you wants to become the next legend.

Sweet Nose is a game of exciting interaction. You will try to eat most types of candy through trading your candy with other players. However, the sweetness of each candy is different for each player. Therefore, to keep yourself from being the one who eats too many sweets, you need to be careful when trading and observe the reaction of other players. In addition, different shops provide different surprises; you also need to take those shops' candies into your consideration. The one who eat the most sweets loses the game, and the winner is the one who eats the fewest sweets.
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