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How does one Mann-age?

Jaime Lawrence
New South Wales
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Jingle Bells, Cthanta Smells, I will kick his ass
Because I am an awesome Crab with style, charm and class, oh!
I look so tired cause I don't get much sleep
And I've got too many commitments that are too hard to keep

-- Billy Joel

This time of year (September - December) is always a busy one and I'm likely to see less of you guys over the next little while than I'd like, so I thought I'd put up a little update of what's happening and where I am for the next little while.

What I'm doing out in the real world

I wish the real world would just stop hassling me.

-- Matchbox 20

Towards the end of October, my students who are in their final year of school will be sitting the Higher School Certificate Exams - the ones that they have to do well in to make it to university, for the benefit of my international friends. This is a twofold stress because as they come closer to the exams, they start to submit more and more practice work and ask for more consultation with me, as well as the fact that I'm a senior marker of said exams.

The marking operation goes for about 3 weeks and involves working 4-9pm (on top of a regular school workday) four days a week, plus 9-5pm Saturday. This means that I have Sundays to recover before going at it all again.

Reports are also due this time of year, so between the moments when I'm teaching classes and planning, I have to write those and proof read everyone else's (as I'm the Year Adviser for Year 11 - think of Professor MacGonnagal from Harry Potter - I've got her job, minus the fun magical stuff).

Having recently relocated our staffroom, all my stuff is in boxes. Thankfully, as of last week, I have some bookshelves, so I can start unpacking those boxes in my moments of leisure...

What I'm doing on the Geek

And early morning when I wake up
I look like Kiss but without the make-up

-- Robbie Williams

Well, I have a large bag of magazines and articles that need entry into the RPG database as well as a few fruit boxes full of videogames and packages that need to be scanned and uploaded to the VGG database. Of course, those take a backseat to the ongoing commitment I have to the Iron Reviewer contest.

I have a Geeklist in the works that looks at the early RPGGotWs and how they would respond to the newer questions being asked since the usership of the site has increased. Speaking of Geeklists, [geeklist=72928]this one[/geeklist] has really caught my eyes and you all know how I love Microbadges...

Oh, and I'll of course have to set up a voting thread for the RPGGSSC

The entries are looking quite amazing, by the way. I'm very much looking forward to seeing which game you all want to play...

What I'm doing in the gaming world

These foolish games are tearing me apart

-- Jewel

Tomorrow I should be picking up Star Trek: Fleet Captains while I'm at the FLGS for my regular Legend of the Five Rings tournament (I've become the organiser of those too, lately - ain't life grand?). On Tuesday night, I'll be at said FLGS (Good Games Burwood) demoing some board games, then Friday it's maybe-RPG, maybe-Board Games with my regular group (personally, I'm really itching to run/play Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (3rd Edition), but at the moment that's probably a pipedream at best).

Next weekend, I'll be attending a Star Trek Customizable Card Game (Second Edition) tournament. I've discovered this game recently, having played the first edition a lifetime ago. It's remarkable for the fact that Paramount has let the fans use the IP to make their own printable expansions, as Decipher folded the game up five or six years ago. It's also a lot of fun and worth checking out for Trekkies and CCG players alike - have a look at

What I'm doing with my family

Without you, it's no fun
It's like a total eclipse of the sun

-- Smashmouth

That's right, I have all these wonderful people that I love to fit in there somewhere as well! Is it any wonder my to-do list never shrinks...

My 16 month old daughter is now walking, talking and waving hello to anything animate. My son, now 4, is obsessed with Lego, in particular Hero Factory and Ninjago. This is cool for me, because I'm also a big fan! We also introduced him to Seven Dragons the other day and he loves it!

Alice, my better half, has made it clear to me that I have to buy fewer games and save for a bigger house to store the ones I have, so I'll probably only be involved in the RPG Secret Santa (and T.O.S.S.E.R) this year, even though I had a lot of fun last year with the others.

I can only love her more for the fact that she keeps me grounded. Is it weird that I like to be nagged, just a little bit?

The Point!

Is that I'm going to be crazy-level busy over the next few months. I feel like every time I post, it's about how I'm not going to have time to post, but really, I'll be checking in daily without having time to contribute a lot. Pull up a pew in the Tavern and have mug of Stelio's Owlbear Honey Toblerone sometime, but if I don't answer back it's because I'm mentally writing a to-do list
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