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We do do quite a bit of gaming through the week. And all we get at the end of it is me posting a Play. So I though I'd set this up and then I can add any kind of detail and discussion I wish.
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A return to the 'Geek

Matt Walton
United Kingdom
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It’s been a while, but I’m hoping to get back into this, and get back on BGG more regularly.

My week in gaming...

Arkham Horror has seen the table a couple of times this week, Quachil Uttaus attacked last Thursday Night, finding our party of Patricia (Kelifer), Roland (Me: Devoured), Rita Young (Me) & Trish (EmmaJane) to be too strong as he was sealed away (OK, he was 1 turn of a card away from waking and consuming us all, but in Arkham a marginal victory is a massive victory). Kelifer and I had rather less success against Nyarlothotep and his Dark Pharaoh herald.

Elder Sign is still a favourite having seen the table a few times, most notably when my ‘not geeky enough for BGG’ friend Daniel showed up on Friday. I tell you what, that FFG Video is awesome for saving time on rules explaining. As far as I know, Daniel has never lost his first game of anything, and Friday was no different, good job we were on his side this time! Yig was finally sent packing by a successful visit to R’lyeh. I know ES can throw up a few easy wins, but it’s still fun to play and throws up just as many hard fought wins and a fair few losses. Monday night saw a last dice victory for Kelifer and me against a very much awake Cthulhu.

Saturday night was fun. The ladies were having a ‘girls only night’. Darren, an enthusiastic newbie to the hobby came over. He’s a map geek. So I intruded him to the Ticket to Ride series with a game of Ticket to Ride: Europe, Carcassonne (via the travel edition) and finally (quite bazarrely) Early American Chrononauts. As if anyone was keeping score, I won TTR by 10 points (we shared longest route), he won Carc by a mile (damn, he caught on to farming strategy quick!), and EAC, also him. I was attempting to patch my way to a 10 card hand and patched him to an ID victory. Must get him into a FLGS sometime soon. And get him off that god awful cider stuff.

Games Club Cannock is mainly RPG oriented club that meets each Sunday evening just up the road from me. I’ve been trying to get them boardgaming for years with only limited success. This week was the last in a 5 week block of Traveller (Classic). A new game for me, but an old game by all accounts. Character creation was a blast, it could be made into a game in it’s own right. It’s certainly the only game I know of where you can actually DIE during Character creation. I’m on my 3rd character. My first, a Vargr called Fugh (rolled randomly, honest) died horribly in an explosion during session 2, my second didn’t die so much as get locked away for 15 year for murder, that was in session 3, my 3rd character, ‘Marshall’ has now survived 2 complete sessions (but has just docked his employers ship at a naval base, with a corpse in the cargo hold and the bright red contents of his attaché case’s security system all over the air raft hold, so, business as usual then!)

The Tuesday night group meets at the home of Tom and Elly (velvetfeet). It’s a like a side project from Games Club Cannock. This week saw the opening session of Colin’s RuneQuest campaign, which sees Tom and Myself taking up the roles of brothers. Troll brothers. Elly and Gez are a pair of ducks and Tiddy, although absent this week, will be the only human in the party. Session 1, then, saw us arrive at the city. After a short fracas with a bunch of local miscreants, we all ended up in the local jail awaiting trial the following morning. That’s as far as we got.

Other Gaming Related Musings...

I’m a big fan of Flying Frog Productions games. I've just decided that I want Fortune and Glory: The Cliffhanger Game. Real expensive though. Just hope it’s worth it.

Still want to get hold of Arkham Horror: Miskatonic Horror Expansion to complete my Arkham setup.

Looking forward to MoM’s first real expansion and getting the second POD one from the BoardGameGuru, when he gets it.

Listened to the Dice Hate Me podcast, because of the Richard Launius interview (to be fair, I’d never heard of it before it was posted in the ES forums). Highly enjoyable. Cheers guys. Got me interested in Defenders of the Realm (had heard of it, but knew nothing about it). It just went on my wishlist somewhere near the top. Talking of new Launius games, Run, Fight, or Die! looks interesting from LNLP. I’d P500 it, but the UK shipping is so much that it’ll almost certainly be cheaper to wait for the Guru to have it in stock and get it from him. Same goes for Zombie War.

Off Topic Musings...

Machine Head’s new album, ‘Unto The Locust’ is out, and after 3 or 4 listens, I’m still undecided. It certainly has some excellent moments; ‘Locust’, the pre-release single, is one of the best tracks I’ve heard for a long time.

Another thing that has been on the table a lot this week has been my latest batch of homebrew. Very tasty. If anyone wants to emulate it, it’s Woodford’s Nelson’s Revenge. The Halloween brew is now in the barrel. Hope it’s ready in time! The other beer worthy of note this week is Profanity Stout from Williams Brothers. It really is f*****g good stuff, quite strong though, a bit like the language if forces from you when you first taste it!
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