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New Game Round-up: Duelling on Level 99, Getting Lost in R'lyeh, and Busting Yet More Ghosts

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• U.S. publisher Level 99 Games is beefing up its two-player Duelist Line in late 2016/early 2017 with the release of the Duelist Library, a collection of five new two-player-only titles. Four of these games will be available individually, while the collection includes a bonus fifth game as well as "a package of additional expansion cards that tie the various games together", according to the publisher.

Three of the titles have been announced to date, with one of them being Professor Treasure's Secret Sky Castle from Jason D. Kingsley, a "a competitive puzzle game in which you and your opponent race to find keys, unlock treasure chests, and collect priceless treasures from around the world and history".

Ballistic Reign from Michael and Lisa Eskue is set in Level 99's World of Indines, home to BattleCON, Argent, Pixel Tactics, and more. Here's an overview of the setting and gameplay:

War has come to the World of Indines. As the Mercenary King Gerard Matranga makes his bid to become the absolute ruler of Relecour, the fearful barons lock themselves away in fortresses of ancient stone. Mercenaries from across the world take to the field of battle, waging a proxy war on behalf of their opulent masters.

Take control of one of the Mercenary Companies of Indines in Ballistic Reign and put your mastery of battlefield strategy to the test! Build great siege engines, cast powerful war magic, and erect impenetrable fortresses on the field of battle. Use your workers carefully to balance between maintaining your forces and manning the units and structures you build. Invest your time in spell research, economic development, defense, and offense by working together and against other mercenary companies and capturing neutral locations in your campaign. Only the shrewdest tactician will be able to conquer their foe and bring peace to Indines once more!

Play as ten different Mercenary companies from the World of Indines universe, each with their own weapons, spells, and leader! Recruit from over seventy different units and strongholds to build your forces!

Alex Brock's Card Fusion Chaos expands upon the metalevel gaming in Level 99's Millennium Blades:

For centuries, the heroes of the world have used the power of Millennium Blades trading cards to protect the world from evil. The most powerful weapons in their arsenal were Fusion Cards – cards that combined the incredible powers hidden away within the game, bringing out their true potential. With the world in chaos once more, a new champion must master Card Fusion in order to defend earth!

Using your collection of trading cards and mystical Fusion Gems in Card Fusion Chaos, you combine cards together to create the most unbalanced, overpowered cards you can imagine. Clash with your rival to uncover shards of the Master Fusion Gem. The first player who can acquire enough shards to assemble the Master Gem will be declared the new champion of earth!

Card Fusion Chaos includes more than eighty already-overpowered trading cards that you can combine into more than 350,000 unique fusion combinations!
• In June 2016, Atlas Games will release Lost in R'lyeh, a card game from Kedric Winks in which the last player with cards still in hand loses the game. Here's an overview of gameplay:

Each turn choose to play either event cards and horror cards. Play the largest card sets you can to unlock ever-mightier powers. When the time is right, transition from playing cards from your hand to eliminating your array of escape cards. What's more, decide each turn whether picking up the whole stack will help you win, even though you're ultimately trying to get rid of cards.
• While Uwe Rosenberg's A Feast for Odin will be released in Germany in September or October 2016, Frank Heeren from Feuerland Spiele says that the game will be out in English from Z-Man Games ahead of the this: "They are aiming for Origins Game Fair, but the plan is tight, so it might be Gen Con in the end for the English release." He adds, "It will be our biggest game so far and we are very ex[c]ited about it. With 4.8 inches in depth it tops even Caverna!"

• Designer Jamey Stegmaier of Stonemaier Games has dropped word of the next project he'll announce: a "legacy Euro" game titled Charterstone, with an overview of that game to be revealed by the end of April 2016. (The link jumps to a spot mid-video when Stegmaier diverges from his previous topic to reveal tiny drops of information.)

• Geek & Sundry has posted a list of the promos available at participating stores on International TableTop Day on April 30, 2016, so if you want to increase the percentage of items in your collection that bear the likenesses of Felicia Day and Wil Wheaton, you now know what's coming.

Cryptozoic Entertainment launched a Kickstarter for Ghostbusters: The Board Game II on Monday, April 11 — with this standalone game featuring three new scenarios, KS-backer exclusive glow-in-the-dark pink dice, a whole mess of ghost and Ghostbuster miniatures, and more — and the project has already topped its $250K goal after only two hours. Craziness, man. (KS link)

Curiously, original Ghostbuster Ernie Hudson reprises his role as Winston Zeddemore in the teaser video on the KS project. One person has even backed the KS at the $2,500 level, which allows you to be a ghostbuster, receive a backstory by the writer of the Ghostbusters comic, and have a miniature of yourself. (And now the KS has passed $300K while I was busy doing something else aside from this post. The power of nostalgia combined with a 24-hour early bird discount!)
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