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In this blog I'll talk about various miniature games. Custom miniatures and minor conversions are my favorite pastime. I'll cover scenery making and painting too. The WIP you'll see here is all about Necromunda, Epic 40,000, Warhammer Fantasy 5th Edition, Warmaster and Warhammer 40K 3rd Edition.
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Mordheim Highwayman

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Roaming the woods and secluded byways of the Empire, highwaymen prey on the many coaches and wagons foolish or desperate enough to travel there. These are dark and dangerous men, often employed for their knowledge of cargo charters and skill at ambush. Oft they appear to the naked eye, bereft of their blackened garb, as foppish, charming characters, but that ruse is a genteel masquerade as their cruelty and viciousness will testify. Deadly pistoliers and expert riders, they are an asset to any warband but watch your back, for they are untrustworthy, self-serving men. (as appeared in Town Cryer 26 and Empire in Flames)

I can't keep ignoring Mordheim. I've been playing, converting and collecting Necromunda so much that I have to make a sidestep into Necromunda's Fantasy equivalent.

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The official Mordheim books and miniatures are even more expensive than those for Necromunda. Let alone a mint set with cardboard scenery! The picture above is a Highwayman miniature by Games-Workshop. I never bought it because I thought it to be too expensive (like almost every GW miniature). So now I have to make my own version. Here goes...

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I had a damaged horse from Battle Masters in my bits box. It was missing its tail. So I added a scalp from a plastic Skaven banner.
The body and legs from the rider are unknown to me. I received them in a lot from eBay.
His head and arms are from the Empire Free Company sprues. (I am using that plastic regiment set to create my human warband for Mordheim. More of them in the near future.)

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A sheated sword from a High Elf on his back finished the job. I had to add a sword because the unmounted miniature version also has a sword.

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From gallery of toco

I wanted to use this miniature as the leader of my warband at first. But he'll be a hired gun. Quite literally.
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