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Playtesters wanted for the Euphoria expansion

Morten Monrad Pedersen
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Scythe is off to the printer and we’re back to working on the Euphoria expansion. Since the last status update we’ve made some rule changes (more on that later) and we’re starting small scale external playtesting to gauge what the next steps should be.

I’ve recently invited a few groups to playtest, but I’d like to get two more groups on board. So if anyone reading this have played Euphoria previously and can commit to playtest the expansion with a group at least twice in the next two weeks, then please let me know in a comment to this post or send me a geekmail. Your help will be very much appreciated at this crucial time in the project.

The Deviants’ HQ

Since the feedback from Darren’s playtest group and the GenCon tests we made some changes to remove the forced collaboration aspect, which seemed to be holding players back from using the Deviants’ HQ.

We’ve also made tweaks to the action spaces on the HQ so that they follow patterns set down by the artifact markets on the main board and interacts more with the main board. This should make the HQ action spaces easier to grok and feel more integrated with the base game.

An example is the Orphanage. As said it’s modelled on the artifact markets on the main board, so its cost is three artifacts or a pair and it lets you place an authority token on a constructed market and lets you increase an allegiance track by one. The differences compared to the artifact markets are:

1 One of the artifacts in the cost must be a “toy” (balloon, teddy bear, or board game).
2 The allegiance track increased must belong to a deviant faction of your choice.
3 You gain morale as an additional bonus.

The library is cut of the same cloth with changes 1 and 3 being:

1 One of the artifacts paid must be glasses or a book.
3 The additional benefit is that the knowledge requirement for doing underground radio broadcasts is lowered by one.

Thus these action spaces are very similar to the artifact markets, but gives a slight edge to players with deviant recruits and adds some thematic meaning to the artifact types.

The last revision also included a change that delayed the time at which the underground radio broadcasts start, so that there’s time for a bit of tug’o’war over the broadcast knowledge requirement and to give those with hidden recruits of the deviant factions a better chance of joining in.

The Revered Oppressor

One feature in this module is that The Revered Oppressor doesn’t like it if anyone becomes too powerful compared to the others, so she penalizes those who place their last stars ahead of the others. Mechanically this is a slight catch up mechanic.

This mechanic is made so that it’s easy to leave out for players who don’t like catch up mechanics, but for the rest of us, I believe it gives a more tense end game that also makes thematic sense.

We did have some issues with it, though, with some annoying edge cases that made it more complex than we liked, but I think we got those kinks ironed out in the latest revision.

Other than that only minor tweaks have been made to this module.

The other modules

The other expansion modules have remained more or less unchanged and my priority right now is to make a new revision of the new recruits and markets.

I hope I can report on some new external playtests in the not too distant future.

- Morten
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