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Kickstarter Weekly Summary - Sunday 10th January, 2016

Mike Minutillo
Western Australia
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Keeping you up to date with Kickstarter Campaigns in the Tabletop Games category
Keeping you up to date with Kickstarter Campaigns in the Tabletop Games category
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Hey there Kickers! Things are picking up again in the Tabletop Game category of Kickstarter Campaigns with 110 live campaigns (up 15 from last week). Of those, 49 (~45%) have already funded and 23 (~21%) have related BGG pages that I can find.

We'll start by looking at some campaigns that are ending in the next week:
Cleopatra the Queen & The Red Dragon's Lair - The Red Dragon's Lair is a card and dice based fantasy adventure game where your party of adventurers will face encounters, gather loot, level up and eventually face the Red Dragon. This campaign introduces a new character (Cleopatra) and allows you pick up the base game along with expansions and add-ons.
Battlemind - Cyvasse (the previous name of this campaign) is a strategy game played by characters in George R.R. Martin's Song of Ice and Fire fantasy series (that's the source material for the HBO show Game of Thrones). It's only partially described in the books and the team behind this campaign have fleshed it out into a complete strategy card game. Players start by creating a board of terrain cards and then move their character cards across it. Each character has different abilities and moves differently. The game ends when you either capture your opponents stronghold or kill her king. I have no concrete evidence but if I had to guess I'd suggest that the name of the campaign changed after a cease & desist letter showed up. Still, it looks like a solid game, theme or not. Check it out.
The Ninth World: A Skillbuilding Game for Numenera - One billion (with a B!) years into the futures, civilizations have risen and fallen and left behind so much technological detritus that is unfamiliar that it may as well be magic to the denizens of Numenera. Walking through this world is a party of adventurers looking to be the best there is. Each adventurer is described using an adjective, a noun, and a verb phrase, each of which brings a special power. There are 6 prebuilt characters in the box but there are cards that allow you to create your own. Each game will have the heroes exploring around one of the nine kingdoms of The Steadfast. This is done over 9 rounds laid out on 5 cards (you will head outwards for 5 locations and then turn around and come back). The players will be using a hand of skill cards to bid for actions in different phases of each round. Over the course of the game, you'll also be able to upgrade your skill cards to make you even better. The world is fascinating. The gameplay sounds good. Check it out.
Avignon: A Clash of Popes - is a two player microgame about 2 Papal candidates in the 14th century. There will be 5 region cards laid in a line between you with Avignon closest to you, Rome closest to your opponent and Genoa in the middle. You then draw 5 characters at random from a character deck and place them in a line at Genoa. Then you and your opponent will take turns influencing the characters, trying to 3 all the way to your side. On your turn you can bring a character one space closer, send a character one space further away, or excommunicate them (removing them from play and replacing them with a new character. You can also petition a character, using their special ability.

Now we'll look at some campaigns that launched in the last week:
Dead Man's Draw Deluxe Tin Box Card Game - Dead Man's Draw is a push your luck card game. There are 10 suits in the game and 6 cards of each suit. On your turn you will turn cards over until you decide to stop and back what you have drawn or you draw a second copy of a card and bust (ending your turn with no cards. Each of the suits comes with a special ability that is triggered when the card is played. I have played the original and it was fun. This new edition comes in a tin with a porthole (so you can see the game) and has all new artwork.
The Dice Tower - 2016 (Season 12) - I'd be surprised if you were here and had not heard of the Dice Tower. Tom and his team reviewed over 1000 games in 2015. That's nearly 3 per day! They can only do that with the financial support of backers like you. If that's not enough to convince you there are all sorts of promos for all of your favorite games available too. Go back them.
Get Adler! - is a social deduction game for 4-6 players. Adler has stolen some secret documents and you must find him/her and their accomplice Collins. Each character has 4 color features (hat, hair, eyes, coat). During set up, each player gets a secret identity. You also get a hand of cards face down which each allow you to perform some action. Question cards let you ask a player a question, escape cards let you escape (if you're a bad guy) or catch an escaping villain if you're a good player, and so on. If Adler or Collins escape, the bad guys win. Otherwise the good team wins.
Dice Bazaar - is a family friendly dice and card game with aspects of press-your-luck, set collection, trading, and of course, dice rolling. At the start of a game, the merchant will set up shop with 44 product cards in 4 different zones and roll price dice for each item to set the price. On your turn you'll roll your own dice and try to match the price dice on items to add them to your collection. You can also trade in products and unused dice for different products. Whenever a player buys an item the item underneath becomes available but the price dice are re-rolled. It looks really neat and it has a camel. No game with a camel is bad (according to one of the podcasts I listen to).
Cthulhu Deckbuilder - a deckbuilding game with a Cthuloid theme (if you couldn't tell from the title). The players are investigators (which I think is just Lovecraft code for "nosey") who must balance their own sanity while trying to defeat the Ancient Ones and their minions.
GOB'Z'HEROES - You know when two breakdancing crews rock up at the same location and settle their differences with breakdancing. Well replace breakdancing crew with Goblin Band and breakdancing with ... actually breakdancing may an option, I'm not sure. Anyway, that's what this game is. Two teams of goblins face off against each other and attempt to outdo one another. It sounds ridiculous but it's got some beautiful goblin miniatures, great artwork, and it's raised €30,000 already! Any game with an Acid Fart card is worth a look.
VENOM Assault - is a co-op deckbuilding game with a theme inspired by 80s cartoons (like G.I. Joe and M.A.S.K.)! The evil forces of VENOM are up to no good and it's your job to recruit teams of heroes and vehicles to take them out. The hero names like General Steel, Nightshade and Sledge fighting against villains such as VENOM Commander, Vipress, and Roulette I knew this was going to appeal to me. Each round an event of some description will occur that will affect the gameplay for that round, then each player will take turns recruiting new heroes and vehicles, putting together strike forces and going after one of the VENOM leaders on the board. Each VENOM leader will have their own bag of tricks and support cards that you need to be prepared to deal with. Once you take out a VENOM leader you'll get access to the Reward card that they were protecting. Combat is handled with abilities on cards and assembling a dice pool and after each combat you can retire cards from your team (to help thin out your deck and ensure you only get the cards you need). I love the theme on this one and I'm a sucker for deckbuilding games. I'm in. I only wish I could afford to grab the Steel level so I could become a VENOM leader named WOLFBYTE, werewolf hacker extraordinaire!
Dragon Keeper - the dungeon - Dragon's can't protect their loot piles 24x7. They have to go to the shops and stuff sometimes. So they hire former adventurers to protect the loot pile while they're out. And that's you. You're a former adventurer in the employ of a dragon. The board is made up of the box lid, bottom and a special insert which make up a 3 level dungeon. onto which rooms of different colors are played. The dragon starts in the middle of the board and players take it in turns moving the dragon and capturing the room tiles. You will take one tile for yourself and one for your neighbor. Each player is affiliated with one of the room colors and those tiles count as negative against them. Once you can no longer tiles by moving the dragon the round ends and you move on to the next floor. After the 3rd floor the player with the most points wins. It sounds interesting and unique and it's a good look to it. Check it out.
Continental Divide - in the middle of the 19th century America is feeling the pull of the Pacific. Those with money, power and vision are building out rail lines from the Mississippi River to the bustling port cities of the Pacific Coast. Players will found companies, invest in companies, determine share distributions and compete for victory points. This was apparently released as a part of the Winsome Games' Essen Collection - 2013. You can pick up other Eagle-Gryphon games as a part of this campaign too like The Gallerist and Empires: Age of Discovery with some KS exclusives if you missed out on them last time.
Nova Aetas - finally this one funded! This is the 3rd time around for Nova Aetas and it funded in 9 hours. Good. It deserves support. This is a co-op tactical RPG set in an alternative Renaissance world. You and 3 friends will form a band of adventurers who will embark on a quest of 15 linked scenarios which will change based on prior outcomes and decisions and will lead you to one of 3 different endings. Along the way you will encounter AI controlled enemies, craft your own equipment and even follow a branching career path that will let you learn new skills and abilities. It's a box chock full of gorgeous artwork and fabulous miniatures. It even has 3d terrain pieces. Check this one out.
Gossip - is a social deduction card game about office politics. This was is a relaunch of a campaign from last week. Players must work together to find and accuse the office gossips. Unless they are the office gossips in which case they want to spread rumors like butter on toast.
e-SOLO-e - is a two player abstract strategy game. Each player begins with cubes in their color that have 3 symbols on them (one per side and 3 sides blank). Players take turns placing cubes on the board which consists of 5 spaces. You can place a cube on top of another cube if you desire but there must be a symbol facing upwards. Players keep doing this back and forward until one player wins. To do this they need to create 4 in a row of their own color or matching symbol or 2 sets of 3 in a row with the same symbol. This gets way more complex when you consider that you can win from any vantage point. Either looking from one of the 4 sides or from the top. Very intriguing.
The Supershow: Set 2. The Backlash - The Supershow is a card and dice based wresting game for two to six players. On a players turn they can play a LEAD, or if they already have a LEAD they can play a FOLLOW UP or if they already have one of those they can play a FINISH. After you play a card everyone rolls their skill dice and whoever rolls the best draws a card and plays the next turn. Of course each card you play will have some kind of special ability on it that will affect the game play as well and everyone is playing their own fighter with special skills and their own deck. There a bunch of fighters and boxed sets that you can pick up as a part of this campaign.
Mr. Maksimov's Manor - is a bidding and set collection game about villagers rushing to the estate sale of an eccentric old dude who's shuffled off. At the beginning of the game you'll be dealt 3 item cards from the deck and get a handful of bidding tokens. Then each round (of 4) 5 new cards are turned face up and everyone picks how many of their bidding tokens they want to put in. When everyone has chosen all of the tokens are placed into a "bidding bag" and the player who controls the bid will draw one at a time. The player that matches MUST take one of the items on offer (even if all of the options are rubbish). Once all of the tokens or items are gone then a new round begins and all tokens in the bag and face up items are removed from the game. At the end of the game, players will earn points based on combinations of items they managed to acquire and any left over bidding tokens. Sounds kind of cool but only ships to the US

And that's all I have for you this week. What are you backing? What are you playing? What is your shoe size? Drop a comment below and tell us. Next week is going to be interesting because I am flying to Bangkok for work on Sunday so I don't know when/how/if I'll be able to post. I may just give you the automated bit, we'll see.

Don't forget to check out to stay up to date with Kickstarter Campaigns in the Tabletop Games category and be back here next week for another abundant assortment of KS campaigns, here on Kick the Table.

Your kickstarter weekly summary for Sunday Jan 10 2016
1 projects ending in the next 3 days
External image

1,035.00 % ENDING
Cleopatra the Queen & The Red Dragon's Lair
The sexy seductress Queen of the Nile, Cleopatra is an all new character expansion for the Red Dragon's Lair adventure card game. (KS link)
5 projects ending in the next 10 days
External image

1,594.65 % NEW ENDING
Avignon: A Clash of Popes - A two player micro card game.
A pocket sized game of papal influence for two players. Designed by John du Bois with illustrations by Fabrice Weiss. (KS link)
External image

168.69 % ENDING
The Ninth World: A Skillbuilding Game for Numenera
Lone Shark Games' epic card game of exploration and skill, set in Monte Cook Games' Numenera universe. (KS link)
External image

153.16 % ENDING
Phantom Leader Deluxe
Command a Squadron of US strike fighters and fly missions deep into North Vietnam in this fast-paced strategy game! (KS link)
External image

65.48 % ENDING
StrataSphere 2.0: The Simple Game of Strategy and Gravity
The SIMPLE 'out of this world' strategy game of gravity! Support local schools with StrataSphere 2.0. (KS link)
External image

25.27 % ENDING
Shuffling Horror! Gameboard & Card Game Series Premiere
Zombies. Aliens. Lovecraft. Poe. A cinematic card and dice game experience awaits 3-13 players on the new Shuffling Horror gameboard! (KS link)
10 projects launched within the last 7 days
External image

1,594.65 % NEW ENDING
Avignon: A Clash of Popes - A two player micro card game.
A pocket sized game of papal influence for two players. Designed by John du Bois with illustrations by Fabrice Weiss. (KS link)
External image

808.14 % NEW
Dead Man's Draw Deluxe Tin Box Card Game -Captain Carcass!
Dead Man's Draw is a runaway hit from Stardock Entertainment, now get a whole new spin on this classic game in a Deluxe Tin Version! (KS link)
External image

292.00 % NEW
Get Adler! A Social Deduction Card Game
Get Adler! is a 4 - 6 player social deduction card game. This quick & fun hidden identity game is set in London, England - 1937 (KS link)
External image

155.63 % NEW
Nova Aetas: Dark Renaissance Tactical Game
Nova Aetas is a co-operative board game inspired by tactical RPGs, mixing an innovative system of player activation and an original AI. (KS link)
External image

143.47 % NEW
Continental Divide: Railroads, Trains, Stock, Barons & Guts!
Not a game of luck or chance but a competitive struggle of wits, savvy & guile. Survive challenges faced by the Railroad Barons of old! (KS link)
External image

126.47 % NEW
Dragon Keeper - the dungeon
Dragon Keeper is a strategic board game combining collective and individual goals. (KS link)
External image

115.70 % NEW
The Supershow: Set 2. The Backlash
The Worlds 1st unpredictable game is back for a second set! The Supershow "The Backlash" introduces 3 new box sets each with new cards. (KS link)
External image

31.29 % NEW
Dice Bazaar - Dice chucking, card trading, family fun
Welcome to the Dice Bazaar! Roll dice to buy and trade the best products in the market, block opponents, and score points! (KS link)
External image

19.40 % NEW
VENOM Assault
Play as Freedom Squadron as you battle to defeat VENOM, in a co-op, deck-building game with dice based combat for 1-5 players. (KS link)
External image

7.11 % NEW
Mr. Maksimov's Manor
A quick, approachable game of bidding and suspense set during the estate sale of the late, mysterious Mr. Maksimov. (KS link)

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