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The Week - 25/01/2016 to 31/01/2016

Paulo Renato
Vila Nova Gaia
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I run through Rahdo's Runthroughs and make right what once went wrong (via annotations)
Hey everybody,

The past week was an excellent week, why? Because the best Con in Portugal took place and I was there

but the week started on Wednesday

WEDNESDAY 27/01/2016

We started the gaming night by returning to:

Shadowrun: Crossfire with Shadowrun: Crossfire – High Caliber Ops

We finally ended Pandemic Legacy last week, so we returned to our Shadowrun Campaign...

The expansion brings some very cool things to spice up the game...

The first thing is the two new roles you can use, the Drone Rigger that can be used instead of the Street Samurai or the Decker Role... and the Social Adept that can be used instead of the Face or the Mage roles.
This is a pretty cool thing because the starting deck for these roles are more weighted towards the tow roles they can replace, having 3 basic cards of each of those colors and 1 red card in the case of the Drone and a Black card for the Social Adept... this will also cause those players to not have a blue card / green card respectively...

I played with the Drone Rigger and liked it a lot because it allows for the black market to be a bit more open to buy cards from the two roles.

The other very cool thing about the expansion are the Black Market cards with 2 colors, they count has both colors for card effects and are usually very powerful and useful!
There are a lot of new Black Market cards too that get a new needed variety in the cards on display!

New obstacles to face too with cool new abilities like Lethal (now you can go straight to Critical when facing obstacles with that power, or the ones that the player facing them can't talk.

There's also a ton of new upgrades and 5 new Missions to do... I haven't looked at the missions, we still have only played the Crossfire mission so it's not a critical thing for the expansion

The first Round of the First scene was a bit harsh... the crossfire card was pretty rough and we lost 3 or 4 health each!
But the second crossfire card was very nice, it allowed us to heal back half of the health we had lost!! Say what, a good Crossfire card?!?!?!?!? If it stayed it would blow and cause 2 damage o everyone but we were able to finish the Scene and avoid it

Overall, we didn't have much difficulty winning this one, we were able to finish the 3 Scenes in 6 Rounds and are now at 20 Karma Points! So NEW UPGRADES!!!
They have chosen the new upgrades, I still have to chose mine

10th Run - 1 Danger Zone (to get +3 Karma)
Successful Mission +4 Karma Points

Me - Human - Drone Rigger = 20 Karma Total - Just Tough
Tiago - Dwarf - Decker = 20 Karma Total - In Training
Nuno - Troll - Face = 20 Karma Total - Got Your Backs
Duarte - Ork - Social Adept = 20 Karma Total - In Training

Run History:
10 Runs - 5 Success - 4 Abort - 1 Fail

To finish up the night we played:

Mission: Red Planet (Second Edition)

I was itching to play this one for several past weeks but never had much enthusiasm by the other players but finally that night Duarte told me to put it on the table because he knew I really wanted to play

And we all enjoyed the game very much...

I like Simultaneous Role selection (like Libertalia). The gameplay is simple and fast... it's a bit chaotic too with all the special powers and abilities but with the rounds passing it becomes easier to try to predict what the other players want to do and what cards they might play.
So, there are good decision to be made in this one!

(First Ships to Launch!)

The component quality is excellent, the astronaut meeples are just great and add flavor to the game.
The ship cards and launch pads are just awesome in the way they seamlessly blend when the ships are in the launch pad! Great design.

It's a very fun fast playing game!

(The Red Planet at the end of the game!)

Me - 49
Duarte - 44
Tiago - 39
Nuno - 27

FRIDAY 29/01/2016

And it's LEIRA CON time!!!

The biggest and best Con of Portugal, most of the Portuguese Boardgamers gather in this con for 3 days of non-stop play!

We arrived around 11:30 AM and I immediately got tasked of explaining Nations to a very friendly couple...

Then it was time for lunch!

(The Look of the Used Game Sale Table)

After lunch it was time to play the first game of the con and it was:

Grand Austria Hotel

This is truly a great game that I saw being played a lot during the Con

(I think you can tell we were having fun)

And just look at the background of that picture... Blue, Yellow and Red Rooms!! I stayed in a Yellow Room!

My hotel was the best one and the Emperor was very pleased with it right from the start until the end of the game!

(The Best Hotel in all of Austria!)

Me - 170
Sara Rodrigues - 156
Vital Lacerda - 116


After finishing Grand Austria, I explained Elysium to the same couple I had explained Nations earlier, they liked both games a lot Mission Accomplished

After Dinner it was time for the final game of the night:

Porta Nigra

This was one game that I had on my "To Play" list and I'm very glad I did... I liked it a lot!
Really like the "rondel" mechanism to Buy bricks and to build on specific regions of the board... The set collection of the different building parts and with specific bricks... the Selection of the card to use and what actions on that card to perform and finally the competition for majorities in the different parts of the board...

It's an excellent game, full of tough decision to be made... really liked it.

It also looks awesome on the table!

(Lots of Building around the Porta Nigra)

Me - 192
Sara Rodrigues - 155
Cláudia Rodrigues - 140
Vital Lacerda- 127

Friday was mostly spent walking around and talking to lots and lots of people Love it!!!

And just take a look at the "main" game room at around 2AM:


SATURDAY 30/01/2016

Saturday stared with a Playtesting Session for:


It had been awhile since the last time I played Lisboa and let me tell you, the game evolved significantly... it was already a very good game but Vital Lacerda made some changes and many little additions that made the game even better.

The session run a bit longer than excepted because the other 3 players usually play lighter games and this one has a lot to sink in, so it was a bit difficult to digest everything, one of them was a bit sick also and he even got replaced by Vital at some point because he had to go take a medicine to try to get a bit better

Vital made a lot of playtesting during the Con and he wasn't pleased with the way the game was ending, but I was invited to participate in a new playtesting session to take place this or the next week over tabletopia to test a new set of ideas that Vital was very excited about

(There's a Lot Going On in Lisboa!)

Me - 74
Miguel Ferreira - 61
Vital - 54
Luis Pedro - 19

After Lisboa I went on to play another game I was very eager to try:

Gold West

I've hearing a lot of good things about this one and really wanted to play it and fortunately I was able to

The game is very well designed, very smooth and it's fast making it an accessible game for newcomers but also very engaging to experienced gamers due to the "Mancala" mechanism present in the game and where to go Mine next...

(My Player Board)

I really liked the game, it's nothing mind blowing but it's a very good one, I wouldn't mind adding it to the collection but it's crazy expensive in Europe (the cheapest I've found costs €50) so I'll wait to see if I catch this one on a future sale.

(A Lot of Mining was done in Gold West!)

Tiago - 84
Duarte - 80
Juliana - 77
Me - 70

This was part of the Raffle Stand, some games had already been won;

There were some cool games, and I had my eye on 504 from the start... some people gathered around and we took turns buying raffles and no luck!

At some point Cláudia was saying that there weren't that many raffles left, Carlos was saying that there more than 100, cláudia counted them and it was 55... and I say: "I buy them all!!!"
So, €55 adding to the previous €12 I had spent makes a total of €67 and I get:
Last Train to Wensleydale
Mutant Meeples
4x Football Stars: Jogo de Cartas Ilustradas

A gaming Calendar and a small book that has some games

I know this is a cheeky move but man, I saw the opportunity and I took it!! arrrh

Since I already owned most of the more interesting games I sold them on the spot for a very good price, so good that 4 of them were sold in less than 5 minutes!

I was another fun part

And since Vikings games are the new Black:

Raiders of the North Sea

This was one game I debated getting on Kickstarter, I ended up not backing it because there were several people in our game group backing it so I didn't feel the need!

Now it was time to play it and I have to say this is a very very cool game!

It's simple, each turn you place a viking on one location of the board and perform it's action and then you take one other viking of the board and do the action of the place he was in. Very simple!

You start the game gathering supplies and forming your crew to get on the boat and cross the North see to go Plundering and Conquering new lands and it's riches, so you stick to doing action on your village, then you go and Raid... and prepare for the next raid and so on!

This is another game that's accessible to new comers, it's also beautiful! The Board is very well laid out and the artwork on the cards is stunning... amazing jog on the art aspect of the game! (Should have taken some photos cry)

I've to say, I regret not backing this one!

Me - 44
Sara - 39
Duarte - 37
Tiago - 31

To end this long gaming day we decided to play another light game:

Dice City

This was a game that I considered buying but ended up not doing so and I'm glad I didn't go for it... not that it's a bad game, it isn't, it's just not a game that I enjoy that much.

It's simple and fast, it has dice and some mitigation of the dice.

I Like the art of the game, the cards could be a little bit bigger, but that would mean that the player boards would also have to be bigger and they are pretty big already...

I won't go into much more detail about this one, just suffice to say that I'll play it again if requested but I doubt that I'll ever be the one requesting it

(I Built this City on Dice and Roll!!!)

Me - 24
Tiago - 20
Duarte - 20

After that game, a group of us gathered outside, because it was hot (/end sarcasm), and despite the cold we stayed there for about 2 hours just talking about games and the experiences we had with them, talking about good and bad games, exchanging arguments and throwing insults around
It was the best part of the Con!! There were people laughing so hard they were crying!!!

I ended up going to bed at 4AM!!


SUNDAY 31/01/2016

I woke up a little groggy, needed to sleep more but the games don't play themselves so I got up, had breakfast and went up for a game of:


This is an older game, it's a Splotter Spellen game form 1999!!!!

The art of the game is so awful it ends up being good!!! devil
The names of the neighborhoods are awesome, they are all related to board games!

(Starting the Game)

In this game we have a BUS company and want to transport people to their Jobs, to the Bars and Home! each turn these people will want to go to a specific place and you'll try to beat the other players and be the one to transport more.

Be aware, this is a very very cutthroat game and it's AWESOME!!!
You have 20 action cubes to spend during the game, so you can do 20 actions the whole game and you are required to place at least 2 of them per round... I won't go into detail on how the actions are resolved but it's a very cool and different system, and sometimes, either by poor planning or by the aggressive plays of the other players you might not be able to do anything with one of the actions you selected, hell, it may even be that you won't be able to do anything!!!

So, you are always engaged, you are always watching what others are doing and if they can mess with your plans or if you can mess with theirs!

There's even an action to Stop Time!!! Like I said each round, the people will want to go Home, to the Bar or to Work... in one round everyone will want to go to the same type of location and there are several around the board that the players will be placing as an action, the spaces are marked with letters from a to D and you have to fill up all the A places before going to the B's and so on...
So when you are starting a round you know where the people will want to go and prepare for that by placing tracks, etc... Unless I see what you are doing and I just decide to Stop time and so people will want to go to the same place they did the previous round, meaning that a LOT of the people on the board will already be at their destinations, so there will be almost no one to transport and your best laid plans are all destroyed!! devil
That will get me a negative point at the end of the game for each time I did that and this is a game with such a low scoring that it's a costly action to do... but it's also the tie-breaker!! If tied, the person that did this the most will win!

(The Entanglement of Bus Lines Around the City!)

I really liked the game, it was one of the good surprises of the Con, sure there are more evolved games now, this ends up being simple and fast once you understand the flow of the game and the actions, but it's so much fun!

It needs to get reprinted!!

Cláudia - 9
Tiago - 8
Duarte - 7
Me - 6

To end the gaming part of the Con:

Glass Road

It was my first time playing it and I loved it, so much so that a copy is already on route to me

Love the card play and trying to guess the cards that the others will play and see if I can cripple their moves and also benefit from them...

The Production wheel is also pretty cool and different from the normal type of production you have in games because one you have the resources it automatically produces the most it can produce and that way it will deplete your resources, so you have to manage it very carefully because sometimes you need the final products to be able to build a building but other times you need the basic resources and you have to be careful to get the right one so you don't produce and lose the resources you just got!

Really really cool game!

(Glass Roading!)

Biscaia - 22.5
Me - 21
Tiago - 20

After that final game, there was an Auction for some of the New Games that were being sold in the Store of the Con and some good deals were made and I ended up getting Porta Nigra and Bretagne.

This Con was a blast! And I want to start by thanking everyone from the Spiel Portugal Team for all the hard work they did to get this awesome Con going and making it a tremendous experience for everyone that attended!

(A Huge game of Memoir 44 going on)

I also want to give praise to all the participants for making this a fun event, I didn't see any problems at all, just a LOT o people having fun together and playing great games!

The staff of the Hotel was also very welcoming and I really like the venue!

The only bad thing about this event is that it's only once per year!!! We need more Leiria Con!!!!



Entering the Collection:
- Three Kingdoms Redux
- Lignum
- Trickerion: Legends of Illusion
- Vasco da Gama
- Goa
- Tales of the Arabian Nights
- Famiglia
- Porta Nigra
- Bretagne
- 504
- OddVille
- Mutant Meeples

Left the Collection
- Above and Below
- Android: Infiltration
- The Resistance: Avalon
- Hollywood
- Rialto
- Life Manager
- Agora
- Favor of the Pharaoh
- King of New York
- Kraftwagen
- Praetor
- CV
- Last Will
- Friday

This week a lot of movement due to the LeiriaCon Mathtrade, the Raffles and the Auction!!!

I decided to take the "Kickstarter Corner" from the Weekly Report so I don't keep repeating the same post over and over while the campaigns are running... it was also getting a bit too big for the overall length of the Reports...
So I decided that I will make individual Blog posts for the Kickstarter Corner, they don't have a specific time frame, I will make them when I find a new project I'm backing or considering backing or when a KS gets delivered...
What do you guys think of that change?

Have fun guys and has always, thank you for reading, commenting and thumbing
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