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A look back at 2015 for RPGGeek (and a look ahead, too)

Jonas (he/him)
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Almost from its inception, RPGGeek as a site and community has set itself goals to reach from year to year, and 2015 was no exception.

How did we do in 2015?

Details can be found here, but I'll give a summary:

Organize 12 PbF games per month (on average)
Stretch goal: 20 PbF games per month
Check! We started 230 PbF games in 2015, just ten shy of reaching the stretch goal. 70% of those are ongoing or were successfully completed. That is an awesome amount of gaming. Kezle has been keeping track of PbF games, for which I'm very grateful. She also provided some stats, so if you're interested, head over to her post.

Run a Newbie (PbF) GMing initiative
Check! This one got rolling right at the start of the year], and Kyle has already set up a new initiative to follow up: 2016 PbF GM Initiative - Now for new and dormant GMs!.

3 Homegrown play events
Steve (our favourite slipperboy) championed these! He organized three events focusing on games and scenarios that were created in design contests here on RPGGeek. The Playtest-A-Palooza 2015 is probably still ongoing.

Run a new PbV initiative/ Virtuacon15
This was a team effort, and though smaller than previous years, the event had people from across the globe hang out together online, chat and play games. There was also another Pandacon, a different format/ initiative, but as international and as much fun as Virtuacon, I dare say.

1200 owners of the RPGG level 1 poster microbadge Microbadge: Level 01 RPGG poster
We started into the year with about 880 users owning that badge. 1200 proved to be too lofty, but we reached the milestone of 1000 level 1 posters, which is still pretty cool. Sure, we are still a comparatively small community, but growing steadily.

Release Raskalar! (Project O.L.I.V.E. Project O.L.I.V.E.)
A small team has kept working on this RPG, and they are close to the finish line AFAIK. But unfortunately we still have to wait a bit for that game. Contact Carrie for details or if you'd like to help!

Run 6 design contests (at least 3 sponsored)
Check! Contests, creative participants, cool prizes. Nuff said.

Run 6 contests not focused on game design
There were a dozen contests during Virtuacon week alone, plus others throughout the year. If I had to single one out, it would probably be the review challenge because of the great user content it brought about. Also, without it we probably would not have met the following goal.

Add 750 new reviews
We actually reached more than 800 new reviews. Great job! (There's a new review challenge you can join: glory and geekgold for your opinion on games!)

Add 750 session reports
We fell short of this goal, although 600 new session reports is nothing to scoff at. For whatever reason, session report numbers have always been lower than reviews (at least during the last couple of years), so the goal was probably a bit too optimistic.

Reach 45,000 rpgitems and 10,000 rpgissues
We did it. Over 6,000 new rpgitems and over 1,000 new rpgissues were submitted last year, which is mind-boggling. Hats off to all data submitters. You're contributions make sure that RPGGeek continues to be the most comprehensive RPG database on the planet.

Reach 5,500 rpgs and 800 periodicals in the database
Check. We got more than 1,000 new RPG entries and more than 100 new periodical entries in 2015.

Reach 85,000 articles
Stretch goal: 88,888 articles

These were rather ambitious goals, compared to our respective increase in previous years. We've blown past them. In fact, we've reached 100k articles in December.
You might think there's an end in sight. It isn't. If you'd like to be part of this huge success, join the RPGG Heroes guild and post your article submissions to the appropriate thread (and earn geekgold)! Ask for pointers if needed.

Publish 12 interviews
Personally, I had hoped to contribute more towards this goal. Thanks to interviews done by Keith and Steve D., we published nine interviews in 2015. I'm a big interviews fan, so I hope to see new interviews on RPGGeek in 2016.

4500 Twitter followers
Stretch goal: 5000 followers
Our twitter account is now at over 4,700 followers. You're such a lovely audience, we'd like to take you home with us. Thanks to Dave who managed the account and built our following through the years.

Hold, host and award the GM'ies
The idea was to host an award in various categories, like Most Epic Battle, Best Location Description, Best NPC... (See the original discussion here.) Unfortunately, Tyraziel had to drop this, and since no other volunteer stepped up...

All in all it was a rather successful year. Lots of great initiatives, events, and games organized in and by our community, and an incredible amount of submissions to the database.

So, what's ahead for this year? I don't know, but I've asked for your suggestions for new goals. The outcome of the discussion follows below:

Our goals for 2016

Organize 200 PbF games
Stretch goal: 240 PbF games
1150 owners of the RPGG level 1 poster microbadge mb
Stretch goal: 1200 level 1 posters
700 owners of the RPGG level 2 poster microbadge mb
Stretch goal: 750 level 2 posters
Hold 3 RPG Math Trades with an average participation of 25 users (or more)
Reach 5500 Twitter followers @rpggeek
Stretch goal: 6000 followers
Reach 500 followers for RPG Geek on G+
Reach 500 members of the RPGGeek community on G+
Run 12 design contests or challenges (at least 3 officially sponsored)
Add 800 new reviews
Add 600 new session reports
Reach 53,000 rpgitems in the database
Reach 6250 RPGs in the database
Reach 11,111 rpgissues in the database
Reach 900 periodicals in the database
Reach 125,000 articles in the database

If you'd like to help out or follow along, go to RPGG Goals 2016 - Progress
Keep being awesome. (You have nothing to prove.) Thanks for being part of RPGGeek!
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