The biggest lie on Boardgamegeek - OR - My resolution

I'm going to lie now, yes, LIE. I'm going to tell an outright lie and I am going to believe it when I say it, but it will still be a lie. It might not be a lie today, might not be a lie tomorrow, or next week, but one day, down the line it will become a lie. You understand that I am going to try to keep this from becoming a lie for as long as possible, but here it comes. The biggest lie on boardgamegeek. I am going to stop buying games and instead play those games I already own. See, not a lie now, but someday i expect it to turn into a big lie.
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The implications of my lie and the first week of it not being a lie.

Stig Morten
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I have 38 games that I am going to play since I have stopped bying games.

Why did I chose this, someday to become a lie, as my resolution?
Because I want to play the games I have and I feel that I have enough games as it is now.(Was that another classic lie?)
There is no glorious or fanzy reason for doing this, just a thought I had some time ago.
I will stop bying games and play the ones I have.

What happens when I have played all the games I have? Well, in short, if my resolution hasen't turned into a lie by then, it certainly will if I manage to go thorugh my entire collection.
I know I don't have a big(in terms) collection, but I like my collection.

Ok, so I will play my games once and after that I will start bying again? No, I won't. I am going name how many plays I need for each game before I can say I'm pleased with the plays that game has recieved.

How will I do this?
I will list the games and then I will state the number of plays each game should get before I am satisfied. I will also list if the plays are solo, F2F or online(vassal)

The games listed in no particular order.

Memoir '44
This is my most played game and I will get Memoir '44: Campaign Book Volume 2 and Memoir '44: The Invasion of Crete before years end and my plays will be with these two expansions.
I will play every campaign from CB#2 and al the scenarios from the Invasion of Crete booklet f2f.

Another favorite and for this one I will play every scenario from the basegame, Claustrophobia: De Profundis and those posted online both as humans and demon. This one will be charted in this geeklist.Claustrophobia - Into the catacombs

Combat Commander: Pacific
A good game that I have played a few times. Added the scenarios from C3i#25 earlier this year.
I will play every scenario of this game solo and atleast two as Americans, two as Japanese and two as Australians F2F or vassel

Formula D
This one I am currently in a league with 8 races to go in the season, so that will be enough for this one. Follow the blog for the league here:Floen Formula D

Napoleon's Triumph
A fantastic game. I have played it 3 times so far this year, so 3 more will be good.
I will play this game 3 times f2f.

A very good racing game that works brilliantly on, but is also very good in it's boardgame form.
I will play this game 3 times with atleast one of them using Powerboats Expansion 1

Storm Over Stalingrad
My newest game and one I'm excited about playing.
I will play this game twice f2f and once on vassal versus Neil Thomson

Clash of Giants II
Currently playing the Ypres battle on vassal and it is a good game.
I will play each battle(Ypres and Galicia) once each solo and play Galicia on vassal.

Dire Heroes: Gas Attack at Ypres
Another game on Ypres, but this one is about the second battle of Ypres. I helped playtest this one.
I will play this game two times on vassal since I can play with the designer that way.

Battle for Moscow (second edition)
This is the C3i edition and I have played it a few times solo.
I will play this game two times solo and once f2f.

An SCS game with ancients theme. Still unplayed. Bought primarily to play solo.
I will play this game two times solo.

Savage Streets
An area game on Stalingrad. Has both solo and two player rules so I will need to play both.
I will play this game five times solo and once f2f

Metal Warriors
A game influenced by Wings Of War and Roborally. Uses cards to move units.
I will play this game once f2f

Wings of War: Famous Aces
Fun little game.I have no expansions for this game.
I will play this game five times f2f and two times solo.

Played a ton of this years ago. And it needs to be played again.
I will play this game two times f2f.

Morgan's A'Comin'!
A postcard game I got with a purchase a few years ago. Have played it both solo and f2f before. Not too good a game.
I will play this game two times solo.

Unconditional Surrender! Case Blue
A pnp game I built earlier this year and did try out a few turns. It neds to be played more.
I will play this game two times solo.

The Bagged Peiper
A Dash of Peiper
Just a Peiper Dream?
A series of three postcard games I got through some of my wargame purchases this year. Lacking Paying the Peiper to have a full set and be able to play the campaign game that spans all four games.
I will play each of these games two times solo.

A very cool trivia game on animals.
I will play this game three times f2f

Simultanious play and chaos.
I will play this game three times f2f

Dexterity game on building towers. Fun game.
I will play this game two times f2f

Always fun with the right crowd, but not too many times.
I will play this game one time f2f

Not a frequent visitor to the table, but I think we can squeeze it in.
I will play this game once

Doom: The Boardgame
This is a very cool game, but takes a while to play. I got the expansion for it and that adds some cool game modes.
I will play this game three times f2f, once on story mode, once CTF and once Deathmatch.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Quidditch Card Game
This might be the worst game I have, but it is going to see the table.
I will play this game once f2f

Got this game since I complained about something in my Bandu game.
I will play this game once f2f

Mr. Jack Pocket
Got this in the same deal as the above, but this one is fun.
I will play this game five times f2f

A co-op game. Sometimes one player take control and tell the others what to do. Works well solo.
I will play this game five times solo and once f2f

This one I have played once and it was a meeh experience. Haven't played it since and drew a StreetSoccer pitch on the back of the scoreboard. Need to play this one too even if I don't like it much.
I will play this game once f2f

Ticket to Ride
Have played this alot, really alot, but will play it again.
It is merged with the 1910 expansion, so it never gets played without that.
I will play this game twice f2f, once with the Ticket to Ride: The Dice Expansion and once without it.

Ticket to Ride: Märklin
I like this better than the USA map, and the passengers add some decisionmaking.
I will play this game twice f2f, once with the Ticket to Ride: The Dice Expansion and once without it.

Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries
Yes, I have a couple of TtR games, and I even sold of Ticket to Ride: Europe and Ticket to Ride: Switzerland. I think the 9 route to St. Petersburg does more harm to the game than it does good.
I will play this game once -or- trade/sell it off.

Race for the Galaxy
One of my newest additions and it was a treade that included Race for the Galaxy: The Gathering Storm so that opens up solitaire posibilities.
I will play this game three times f2f and atleast a dozen times solitaire.

Yes, I do have a few childrens game as owned too and those are games i either bought for or recieved from my daughter. I will play these two games with her.

This game was a christmas gift for me from my then four year old daughter. A nice enough game and it will get played.
I will play this game two times with my daughter

Flinke Flitzer
A Rainer Knizia game, that to be honest, isn't very good and I fear my daughter has now outgrown it, but we'll see. If she has, I will have to wait for my son to get a little bit older.
I will play this game once.

And of course I own a second copy of Memoir '44 that I use for overlord plays, so i will need to get the group together to exchange some shots on the WWII battlefields.
I will play Memoir Overlord two times

So what happens if I gt a game as a gift or the resolution becomes a lie and I buy new games?

Well, most likely nothing serious, but gifts I got to play two times f2f and should I buy any new games they need to be played three to five times.

And then it all began.

The first night of this resolution was over a week ago, so I will now report week one.

It started out with a game of Ticket to Ride with the wife and we added in Ticket to Ride: The Dice Expansion. It changes the game from a "spend X turns to collect cards before building that route" to "roll dice and build as fast as possible where the dice allows you"
Did it ruin TtR? No, Dice doesn't ruin it, it just changes it. Not for the better, but not for the worse either. It's a fun enough light game still. And by the way, I won 158-151. Yeah for me!
Also played a couple of turns of my newest game, Storm Over Stalingrad, to make me familiar with the rules. very cool looking system, with the cards and the area-move map.

Later in the first week, me and Thomas started the Claustrophobia challenge, Claustrophobia - Into the catacombs, and managed to complete both sides of "The Survivors" and "Holding back the invasion" The demon were dominant this night. This image shows the situation just before the Demon destroys my fine plan to exit two blades for a human win in "The Survivors"

A good first week and a good resolution or lie as it most likely will turn out to be.

Future updates to this blog won't be this long. I think I can promise that.
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