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New Game Round-up: Arkwright Returns, Temporum Expands, and World War I Moves Underground

W. Eric Martin
United States
North Carolina
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Capstone Games is a new U.S. publisher founded by Clay Ross, and it's debuting at the 2016 Origins Game Fair with the release of a second edition of Stefan Risthaus' Arkwright, first released by Spielworxx in 2014.

• Jay Tummelson from Rio Grande Games notes that artwork for an expansion to Donald X. Vaccarino's Temporum is in the works, and he expects the expansion to be available in Q1/Q2 2016.

Heroes and Tricks — coming from Eduardo Baraf, Jonathan Gilmour, and Pencil First Games in 2016 — is a four-suited trick-taking game in which players try to win as many tricks as possible, but each trick is lead by a hero card that defines the target suit and color — and while playing, each player can see only the card most recently played, so they'll need to use deduction in addition to hand-management to get the job done.

Perepau LListosella and Looping Games have an odd couple combo at works in Topoum, due out in 2016. An overview:

1916, Europe: The Great War has ravaged the land. Only one fertile ground remains and it is strongly moles?

In Topoum, you control an army of moles that are fighting for control of a piece of fertile land in the middle of the Great War. Moles are well known for their blindness and, for this reason, you'll earn badges (points) if you can form uninterrupted lines of sight between your soldiers.

!!! Lines of sight for blind moles! What a concept! As for the gameplay, Topoum includes four categories of cards — combat, movement, expansion, and special — and the playing deck is constructed each game from seven types of cards, which therefore changes the playing experience you'll have directing the little mammals.

War for the White House from John T. Douglas, John Kaiser, III and GPAC comes with a shotgun-to-the-face style of presentation:

Launch a military style campaign to capture 270 Electoral College votes by using power and influence to sway the voters, turning hot-button political issues into weapons of mass destruction. Shock and awe your opponents with a devastating arsenal of lethal ordnance to capture Primary and Secondary Objectives and earn the 270 Electoral College Votes needed to win the White House.
Whoa, role-playing a military coup in Washington? Sounds intense! Wait — this game is for ages six and up. Let's look at another part of the description:

Shuffle and deal out all cards evenly to all players. (Players do not look at their cards but keep them in a stack FACE DOWN on the table.) During each round, players take turns drawing and playing their top card. Cards are placed FACE UP on the table. When a player draws a PRIMARY or SECONDARY OBJECTIVE, the player continues to turn over cards until an ORDNANCE card (a numbered card) is drawn. The player with the highest card wins and captures all cards in play.
Ohhhhhh, that kind of war. Well, something new for the kids then...
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