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In this blog I'll share some ideas about how a board game can be expanded. My main interest at this moment is Eldritch Horror, but this may change in the future.
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Krzysiek Domański
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As some players seem to be missing the Relationships from Arkham, I'll try to design an EH prototype.

Let's start with AH relationships summary:
For each pair of starting investigators one relationship was selected at the beginning of the game.
Each gave some small bonuses for both investigators.
If one of the investigators was killed, the Relationship card was discarded.
No new Relationships are drawn during the game, so replacement investigators aren't as closely collected as the "old friends" that started the game.

In AH, the Relationships only had upsides, making the game a little bit easier.
With EH double-sided cards, we could look at the other side of the coin. What happens when your best friends dies? Or when your business associate goes insane?

Here are some example relationships:

Fellow Adventurers

Front Side:
Any Task possession one of the partners has, is treated as thought it was possessed by both partners.

Back Side:
Lost Puzzle Pieces
Discard all tokens from Task possessions any of the partners had.
Then discard this card.

Design Notes:
This allows the investigators to both progress on the same task without the need to spend time to trade it.
However, when one your partner dies, the progress gets messed up.

I'll Vouch for My Friend

Front Side:
Whenever one of the partners would gain a Deal condition, the other partner may choose one of the following:
• He also gains that Condition.
• He gains that Condition instead of his partner.

Back Side:
Bad Reputation
You can't choose to gain any Deal condition.

The Darkest Pact

Front Side:
When one of the partners would be defeated or devoured, instead that investigator loses all but 1 Health, and all but 1 Sanity. These losses can't be prevented.
Then flip this card.

Back Side:
Old Debts Come Due
Both partners gain a Dark Pact condition. If any of them already had a Dark Pact condition, instead he flips his Dark Pact Condition.
Then discard this card.

Business Associates

Front Side:
When one of the partners performs an Acquire Assets action, he may allow his partner to gain any cards purchased.

Back Side:
Business Problems
Roll 1 less die during the
From gallery of Ignipes
test made as part of an Acquire Assets action.

Fates Intertwined

Front Side:
Once per round, during the Action Phase, partners may trade any number of Conditions, Focus, Improvement Tokens and Impairment Tokens.

Back Side:
Fate's Burden
Discard all Improvement tokens and all Focus Tokens.
Then discard this card.

Mystical Connection

Front Side:
When one of the partners passes a
From gallery of Ignipes
test while resolving a Spell effect, he may give that Spell to the other partner after resolving its effects.

Back Side:
Severed Connection
Flip each spell you have, resolve the effect on it's back as if you had rolled only 1's on your
From gallery of Ignipes
If the spell effect refers to "that investigator" or a chosen investigator, you must choose yourself. If the spell effect refers to any other token or space, you must choose the nearest token or space of the indicated type.
Then discard this card.

Rules and notes:
1. A Relationship is possessed by both partners at the same time. It can't be traded, and most game effects won't affect it.
2. If one of the partners is defeated(/insane/devoured) the other partner flips the Relationship card.
It's an extra rule to remember, which FFG tries to avoid in EH.
This can be solved by making Relationship cards large. The deck isn't touched after setup, so it shouldn't be cumbersome. In this version you can fit much more text on the card.
Most of the above examples should fit on small card though.
3. Most of the Relationship backs refer to "you" instead of "partners", as only one of the partners is left.

What do you think?
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