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More support decks for Sentinels

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Last month I posted about the LEASH support deck for Sentinels of the Multiverse. The idea was to have a deck which mostly ran itself and which could take the seat of one of the heroes. That one suggested ideas for others, and now we have three.

This allows two players to play one hero each, and all the decks have been playtested a decent amount in that format. They could also be used as an extra H with three or four players, although that hasn't really been tested.

So the design challenge was to come up with something which does interesting things but without requiring a lot of choices. If it's going to take attention and decision-making, then you might as well just run an additional hero deck.

In the Criminal Justice System, the people are represented by two separate, yet equally important groups: The police who investigate crime and the Superheroes who fight villains across space and time. These are their stories.
No... Wait...
The L.E.A.S.H. organization brings together paramedics, police, and crowd-control drones to help superheroes in times of crisis. This is their story.

The theme here is pretty straightforward, like SHIELD when they're being good guys. The cards are meant to do a lot of different support work, like taking out ongoings and mitigating the environment.

discussion: L*E*A*S*H, a support deck (with art)
download: PDF of LEASH

The Stone Moot
Standing stones emerge mysteriously from the mystic mists, watched over by two inscrutable emissaries from the fairy court.
Maybe the villain poses a threat to their interests, maybe the heroes are calling in a favor, or maybe by accepting the help they are incurring a debt.
Questions can be answered later. Now, the Stone Moot comes to order!

The original idea was to have relics that were targets. I made them monoliths once I started doing art, because I was having fun drawing them.

discussion: The Stone Moot, a support deck (with art)
download: PDF of The Stone Moot

The Collectors
The Collectors are an order of scholars and antiquarians who monitor superhumans, acquire items of superhuman importance, store them, and keep them safe.
The order works in secret, as it has for centuries.
When a threat is dire enough or when the Collectors themselves are in danger, however, they have have been known to share some of the collection.

This is a riff on the inevitable stuffy order of people who watch supernatural events but don't get involved; see the Watchers (in Buffy) or the Watchers (in Highlander). The mechanical wrinkle is that the deck doesn't have any targets in it, so it doesn't draw any damage away from the hero characters. Instead, it amplifies all the things that the heroes can do.

Although it's been tested, it doesn't have art yet.

discussion: The Collectors, a support deck
download: PDF of The Collectors

Comments on the rules

The basic idea for a support deck was to play the top card of its deck every turn. In early playtesting with LEASH, this was underwhelming. The support deck is supposed to more-or-less carry the weight of a hero, but one card a turn meant that it developed too slowly.

Ultimately, we gave each support deck a different rule to step up its tempo just a bit.

d10-1 At the end of the LEASH turn, one player may discard a card to play the top card of the LEASH deck.

This is more interesting than just playing two LEASH cards a turn, because there's some sacrifice involved. The LEASH cards are all pretty good, so you always want the second card play. But with just two heroes you sometimes really need those cards. It's an interesting choice.

d10-2 When a Menhir is destroyed, one player may draw a card.

The Stone Moot can be powerful if it gets lots of monoliths out on the table, and its Cairning card can potentially jumpstart that. But there were some games where the villain would be damaging everyone and the stones wouldn't last long enough to have any real effect. This rule compensates players in that latter case.

d10-3 The first time each turn that a Collectors card would enter play, you may discard the card instead and play the top card of the Collectors deck.

The Collectors one-shot cards depend on the size of their discard pile. If those come out early, you can discard them. This puts one more card in the trash and gives you another card.

It also gives you a bit of choice. The Collectors cards can be situational. If the first one isn't going help any, you can take a blind chance on the second one.
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