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Kickstarter Weekly Summary - Sunday 13th December, 2016

Mike Minutillo
Western Australia
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Keeping you up to date with Kickstarter Campaigns in the Tabletop Games category
Keeping you up to date with Kickstarter Campaigns in the Tabletop Games category
Hey there Kickers! It's that most magical time of year...Star Wars week! Squeee! Yesterday I got to play Evolution for the first time. I had a blast and my co-operative hard-shelled foragers won me the game! I look forward to trying this one again. I also got to play Exploding Kittens which was fun in a random, don't-take-it-too-seriously kind of way.

The number of live Kickstarter Campaigns in the Tabletop Games category has continued to fall. Right now there's 142 live campaigns (down 23 from last week and down 100 on 2 months ago!). Of those, 51 (~36%) have already funded but only 28 have a related BGG page (that I can find). Let's take a look shall we?

First we'll look at some of the campaigns that are ending in the next week:
Cadaver - is a light set-collection about necromancers trying to raise as many corpses as they can before dawn. Each turn you can lay down two cards from your hands. Card can be corpses (which need resources to raise), resources, accomplices (which help you to draw resources), ghouls (which steal cards from other players), coffin lids (which protect your stuff from ghouls), and coffin keys (which get rid of lids).
Andromeda Fight League - is a tactical space fighter skirmish game for two players. In the initial 2 phases of the game, players will draft fighters, modules, and terrain and then secretly build a starting line-up of 5 fighters. Then the game moves into a battle phase where each players fighters will try and take each other. It's described on the campaign page as a cross between chess and a battle card game. Although this is a 2 player game the base set has enough components to accommodate two simultaneous games and rules for a 4 player game.
Nina and Pinta - is a game of sail where players go out to explore the new world...and two other worlds that lie parallel to it. Each of these 3 worlds can be explored by shrewd captains. This is the latest game from the Rangar Brothers who funded DRCongo earlier this year. It looks very interesting.
Cthulhu Tales - is a storytelling card game for those with not enough Cthuloid stories in their lives. You're all unwilling residents in a sanitorium and you need to convince the staff that you aren't crazy. To do that you must relay your tale of Hor-ror while your opponents all try to interject with just how crazy you sound. When you reach the end of your tale of woe you will receive treatment based on how well you did. At the end of the game the player who received the least treatment is declared sane and is free to go. I'm pretty sure that's how sanitoriums work. And they're still doomed because Ancient Terrible Things lurk in the darkness waiting to devour us all. *twitch* OK, I'll give this game a pass because it has a Gibbous Moon card. Any game with such a card deserves ago.
Mark H. Walker's '65 - is a hex and counter card driven war game. I still don't know anything about such games but people seem excited by this one. It is from the designer of the Lock 'n Load and World at War Series.
Palaces - is a bidding and deckbuilding game where each player wants to build the most spectacular palace tower. Each turn you bid resources from your hand to acquire cards and add them to your deck and to build towers (with these cool little tower pieces).
Magination - is a game with magnets. Magnets are cool. In this case the magnets come in 3 different shapes (and strengths) and different colors. They also some with the rules to a bunch of games you can play with them.
Hogswallow - is a storytelling card game where the cards are vague and impressionistic (pretty sure I'm not using that word correctly). There are 3 different games here. High Hogswallow has everyone working together to create an epic myth. Low Hogswallow requires you to build a better hand than anyone else (and then explain why it's better). Dilly Dallying requires you to play a single card trumping the previous card, again explaining why. This reminds me of a video I saw once of a group of people playing "meta-stones". They had a pile of rocks between them and each turn you'd have to pick up and place a stone and explain why you were doing that and the audience would either allow it or not. Very odd.

Now we'll have a look at some campaigns that were just launched in the last week:
Bay Area Regional Planner - is a negotiation game about navigating the housing crisis in San Francisco. Each player will have a secret policy goal that they want to fulfill over the course of 12 rounds. Each round only 6 housing regions can be upgraded and the whole table must be in agreement about which six so you'll need to make agreements and coalitions in order to achieve your goals. The theme does nothing for me but this sounds strangely intriguing.
Dark Ring: Hong Kong - is an interesting sound card game. There's a whole backstory on the campaign page but essentially there are 3 factions who each want to control these mysterious Orbs that have arrived in a meteor that has crashed into Hong Kong. The players are each representatives of a faction sent to Hong Kong to look for them. To keep things fair the factions have agreed to a competition where no-one knows who belongs to which faction and will "work together" to retrieve the orbs. Whichever faction gets the most gets them all. So each round one player will be "the host". The other players will pass one card to the host who will look at them and place them face down in front of the other players. Then 2 rounds of playing action cards happens. These actions will typically manipulate the face-down cards in some way. At the end of two rounds, each player MAY pick up the face down card and score it (some of them are negative). Then the next player becomes the host. Sounds kind of cool. There's still a heap of spots open at the Early Bird level if this sounds good to you.
Thrones - is a two-player strategy game that promises the best of Cyvasse, Chess, and Stratego. It's played on a 9x9 board that is created by the players at the start of the game. Before the game starts are screen is placed in the 5th row between the players and each player secretly assembles their side of the board. Then the screen is removed and players must work to kill their opponents king or move their king into their opponents fortress. And talk about deluxe versions, this one has a pledge level which is an entire table!
Dungeon Busters - is a card game about slaying monsters for loot. Each round a monster is presented with a value on it. Each player will select a number card from their hand and then players will simultaneously reveal them. If two (or more) players played the same number then they are kicked out of the round. Then the other players check to see if they defeat the monster by collectively meeting or exceeding the monsters value. If they do not defeat the monster then the player who contributed the least will lose all of their gems of a single color. If they DO defeat the monster then the players who contributed the least will get the best reward.
Empires Galactic Rebellion - it's Empires: Age of Discovery in spaaaaaaaaaace! Well, sort of, but it is a Glenn Drover design. Each player represents one of 5 rebel factions opposing the Galactic Empire who want to win the favor of the populace and assert control. The main board consists of 8 planetary hubs and a set of actions. Players will each get 80 works of 6 different types, each of which will receive benefits while executing various tasks. Over 3 epochs of 3 turns each players will command their workers to earn the most victory points before Galactic War breaks out. According to the campaign page this is a follow-up to Empires: Age of Discovery with more direct conflict, more variability, and more Galactic War! No seriously, in the final round the Galactic Empire will launch an all out attack on everyone and you need to have weakened their forces before that happens if you want to survive and be victorious. I'm really interested in this but I dislike the visual look of the game (and also am poor ). I missed E:AoD when it came to KS earlier and an "in space" version is waaaay up my alley.

And that's all I have for you this week. Now I'll go back to standing by my door so I can badger the mailman about my BGG Secret Santa gift (I imagine he feels a bit like this by now). What are you playing? What are you backing? What are you hoping the Christmas elves will hide under your tree? Drop a comment below and let us know. And keep a yuletide eye on to stay up to date on Kickstarter Campaigns in the Tabletop Games category. See you next week for 2 year birthday celebration of Kick the Table.

Your kickstarter weekly summary for Sunday Dec 13 2015
7 projects ending in the next 3 days

293.56 % ENDING
Cadaver - A Card Game For Aspiring Necromancers
Cadaver is a lighthearted game of friendly necromancy! Players compete to resurrect as many bodies as possible! (KS link)

206.73 % ENDING
Red Ops 5: Asylum- A Miniatures Game of Modern Horror
Red Ops 5: Asylum - A Miniatures Game of Modern Horror. A project to create a fast paced skirmish game with gang & horror style minis. (KS link)

192.00 % ENDING
ApocalypZe Card Game - Another Man's Trash Expansion
With the most dangerous people on Earth beating down your door, can you stockpile enough resources to outlast the ApocalypZe? (KS link)

110.16 % ENDING
Nina and Pinta
New World exploration meets quantum physics! A boardgame for 1-4 players. More originality from the Ragnars. (KS link)

91.85 % ENDING
HIRÞ - The Viking Game of Royal Conflict
Challenge your friends in this ingenious and portable game, uniquely crafted to give you the feeling of Viking era gaming (KS link)

57.24 % ENDING
Privateers! The Golden Decade
Competitive game set in an archipelago during the pirate age, full of ships, treasures, colonies and dangers. Help us to make it real! (KS link)

4.43 % ENDING
The 206geek expansion for Cards Against Humanity.
We love to play the game. We love to make up funny cards. So, we decided to make our favorite cards into an expansion deck for you. (KS link)
12 projects ending in the next 10 days

1,176.17 % ENDING
Secret Hitler
A social deduction game for 5-10 players about finding and stopping the Secret Hitler. (KS link)

516.05 % ENDING
Magination - How does it work?
Remember those magnet gifs? This is where you get it! Magination is a magnetic, experimental and creative game akin to a deck of cards! (KS link)

305.27 % ENDING
Heroes of Normandie, strategic resupply
After two years of war, we proudly present you the HoN Resupply KS campaign.
Complete Compendium, storage solution, surprise and more! (KS link)

293.67 % ENDING
Rockwell: The Fluctuating Market
Enhance Rockwell with a market whose values fluctuate. Buying & selling at the right moment is the key to the game for hardcore gamers! (KS link)

178.19 % ENDING
Mark H. Walker's '65 Squad-Level Combat in Vietnam Boardgame
Exciting, card-driven, hex-and-counter board game simulating combat in Vietnam, from award-winning designer Mark H. Walker. (KS link)

119.66 % ENDING
The deck-building bidding game where you build the tallest towers from the most exquisite materials! (KS link)

98.09 % ENDING
Wongamania: Banana Economy - A Game of Economic Manipulation
Manipulate the economy by unleashing financial monsters and accumulate the most money in this fast paced economic game for 2-5 players. (KS link)

60.59 % ENDING
Jewels, a card game for 2 to 5 players. Become the richest merchant in Marylia! (KS link)

55.39 % ENDING
Game Over Remix
It's dangerous to go alone, so grab some friends and get ready for Battle Mode in this card game inspired by decades of classic gaming! (KS link)

49.68 % ENDING
Cibola & Woodlands - 2nd Editions
Two beautiful, fast and clever card games for two to four players. Pledge for one, or both. (KS link)

40.50 % ENDING
Even Rougher (Rough: The Card Game Expansion)
The long awaited 50 card expansion for Rough: The Card Game, Even Rougher is not for the faint of heart! (KS link)

21.40 % ENDING
With All Due Respect: The Party Game
With All Due Respect is a new light-hearted game about what you and your friends really think of each other! (KS link)
2 projects launched within the last 7 days

202.08 % NEW
Dungeon Busters 3-5 Player 20 Minute Filler Family Card Game
3-5 Player Bluffing Game that plays in 15-20 minutes. Dungeon Busters is a quick, light, family filler game for ages 7+. (KS link)

129.44 % NEW
EMPIRES GALACTIC REBELLION! A board game homage to Star Wars
Fight for Galactic Control as a Rebel Leader and Mobilize your Faction to Defeat the Empire! (KS link)

You're going to find that many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view.
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